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WA Office | Public Access to Court Records


The resolution "Public Access to Court Records" aims to make all court documents available to all members of the public with no fee.

Courts across various nations choose to deny access to documents for national security, the protection of the interests of children or mentally disabled adults, the protection of privacy interests, and the protection of trade secrets and commercial confidentiality. The scope of those restrictions is heavily subjective, based on local feelings about justice. By also requiring the disclosure of a redacted version of such documents, the resolution establishes a balanced compromise between the need and right to know.

Public access to records and filings holds the courts accountable by ensuring any errors, oversights, and injustices are perfectly transparent. Ultimately, public access helps to evaluate the justice system to the highest standard of accuracy and integrity. Government also could restrict access by charging high fees, making it more difficult for poorer people to find out how laws are enforced or what the judiciary interprets them to require.

Therefore, the WA Office believes offering public access to court records helps develop the court system and preserve freedom of information in member states for all inhabitants, regardless of income or means. We recommend a vote for "Public Access to Court Records".

Primary author(s): Gor nacho, Kenmoria.


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Current policy emerged from the poll conducted here, which showed a majority supporting telegrams disseminating these messages to all residents. Internally, however, the Office compromised between telegrams which many in the region might find spammy, due to the default limitations of telegram mailboxes and oft-ignored RMB messages.

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