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The Hindu: Issue I

August 15 || Issue I


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Hindu Railways Suspended Passenger Trains Till Further Notice

The Hindu Railways had previously cancelled all passenger train services until August 12 on account of the rise in the number of positive COVID-19 cases in the country. However, the railways have extended the cancellation for an indefinite period of time. Reportedly, the 230 special trains will continue to function in the absence of passenger trains. These special trains feature 15 trains on Rajdhani routes running since May 12, 2020, and 100 trains functioning since June 1. Meanwhile, other regular and suburban trains will keep their services discontinued. The Government of India issued a press statement on August 11, which informed in writing that all passenger and suburban train services will remain suspended.

6 Lakh Villages To Be Connected By Optical Fibre Till Next Year

Minister of Information Technology, Harivar Singh Rajput, during his speech on Thrusday, announced over 6 lakh villages of the nation will be connected through high-speed internet via optical fibres in the next few years. He said the government vows to finish the task in the next 1,000 days. "This goal will be met in the coming thousand days. In the coming 1,000 days, every village in the country will be connected with optical fibre," said the minister.

Space Science Research Gears Up in HSA

The Hindu Space Agency has announced a new research on 'Advanced H1 Hydrogen Fuel'. So far nations like Indian Soviet and Homeland of Great have decided to join the program. The location of research laboratory is to be set up in Awell Islands. No further information have been made public till now.

The Race To WAD Seat

Founder Nirupama has announced that the region will ne holding WA Delegate elections from August 20 to 30. The participants are invited at a talk show, being held at Indian Mars. So far, every candidate have released their election manifesto and pledged to have a grand election campaign.

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