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World of Karma Religions

The Religions of Karma!

Demonym: Bratholics
God(s): Solios (God of all, creator of all, etc) Zazmis (God of death and evil) Dakaris (Goddess of time, Life, sickness and murder) Mosphine (Goddess of storms, cold, thunder, Lightning, the sky etc) Sozotl (God of Karma, alliances, fortune, travel)
Origin City: Calcaria
History: With so many dead after the impact, many positions of authority were wide open. Detios wasn't going to waste time. He began to teach people of these Gods. He taught, he gave speeches, he attempted to help people, and his followers grew and grew. Detios and his followers suffered intense persecution, mainly because of the struggle for power mentioned before, and after it ended, Detios was loved and trusted so much they made him their leader, the Qui Viderant.
Prophets(s) [if any]: Detios, who is said to have been chosen to be witness as the Gods sent the falling fire to destroy the evil of the world, and to spread the word that the falling fire would spare those who believed

Demonym: Axion
God(s): Djenith, the guardian of all nature, as well as assorted nature spirits
Beliefs: All nature is sacred, but taking from the earth is necessary. Treat every plant and animal who’s life you end as a gift from Djenith. Do not take life unnecessarily. Djenith is the all-mother, and she is neither virtuous or evil. She preserves the balance of life, and will punish those unbalancing the scales, but will aid those who help upkeep the balance. Upon death, good and bad men alike will be consumed by Djenith and their life energy will become part of the land once again. That way, we are all connected.
Origin City: Calcaria
History: One of the oldest religions, the church of Axis is the direct descendent of the Church of Munizyon, a religious organization spanning back to before the great cataclysm. When humanity returned to the surface afterwards, missionaries of the newly created Church of Axis swiftly spread the religion throughout the lands, teaching of peace and harmony with nature.
Prophet(s)[If any]: Each generation a “speaker for the wild” is chosen by the nature spirits during a difficult (and often deadly) trial taken by all the candidates. Only one will come out unscathed, and that one will become the prophet. The current one is Nilth Gaarten

Demonym: Vryashie
God(s): Alux, Goddess of Life/Delowan, God of the Underworld and Summer/Ven, God of Nature and Spring/Icor, Goddess of the Sea and Autumn/Karma, Goddess of Karma and Love/Iephus, God of Evil/Delta, God of Cold and Winter/Onir, God Of Chaos/Vio, God of Death/Mirva, Goddess of Wisdom/Cav, God of Misery and Hatred
Origin City: Calcaria
History: A scholar named “Sen” once walked into a village. The people were illiterate, unable to read or write, or even comprehend language and speech. The scholar had knowledge that no man had, he was a walking legend, and with his power, he decided to teach the people of the village the language of the Gods. He taught them writing and reading, he helped them get out of the dark they’ve been stuck in and start a new life, a life that’s accompanied by knowledge and praying. Sen taught the villagers about his religion, Vryasha. In a couple of months, they were converted to devout believers, they learned how to pray, and how to sacrifice animals and give offerings to the Gods. They believed in the power that each God has, and they started spreading the word of this religion until it became one of the world’s most-followed religions.
Prophet(s)[If any]: Sen

Demonym: Flowist
God(s): Imera: God of fertility, Phoesis: God of Tranquility, Otix: Goddess of Birth, Matin: God of Abundance, Tyaris: Goddess of Success, Ergyn: Goddess of Triumph, Xunas: God of Freedom
Beliefs: Love, Expansion, Freedom, Happiness and Relaxation
Origin City: Unknown, Current Holy City Nawell
History: An Ancient Cult from before the unification of Osnary, remained even throughout the unification of the nation into Osnary, Became a dominant religion and has been shifted slightly over time to better fit in with the modern civilisation, has influenced and been influenced Osnarian Culture to further bring Lax laws and more focus on matters, such as love
Prophet(s): [If any] None

Demonym: Volkian
God(s): They believe they are some, but are beyond the need for names.
Beliefs: Scranda is origin of humanity and is the after life, where people come when they die, but they never remember when they were alive.
Origin City: Hamii
History: the religion came about slowly from tribes meeting and their religions mixing into one.
Prophet(s): [If any] no

Demonym: Rictii
God(s): Complicated. They believe they will become a God together when life is gone.
Beliefs: ^
Origin City: Rictii
History: they first came about 1400 years ago, but died out until around 700 years ago before a long conflict ended in their extinction via big explosion. They're back again.
Prophet(s): [If any] Horapta Territus.

Demonym: Errist, Errists
God(s): The gods of all nature/the specific spirit of rain which they have named Eo
Beliefs: They believe the world was created by nature as it’s sanctuary and that we were invited here to live there with them. We are guests on this world so we should treat it with the utmost respect and love. In equal measure, we do not, as a people, control anything or own anything. We are simply guests who have decided to make our stay here. Do not take what is not yours and do not take more than is needed. They also worship a particular rain spirit that blesses the land on which they live. Their leaders are blessed and have some ability to speak to Eo but only at very specific points in their lives. They less worship anyone and more just respect the fact that they are guests on this world and therefore should respect all the stuff around them.
Origin City: Pluvie
History: They don’t know it entirely. Their ancestors have lived here for generations. The legend however remarks simply that they learnt to love and respect the rain instead of hate its existence. And with that they learned a greater respect for the nature around them.
Prophet(s): Whoever the current leader is. Their names are not recorded, simply their shells when they die.

Demonym: Astum
God(s): The Great Eye.
Beliefs: The Astum belief is a complex and unorthodox one compared to the other faiths. The uniting belief of the religion is that the world is inherently chaotic and orderly at the same time in a symbiotic state, and that living beings live accordingly to that symbiosis.
The second main belief is that adherents must find purpose, whether that purpose is towards a final goal or simply a method of living is subjective.
Adherents are usually divided along the lines of those who follow the concept of order, as illuminated in "The Pillars and Foundations", and those who follow the concept of chaos, as illuminated in who knows what. There are many sects or "Schools of Thought" which adherents are divided into, with some being of order, others of chaos, and others somewhere in between.
The orderly followers usually follow a strict set of rules (depending on their sect) and unite in organizations. They are (often) disciplined, diligent, resolved, and most importantly; organized.
The chaos/disorderly followers are more free, autonomous, wild, and unorthodox. They are sometimes also divided into sects
"The Great Eye" is considered to be a God by some, a Cosmic Entity by others, or even a concept by some. Yet for an unknown reason it is mentioned in all texts and stories, and is believed by all the adherents to at least exist.
Some Astum may also believe in the gods of other faiths, as it is easy to be an Astum and something else at the same time.
Origin City: An ancient city in Eravon
History: The Ovridi Astum, is one of the oldest religions in the world, and the origin stories are often contradictory.
Prophet(s): The Blind Monk, The Winged Princess, The Green Fisherman, The Star Serpent, The Old One, The Enigmatic Ruler, The Baron, and many others.

Demonym: Marist
God(s): Maro
Beliefs: Maro, the god of chance, controls the outcomes of every action on the planet. It determines when things are born, die, and the consequences of their actions.
Origin City: Toru Qesa
History: Maro blessed the twenty Sieka with the luck to survive their journey through the desert and found Ne’Triti’A. Their descendants have since carried on its teachings.
Prophet(s): None

Demonym: Believers of the Sun, Invictiens
God(s): Sol Invictus
Beliefs: To stop the Traitor of gaining power over Karma. If this ever should happen, he will come on Earth and strike at them in the 1st Holy War.
Origin City: Maxington
History: A group of Prophets that have seen the light and Body of Sol Invictus. He told the Prophets the way to believe and to secure the Power against the Traitors.
Prophet(s): Prophet Dustel, Prophet for the Merchants. Prophet Altenor, Prophet of the Government. Prophet Takano, Prophet of the Peasants and Workers. Prophet Jerna, Prophet of the Navy. Prophet Caland, Prophet of the Army. Prophet Jerna and Prophet Caland share the right to declare a Holy War.

Demonym: Novitomnist. Novitomnists.
God(s): Listed Here
Beliefs: There is good in everything. And there is no waste of time.
Origin City: Watania.
History: Started in ancient Watara, and before the collapse of Watara and Zalidia, two Watarans had moved to some random islands. These islands formed Tulu Azulthe Zeloren. The meteor struck and the Tulazulthans (now known as Tuzaths) went into a bunker. Technology was forgotten, names were forgotten. When they came out of the bunker, they traveled to find a new better place. The religion was kept alive in the bunker and traveled with the Tuzaths to a new place they now call Tuzathia. The Zalidians also survived the meteor, and fled to the western continent, where they are now known as Salidya.
Prophet(s): none

Name: Sechuanism
Demonym: Sechi(s)
God(s): The Higher Authority
Beliefs: Sechuanism revolves around two core values; control and authority. To believe in Sechuanism is to believe that those in a place of power have been deemed worthy of that place by the higher authority, and that all must take control of one's own life within the class in society that he/she has been placed among. When a peasant is born into a farm, they must seek to become the head of that farm (or the most efficient person at that farm) in order to achieve true inner peace. When they do so, it is because the Higher Authority has deemed them worthy of such a position. When a noble is born to a family of nobles, they must seek to become the most accomplished within their line of work. A scholar would seek to write a revolutionary thesis on a new magical property to gain renown. When one doesn't achieve inner peace, it is because the Higher Authority has not deemed that person worthy. At their death they would be ridiculed, and shamed. However no taint would be thrown of their children, so as to give them equal chance to achieve Sechuanism. In Sechuanism, authority is respected, efficiency and quality are priority, and control is the journey of life.
Origin city: Okland Village
History: Oldest records date back to the bronze age, when the Sechi clan adopted the faith as its own. As the Sechi clan conquered what is today the Tartar Imperium, the faith also spread throughout the land. Nowadays it is the national religion of the Tartar Imperium.
Prophets: Ichi, Crone of Okland

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