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The case against communism


Communism, also known as Marxism, is a failed and widely discredited ideology whose legacy is poverty, mass starvation, cultural suicide and genocide, ethnic cleansing, rape, infanticide, torture, mass murder, the dismantling of longstanding cultural and political institutions, state capitalism, greed, corruption, megalomania, ultranationalism, racism, antisemitism, homophobia, imperialism, neocolonialism, broken promises, outright lies, shameless propaganda, face-saving coverups, deadly viral pandemics, entitled, elitist, conservative, upper-class snobbery and the accompanying oppression and subjugation of the working poor, and fascism.

It is also the official ideology of a group of rag-tag murderers and terrorists in Malaya and Sarawak during the Cold War, and drug lords and terrorists in Colombia.

It is an ideology that seeks to confiscate all of my property and see me and my family executed for being "capitalist roaders", "running dogs of Western imperialists" and "bourgeois reactionaries".

Communism is what China used to practice. Or so I believed until very recently when I realized that capitalism and nationalism are not mutually exclusive with communism, but rather that they are a means to an end just as electoral democracy is a means to an end for the Islamist Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt whose ultimate aim is to establish a theocratic, totalitarian, global Islamic caliphate. For these communists, the means justify the ends and they will stop at NOTHING to achieve their twisted vision of a true, socialist utopia. NOTHING.

In either case, fascism is the end result of Maoism in China today. The PRC is a perfect example of the horseshoe theory of the far-left and the far-right blending into one another, realized in practice with horrifying results.

[b]Equality of opportunity vs equality of outcomes[/b]

Communism stands for equality of outcomes. The goal of communism is for everyone to be just as poor as one another via the abolition of private property and anything that may indicate privilege over one's peers, both economic as well as cultural, the former being a form of traditional Marxism and the latter being a form of cultural or identitarian Marxism.

Equality of outcomes is the idea that no one is entitled to more than anyone else irrespective of their individual talents and hard work. In its ugliest form, equality of outcomes can manifest in certain groups of people, i.e. Jews or white people, arbitrarily deemed to be privileged, or worse, bourgeois reactionaries and capitalist-roaders, being brought down a notch through no fault of their own. This can manifest as affirmative action that discriminates against whites and Asians applying for top universities, or as Kristallnacht-like riots and pogroms instigated in the name of racial "justice". The Cambodian genocide of intellectuals is by far the most infamous example of equality of outcomes put into practice.

Equality of outcomes boils down to simple envy and jealousy. Communism, therefore, legitimizes theft, lynching, rioting, looting, vandalism, arson, and other acts of violence intended to sow fear and blackmail a terrified populace into submission in the service of acquiring and wielding power over everyone else. This is the very definition of terrorism. It does not matter whether such acts are committed by traditional Marxist-Leninists, Stalinists, and Maoists, or so-called "anti-authoritarian" anarcho-communists. The methods are identical and the goals are identical. It comes as no surprise then, that the People's Republic of China, a traditionally communist society, is now ruled by greed, megalomania, and corruption, given that these are the natural byproducts of envy and jealousy.

Liberalism, which I personally subscribe to, stands for equality of opportunity. Equality of opportunity is the idea that the individual is responsible for his or her actions and that everyone, irrespective of race, religion, gender, ability, is entitled to succeed or fail according to their own individual merit. While there may be some room for compromise with some of the more moderate strands of leftist thought such as social democracy giving inspiration to social liberalism with their shared emphasis on the creation and maintenance of a social safety net for the have-nots despite the two strands of thought having completely separate historical ideological origins, liberalism and communism are otherwise fundamentally, diametrically, and irreconcilably opposed. As a liberal, communism is as anathema to me as racism is, and the two are by no means mutually exclusive as the existence of the violently racist, Marxist, Black Lives Matter hatefest attests.

In [url=]this video[/url], Jordan Peterson savagely eviscerates the very notion of equality of outcomes as a recipe for individual mediocrity and collective failure while simultaneously championing the necessity of equality of opportunity, which he characterizes as a "conservative" principle.

[b]Is [insert communist regime here] actually communist?[/b]

If the USSR, the PRC, Venezuela, North Korea, Cuba, Vietnam, Cambodia under the Khmer Rouge, and all the other great communist regimes are exactly what they claim to be, namely communist, then "true communism" is exactly what its critics say it is: a totalitarian ideology whose enduring legacy is death and destruction on an unprecedented scale, enacted by a self-appointed and ultimately self-serving vanguard of devout Party cadres aided in the pursuit of their twisted goals by unquestioning foot soldiers who are nothing more than glorified thugs and gangsters in uniform equipped with the very tools of repression required to sustain such an irredeemably evil regime.

If these communist regimes are "nOt rEaLlY cOmMuNiSt" because they happen to practice authoritarian state capitalism as part of a permanent "transitional phase" on a nonexistent fantasy yellow brick road leading ultimately toward a stateless, classless, moneyless society, then one can only conclude that communism is a complete and total f*cking disaster and will NEVER work no matter how many times radical leftists insist otherwise. Stupidity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting a different result. And no, a series of rural farming collectives in a remote part of Mexico that will ultimately lead nowhere in the long run doesn't qualify as a successful instance of communism. CHAZ/CHOP certainly doesn't.

The People's Republic of China may or may not be a true representation of "what communism actually is", but communism as an ideology is responsible for its very founding and its continued existence to this day. As a Hong Konger who has been forced to watch his city capitulate completely and utterly to the CCP's relentless crackdown on our freedoms, democracy, human rights, and our very liberal way of life in their dogged pursuit of realizing their nightmarish vision of "One Country, [strike]Two Systems[/strike] One System" and "socialism with Chinese characteristics", I personally hold leftists responsible.

[b]The rise of identitarian Marxism in the West[/b]

I find that many otherwise well-meaning liberals and moderate social democrats in enlightened, liberal, Western democracies, including card-carrying members of the Democrat Party in the USA and the Labour and Liberal Democrat Parties in the UK, who do not in any way, shape, or form identify as Marxists or communists have been inadvertently hoodwinked into espousing dangerous Marxist ideals sugarcoated as social or racial "justice" and equality. Hence, the predictable protestations among those who state that the Democrat Party is by no means communist as if that somehow disproves the existence of an ideological Marxist undercurrent that continues to metastasize unchecked across the West.

This particular variant of Marxism is of a more divisive, identitarian character. Identitarian or cultural Marxism pits white against black, male against female, Christian against Muslim, and inevitably, Democrat against Republican. It seeks to advance the idea that the crusade for racial and social "justice", which is really just a smokescreen for the eventual implementation of full-blown communism as practiced in a number of failed communist states past and present, is a zero-sum game, that the proletarian struggle is eternal, and that there can be no room for compromise or negotiation with the "other".

The riots, gaslighting, blatant lies, cynical emotional manipulation, and openly racist, anti-white propaganda associated with the recent Black Lives Matter protests are a perfect instance of this. These riots, in turn, have been incubated, cultivated, and fomented by years of Marxist indoctrination by the mainstream media, schools, universities, and the broader American and Western European intelligentsia. This indoctrination, in turn, has its origins in Marxist, pseudo-intellectual, postmodernist theories such as critical race theory (which posits that white people, a group that ironically includes Jews, are, for all intents and purposes, the root of all evil and need to be "brought down a notch"), which originated in the halls of academia before eventually filtering out into wider society, its proponents completely subordinating and commandeering the social, economic, cultural, and political establishment and apparatus and utterly seizing the narrative and agenda for their own selfish ends.

[b]The role of postmodernism[/b]

Postmodernism is the idea that there is no such thing as objective reality and no universal truth and that ideology plays a key role in amassing and consolidating complete control over one's subjects. Thus, postmodernist Marxists have no qualms about lying and twisting the facts to suit their political agenda. In Islam, this is called [i]taqiyya[/i]. This dangerous idea even extends to science and intellectual inquiry. Thus, academic disciplines, particularly the social sciences and subjects such as gender studies, race studies, Islamic studies, etc., have since been subverted to the cause of identitarian, postmodernist, cultural Marxism.

Peer-reviewed "studies" that are routinely churned out by these ideologues and repeatedly cited by leftists, such as those that claim to prove the existence of systemic racism in the United States, are no more valid than peer-reviewed "studies" that claim to debunk the existence of evolution in favor of intelligent design.

In media outlets, postmodernism often takes the form of fake or misleading news, alternative facts, and ideologically-skewed narratives by seasoned pundits. The Covington Catholic High School media furor and the subsequent backlash upon being exposed for the news fakers that they are is a case in point. Postmodernism is about muddying the waters. It is a post-truth doctrine that has been weaponized by Marxists and their fellow travelers in their quest for power at all costs. It is about regulating and restricting the free flow of information, including information that may serve to undermine the spread of Marxist ideals and incriminate its adherents. Hence, the nauseating bias.

[b]The bigotry of low expectations, Newspeak, and cancel culture[/b]

In [url=]this video[/url], Larry Elder decisively debunks the very existence of systemic racism in the United States. I actually disagree with him on one teeny, tiny technicality. Systemic racism does indeed exist in the United the form of race-based affirmative action against white, Asian, and Jewish applicants who risk being turned away from prestigious universities based solely on the color of their skin. Not only is this racism institutional and systemic, but it is also overt and unapologetic in its aims. Black and brown students, on the other hand, are being set up to fail.

This is an example of an equality of outcomes approach that encourages individual mediocrity and institutional failure. It is also an example of what liberal Muslim reformer Maajid Nawaz has termed the bigotry of low expectations, where woke leftists have taken it upon themselves to not only silence white voices by denouncing them as racist and privileged, but also condescend toward individuals of color who have the temerity to challenge their woke, Marxist narrative by labeling them as Uncle Toms and dehumanizing them as mentally ill sufferers of "internalized racism" or even as racists and white supremacists themselves who have deigned to "vote against their own interests".

Also part of the indoctrination process are cynical attempts by certain leftist activists to redefine racism, sexism, and other forms of bigotry in such a way as to conveniently shield themselves and their desired groups, such as blacks and women, from accusations of such bigotry, thereby legitimizing racism, sexism, and freedom of speech when [i]they[/i] and only [i]they[/i] do and say racist things, hence the common refrain among Black Lives Matter activists that racism = power + prejudice. This is the latest form of Newspeak among the so-called "progressive" Left that has all but abandoned liberal principles in favor of attaining political power at all costs.

Other examples of Newspeak include the willfully and intellectually dishonest use of such blatant propaganda terms as microaggressions, safe spaces, triggers, intersectionality, patriarchy, white supremacy, white privilege, white fragility, white tears, male privilege, the male gaze, imperialism, lived experiences, Islamophobia, misogyny, systemic racism, liberation, etc. etc.

Finally, we have the character assassination of individuals via the threat of professional cancellation, otherwise known as cancel culture, as well as the political coercion of private companies that employ said individuals, such as Google and Facebook, to toe the ideological line by actively promoting and disseminating Marxist agitprop such as Black Lives Matter or MeToo and parroting "progressive" talking points to gullible consumers or face a loss in revenue and possible bankruptcy. Such is a testament to the authoritarian tendencies of those who knowingly or unknowingly espouse Marxist ideology. Tolerance and diversity indeed.

[b]Western identitarian Marxism and the Chinese Communist Party[/b]

Newspeak, gaslighting, emotional manipulation, [i]taqiyya[/i], cancel culture, the systematic infiltration of academia, mainstream media, and other establishment mouthpieces, postmodernism, and the systematic and widespread adoption of numerous "progressive" smokescreens such as anti-fascism, anti-racism, anti-capitalism, feminism, anti-Zionism, anti-imperialism, support for "open borders", identity politics, intersectionality, and so forth as convenient are tactics and methods that are shared in equal measure between radical leftists and communists in the Western world and the Chinese Communist Party, as well as the former Soviet Union. Everything that has ever been, is being, and will be done and said, is a means to an end even if such means seemingly contradict core communist principles on the surface. Nothing is off-limits. Nothing.

Hence, the CCP's economic reforms and its adoption of state capitalism AKA socialism with Chinese characteristics in the 1980s is by no means a contradiction of traditional communist values. A paradox, perhaps, but not a contradiction. The version of capitalism being practiced in the PRC is, ironically, the worst form of cut-throat, dog-eat-dog capitalism in existence today. Capitalism and communism are far from mutually exclusive.

It is also little wonder that with the brazen adoption of such disingenuous tactics and methods, leftists and progressives in the West who have been primed from an early age to respond affirmatively to Marxist talking points on cue are significantly more likely to fall hook, line, and sinker for such CCP propaganda as the claim that calling the virus responsible for the 2020 coronavirus pandemic the Wuhan virus or the China virus is "racist", or that calling the PRC out on its BS is merely an attempt to divert from the failures of American domestic and foreign policy. Some have even gone as far as to characterize the Trump administration's banning or attempted banning of WeChat, TikTok, and Huawei as a racist and Sinophobic double standard that American companies such as Facebook, Google, and Twitter have managed to evade.

While most Western Marxists do not regard the CCP as an ally and may even consider them as enemies in much the same vein as Protestants, Sunnis, and Western Christians have regarded Catholics, Shi'ites, and Eastern Christians respectively, the similarities between the two groups are undeniable.

[b]The lure of communism[/b]

What makes communism far more dangerous and insidious than say, fascism or white supremacy is the fact that the language of communism and socialism, with its grand promises of equality and social justice, seems entirely benign and far more palatable to the politically naive and ideologically uninitiated than the harsh and unforgiving language of fascism with its advocacy of racial supremacy and the belief in the strong lording it over the weak.

Thus, it is unsurprising that many young, upper-middle-class, college-educated individuals who know absolutely nothing about the travails of actual working-class people and the genocidal legacy of communism have been accordingly sucked into its ideological grasp. It is also the case that many women and working-class people of color in America and the Western world have been similarly hoodwinked into supporting an ideology that is ultimately detrimental to their own, individual interests and well-being and that, in actuality, serves to keep them locked in a vicious cycle of poverty and systemic discrimination that they need to be "helped" out of.

[b]The spread of communism[/b]

I am loath to ascribe a sinister, conspiratorial basis to the sudden resurgence of Marxism in the United States, and Occam's Razor demands that the simplest explanation be advanced, namely that, like other dangerous ideas that have left behind an incriminating trail of death and destruction, communism has taken on a life of its own and gone far beyond its original founders' wishes and expectations to the detriment of everyone and everything that it has ever touched and will touch. Communism, taken as a meme or memeplex, operates in much the same way as Islam or other proselytizing, religious ideologies. Karl Marx is the titular prophet. The Communist Manifesto is the Holy Book. Dialectical materialism is the millenarian prophecy that contains within it the promise of a utopian paradise.

The uptake of communist idealogy doesn't always happen all at once in any given individual or it would be far too obvious. What often happens in many cases is that individual memes such as microaggressions here and safe spaces there are bandied about, snaring vulnerable onlookers and gradually stringing them along until they themselves have been converted into witting or unwitting carriers and purveyors of communist ideology.

In addition, different individuals are more or less susceptible to a varying combination of memes depending on their, to borrow a Marxist term, lived experiences. Women may be more susceptible to radical feminist ideology and the misandrist, MeToo bandwagon while African-Americans bearing the brunt of police violence and brutality are more susceptible to the intoxicating refrain of Black Lives Matter and the associated anti-white racism and violence that comes with it. What connects all these disparate groups into a unified quasi- or proto-Marxist whole is the meme of intersectionality and the associated scapegoating of white men as the source of all that is wrong with the world today.

Political polarization the likes of which America and the Western world have not seen in a very, very long time has exacerbated the spread of radical leftist, communist ideology. In addition, political polarization contributes to the rise of violent accelerationism in which the rapid collapse of modern society is viewed as a desirable outcome by some. This, in turn, exacerbates political polarization, perpetuating a vicious cycle of increasing violence and polarization leading possibly to a full-blown civil war. This creates a power vacuum and a free-for-all whereby extreme ideologies such as communism and fascism have a golden opportunity to seize power through the barrel of a gun similar to what happened during the Chinese Civil War (1945-50). This assumes that communism isn't implemented, and liberal democracy disbanded, or at the very least eroded, ironically via the ballot box similar to what happened in Nepal a few years ago.

Every now and then, a random, spontaneous, politically-charged incident guaranteed to trigger a convulsion of rage and violence, i.e. the shooting death of a black man by a white cop, may occur, catalyzing the spread of communist ideas on a much larger scale and unprecedented speed, i.e. the sudden and rapid spread and uptake of identitarian, Marxist, Black Lives Matter agitprop across the Western world and online spaces as well as celebrities and multinational companies tripping over themselves to virtue-signal their credentials and appease the woke mob either out of fear of cancellation or a cynical desire to profit from Marxist-induced instability just as multinational companies and celebrities have similarly sought to appease the CCP by turning their backs on Hong Kong.

Modern telecommunications, the internet, and social media have facilitated the spread of communism still further. This is akin to the presence of large crowds and modern commercial aviation facilitating the much more rapid spread of a global virus pandemic in the year 2020.

[b]The Left must admit it is at fault[/b]

This is not to imply that Marxism or communism is, in any way, shape, or form, a mental illness, or that its most vocal and conscious adherents are mindless, bloodthirsty zombies. But it is precisely because leftists and communists are not neurologically compromised freaks of nature that we should expect them to be fully responsible for their actions arising as a direct result of their communist worldview. We should expect that any crimes and atrocities committed should be punished to the fullest extent of the law. We should expect leftists to admit that their ideology is at fault for all the suffering that has occurred in its name instead of resorting to whataboutisms and No True Scotsman fallacies.

Leftists who refuse to accept responsibility for the disastrous legacy of communism and continue to concoct all kinds of unforgivable excuses for its continued existence are like Japanese nationalists refusing to acknowledge their country's wartime atrocities. That Japan is an economically thriving, culturally rich, liberal democracy today does not negate the evil Empire that it once was. I'm not demanding reparations. I'm not demanding that the sins of the father be visited upon the son, even unto the seventh generation.

All I'm asking for is some form of acknowledgment that maybe, just maybe, communism is, directly or indirectly, intentionally or unintentionally, responsible for all that has transpired in the great and terrible communist regimes of the 20th century, and "true communism" as realized in its so-called "final phase" where everything is stateless, classless, and moneyless, will never truly be successful on a large scale and would be just another form of lawless anarchy with phony egalitarian ideological icing on top where anything goes even in the absence of love and war.

[b]Infiltration and consolidation[/b]

Nefarious conspiracy or contagious disease, it is clear to me that Marxism possesses, at the very least, an ingrained, systemic foothold on the hearts and minds of many so-called "liberals" in the United States and its Western allies. Communism threatens to dismantle everything that the West and the free world stands for and replace it with something altogether unrecognizable. While CPUSA and other officially communist parties in the West are currently too weak to pose a major threat on their own, the gradual infiltration and uptake of communist ideology within the major left-wing parties, such as the Democrats in the USA and Labour in the UK (although a Conservative election victory in 2019, the subsequent demise of communist demagogue Jeremy Corbyn, and the rise of Keir Starmer may delay or possibly reverse this somewhat), may eventually transform them into [i]de facto[/i] communist parties in the not-too-distant future, rendering them indistinguishable from the CCP in China and giving communism in the West a much more organized and singular focus than it currently has now.


Communism ought to be consigned to the same trash bin of history as fascism is, and its most vocal and ardent apologists, particularly pro-CCP, pro-Tiananmen Square Massacre, anti-HK tankies, openly and unabashedly racist, identitarian Black Lives Matter rioters and apologists, and woke, cancel culture, so-called Antifa accelerationists, ought to be publicly shamed and thoroughly shunned from polite society to give them a taste of their own authoritarian (even as they refer to themselves "anarchists" or "anarcho-communists") cancel culture medicine because their ideas and their theories are frankly dangerous and reprehensible no matter how much they try to sugar-coat it.

Sadly, this isn't the case at all, which is why I wrote this dispatch in the first place in order to "level the playing field" if you will and subject communism and its apologists to the same degree of scrutiny and unequivocal vilification that fascism and Nazism have been rightly subjected to.

In summary, communism AKA Marxism is an existential threat to liberal, Western, democratic values and civilization as we know it and it must be stopped at all costs before it consumes us all. From Hong Kong to Portland, from Nepal to Venezuela, we must resist communism, expose it whenever it rears its ugly head, and banish it to the far-flung annals of ancient history.