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The United Federation of Waldoven (old-canon)

United Federation of Waldoven | United Federation of Waldoven

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United Federation of Waldoven
United Federation of Waldoven (Asiad)


Motto: "Curiosity drives our species forwards"
(English: "Curiosity drives our species forwards")

Anthem: "We stand together united"
(English: "We stand together united")


Capital: Avenja
Largest City: Japova

Official Language: None on the federal level

National Language: Asiad, Ajajo, Ijeo, Daek, and 123 others

Ethnic groups:

  • 29.54% Jalavakan

  • 27.2% Kroatian

  • 17.59% Nainese

  • 12.6% Loakasian

  • 6.53% Posian

  • 3.5% Ravaoan

  • 3.05% Other


  • 88.22% Atheisim

  • 6.55% Scitism

  • 3.22% Rasoalism

  • 2.1% Youtism

  • 1.01% Other

Demonym(s): Waldovian

- President: Ahmad Doni
- Vice President: Julius Jahovi
- Speaker of the House: Aos Kaso
- Chief Justice: Kosi Intaoaod

Legislature: Parliament
- Upper House: Senate
- Lower House: National Assembly

Land Area: 44.5 million kmē
Water Area: 0 kmē
Water %: 0

Highest Point: Jana's peak (4593 m)
Lowest Point: Faldras (-3226 m)

GDP (nominal): 85.91 trillion Bits
GDP (nominal) per capita:

Human Development Index: 90.65

Currency: Bit

Drives on the: Left

Calling code: +01

Internet TLD: .uf

The United Federation of Waldoven (Asiad: United Federation of Waldoven), commonly known as Waldoven, is a Federation located on Waldoven, the last remaining moon of Jhalax. Waldoven covers 44.5 million kmē and has an estimated population of 6.285 billion people. It consists of 20 nations, which are divided into 445 provinces.

Waldoven is a unitary parliamentary democracy and federation. The president is Ahmad Dovi, who has been elected to power in 2036. Waldoven's capital is Avenja, a global city and financial centre with an urban area population of 30.8 million. Waldoven consists of 20 nations. The nations are named Wartonden, Trillia, Tsuen, Morgemecse, Orochu, Pho, Hajvapudo, Tanhia, Bosedia, Golorodia, Ninria, Hong, Sudiania, Vunuyenia, Aich, Wiewaldia, Cuachia, Celia, Nilia, and Nhachamia. Their capitals respectively are Kofa, Jaof, Faif, Okai, Lofinfi, Iocasa, Kaksfow, Inafoa, Iakeos, Kifaej, Hicaecsi, Jiaef, Uafiac, Kofenaodila, ldkaosfcalciso, Kacksa, Ijjasif, Avenja, Quakdoa, and Xoaem.

Etymology and terminology

Waldoven is named after the moon it is located on, Waldoven. The origins of the name Waldoven is widely known and is taught in every single classroom. The name "Waldoven" comes from the Old Asiad words "Waldov (waldov)" and "En (en)", with Waldov meaning circle, and En meaning white. Together, Waldoven (Waldoven) means white circle. In Modern Asiad, "Waldov (waldov)" is now circle, and "En (en)" is now white.

The adjective "Waldovian" is commonly used to refer to matters relating to Waldoven and is used in law to refer to Waldoven citizenship and matters to do with nationality. People of Waldoven use a number of different terms to describe their national identity and may identify themselves as being Wartondian, Trillian, Tsunese, Morgemeesian, Orochuan, and etc; or as having a combination of different national identities. The official designation for a citizen of Waldoven is "Waldovian citizen".



The Commercial Space Race

The Comercial Space Race, between the companies Spakalia and Ojeda, led to an acceleration of interest in the exploration of Moka and Waldoven. Once launchers had the necessary capabilities, these companies sent uncrewed probes on both flyby and impact/lander missions. Spacecraft from Spaklia were the first to escape Jhalax's gravity and pass near Waldoven, impact the Waldovian surface and the first photographs of the normally occluded far side of Waldoven. All of them were accomplished in 1962. The first spacecraft to perform a successful Waldovian soft landing and the first uncrewed vehicle to orbit Waldoven was made by Ojeda, all of them in the same year, in 1964. In the span of 5 years, from 1965-1968, rock and soil samples were brought back to Jhalax by three Ojedian and two Spakalian sample return missions, which returned 1 kg total.

During the height of the commercial space race, Ojeda and Spakalia were starting to lose investors and funds from the government due to several different incidents in both of their companies involving the deaths of a total of 16729 people due to many rocket explosions, accidental oil spills, a highway collapse for Ojeda, and a research facility collapsing, a rocket falling over, and a rocket that crashed into a city for Spakalia. In a desperate move to stop bankruptcy, both of the companies merged to become Ojeda-Spakalia Enterprise. This merge allowed them to quickly accelerate research and hence, generate more funds. This merge marked the end of the Commercial Space Race.

Moon landings

In 1972, the first people landed on Moka, with the first words being, "I take this step for my country and my people. Knowing that this but one small step on a journey, that will someday take us all to the stars," said by Jaks Ajis. In the same year, the first people landed on Waldoven, with the first words, "I take this step, knowing that this is the next small step for our species, on a journey, that we will travel together till the end of time," said by Japova Iala. 18 more Mokavian and 14 more Waldovian landings from 1973-1979 were made before colonization.


In 1984, Ojeda-Spakalia Enterprise revealed plans to colonize Moka and Waldoven before the end of the next decade. In the span of 11 years, all efforts of the company were focused on making a colony on both of the moons. In 1990, the first Mokanian base was landed on Moka. In 1991, the first Waldovian base was landed on Waldoven. Slowly, over time, these first colonies grew and grew, and more colonies were established on both of the moons. The first Waldovian city was named Japova, named after the first person to walk on Waldoven. As more and more colonies were established, more and more resources were brought back to Jhalax. Ojeda-Spakalia Enterprise became ridiculously rich, but luckily their owners weren't greedy. They used the money earned to improve the quality of life for the colonies.

As both of the moons' colonies grew in size, the world's population actually shrunk, due to the large number of people moving to the colonies. Different peoples, cultures, and races across Jhalax all lived together on small habitats, in large clusters. Over the course of many years, all these cultures and races started to blend, and will one day likely all merge into one unified culture, a process that is still happening today.

The founding of WUSA

After the population of Waldoven reached one billion, in 2010, some of the most developed nations in Jhalax (mostly the nations that unified to become the Federation of Wartonden) started to build their own colonies in on Waldoven, resulting in Waldoven being split into two. On one side we have the colonies made by Ojeda-Spakalia Enterprise, and on the other, we have colonies made by the Wartondian Union (Similar to the European Union) Space Administration colonies.

Shortly after the first few WUSA colonies have been built, Ojeda-Spakalia Enterprise declared the birth of a new nation on Moka and Waldoven, named the United Moon's of Moka-Waldoven (UMMW), and for Ojeda-Spakalia Enterprise to be a state-owned company. The UMMW was declared as a Parliamentary democracy and with a constitution written, which was the basis for the current constitution of Waldoven.

This sudden proclamation greatly increased tensions between the UMMW and all of Jhalax. The Global Order (Similar to the United Nations) declared the UMMW as an Illegal nation and to be unrecognized. The UMMW had already prepared for this for a long time and was already self-sustaining since 2000.

Many people that this would soon become a full out war, with only one winner, and the other dead. The Global order, or the UMMW. Surprisingly, that was not the case, as over the course of 20 years, tensions eased and trade began to reopen up. Eventually, the Jhalaxian colonies on Waldoven merged with the UMMW.

Death of Jhalax

On the 19th of February 2020, a small rogue planet, which was named Moratos, was spotted. It had been captured in orbit by our star, but it was unstable. Wartondenian astronomers calculated that it was on a collision course with Moka, which will stop it in its orbit and cause it to collide with Jhalax. Luckily, it was set to collide in 2028, providing time to evacuate Jhalax and Moka.

Over the course of 8 years, all of our world's art, culture, history, knowledge, animals, plants, buildings and even natural wonders were transported to Waldoven. Some important things that were transported to Waldoven were the Koalseum, Talga, Nesta, and the Wartonden Might, to name a few.

On 6 June 2028, Moratos impacted Moka, which made it spiral into Jhalax, ending billions of years of history in two collisions. Most of the debris from the collision luckily didn't hit Waldoven. Even though a couple of 100km wide debris impacted Waldoven, it did not hit any colony. It has been estimated that around 43,364 people who were left on Jhalax sadly died. A memorial was built in order to honour those people.

Waldoven After Tragedy

In the days after the collision, tensions were high. Riots broke out in all major cities.

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The total area of Waldoven is approximately 44.5 million square kilometres. The country occupies the entirety of the moon, Waldoven. The moon is in orbit of Jhalax, and has an average orbital distance of 495,216 km.

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