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The flag of Waldoven represents many things.

The blue background above the yellow line represents the sky and below it represents the ocean. The yellow line horizontally is the land and vertically are the mountains. The red line horizontally represents lava from the volcanoes and vertically represents the volcanoes themselves

The 6 pyramids/triangles represent the 6 countries the number of nations Waldoven has conquered. For every new nation we conquer, a new triangle will be added. It also represents the shining potential of Waldoven as a major leader in the world and it also kinda looks like a star. The colour of the star is white because it represents the knowledge of our people. Also, the star is closer to the ground to indicate that we as a nation are new and we are rising up to our potential.

The symbol in the middle of the star-like figure is a flower. The flower represents the peacefulness of our country.

Political Map

Culture Map

Religion Map

Biome Map

Our story

Before tragedy struck our nation
We were full of hope and imagination
But after the disaster
Our people started to scatter

Some of us were just gone
But the lucky ones were conned
We were tricked when we set sail
We were told that some prevailed

When came back to our land
It was empty and bland
Everyone who had lived here
Had died as if they were never there

We tried to adjust and rebuild the land
And we gave each other a helping hand
When we rebuilt this growing nation
We made a confirmation

To vow to never again
Allow ourselves to be destroyed again
We will try to rise again
To never let this story end

The story of humanity
Full of peace and tranquillity
The story of the nation
Full of hope and cooperation

Written by: Annala Stewart

After the disaster, many people had begun to doubt that there was a god or multiple gods. Many Waldovians look to science for answers instead of religion. Most atheists are in the new generation. This is because most atheists are married to theists and when they have children, those children tend to grow up to be not religious or become atheists. It is estimated that 30% 45% 52% 91.74% of the population are atheists and 2% are not religious.
Nominee 1
Name: Håkan Strömberg
Age: 53
Position: Financial Advisor
Brief background: When Håkan Strömberg was growing up he had always been facinated with the nature of economics. During university he always focused on economics and was the best in his entire province. When he finally got a job he was already the at the top, but he worked to be even higher. Eventually he became an advisor. After 14 long years he was tired and had enough. He decided he would rather be a one of the people in the board of the trade zone than advising forever.

Nominee 2
Name: Emma Stewart
Age: 64
Position: Head of Construction
Brief background: When Emma Stewart was growing up Waldoven was in the process of a massive reconstruction effort to repair damaged buildings and build new ones all over the island. Her father and mother were both construction foremen. She always wanted to be like her parents, but she wanted to be more. When she graduated she became a construction forewoman, just like her parents, but over the years she worked her way to the top to become the head of construction for the entire nation. She oversaw the final phase of rebuilding and to many people she is a rolemodel. After the end of the reconstruction she decided she would like to stop and become a member of the board of the trade zone.

Nominee 3
Name:Hugo Olsen
Age: 35
Position: Mayor of Waldovia
Brief background: Compared to the others on this list, Hugo Olsen is the youngest and the most charming. He is one of the third generation born after the disaster. He has bold ideas and, quite the charming fellow. When growing up he always loved school, but as the years went by he became increasingly more intrested in politics. Eventually he became mayor of Waldovia, the capital city of Waldoven. After his 2 terms were finished he decided he wanted to be a member of the board of the trade area. Despite what you think of him, you can't deny that he is very extremely smart and full of revolutionary ideas and plans.

Name of Nation: Waldoven
Proposed Name of the Trade Zone: The Waldoven-Lubiar Economic Trade Area (WETA)
Location of the proposed Trade Zone: Vik
Size of the proposed Trade Zone: 20 kilometres squared
Population currently residing in the area of the proposed Trade Zone: 286 people
Brief description of the proposed Trade Zone, preferably containing information about its geography, climate, history, natural resources available etc.: Before the disaster Vik was an important local retail center and service for the travel industry, by being the only town to house a wide variety of public services in over 50 kilometres. After the disaster almost all of the residents of Vik has died. What was left of the town was only a few ruined buildings but otherwise it still mostly intact. Waldoven wants to rebuild Vik to its former glory and sees this agreement as the only way to do it quickly.Waldoven has just finished rebuilding most of the area and people are starting to migrate there. We see this as the perfect time to establish this agreement. Vik has a cold and wet climate and it is surrounded by cliffs. The town has large caves and has beautiful cliffs which tourists flock to every single year from all around Waldoven. Much of the information about the resources around Vik has been lost so we are still exploring how much coal and oil is locked away in the cliffs. Vik has a large port that can be used for exporting and importing to and from around the world
Are you willing to adopt and agree to the standard provisions of the Trade Zone Program Agreement?: Yes
Upon this day on Monday, 26 March 2020, Waldoven will finally enter space. With the founding of the Waldovian Aeronautic Space Agency, our country will finally make a mark on not just the world, but the universe itself. The success of the Waldovian Lunar Spacestation and the Waldovian Terran Spacestation, the president has officially anounced the official founding of WASA. WASA's current goal and plans right now are to begin the colonization of the moon by 2028 and to reach 100 million colonists on the moon in the next 100 years. After colonizing the moon, WASA aims to colonize the rest of the terrestrial planets in the solar system.
Our Will To Learn

Through the ages, we have lived
Journeying together through history
From stone to bronze
From bronze to steel

From harnessing the power of fire
To ships flying beyond the sky
Our journey is not over just yet
As it has only just begun

The Waldovian people
So smart, so bright
But we have only just begun
As we have much to learn

Waldoven, our great nation
So big, so strong
But we have only just begun
As we have much to learn

Whether if you're big or small
Short or tall
It doesn't matter to us at all
No matter what, you are a Waldovian

With our Waldovian intellect
We can conquer all with logical thinking
But there are still questions still unanswered
So let us work together to solve them all

On 19 January 2022, scientists at the National Institute of Extraterrestrial Life had finally made a breakthrough. Radio signals have been detected in the distant star system of SAL 19706, which is located 94 light-years away. Scientists think that there are 7 planets in the system. 3 terrestrial planets and 4 gas giants. The 3rd planet from the star is the likely candidate for the source of the radio signals. SAL 19706 has always been known to be the perfect candidate for extraterrestrial life outside Enavia, but this radio signal confirms it. The radio signals have been slowly getting stronger over time. Telescopes all around Waldoven are now pointed at SAL 19706. Scientists have also detected a very strong signal 15 days later, which lasted 30 seconds. Some scientists thought that it might be an image sent to us from the star system. When they tried to transfer it into an image they succeded. The image you see right now is what they received from the signal. This image further confirms that we are not the only intelligent life in this Universe.

Ahmad Waldovi

[img]gonna insert later[/img]
A photo of Ahmad Waldovi during a speech

Political Party: Sinta Party

In office: July 9th, 2004

Date of birth: 19 July 1996

Age: 30

Place of birth: Waldovia

Gender: Male

Spouse: None

Children: None

Other Family Members: Gonna insert later