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Invitation to Middle Earth

Do you like wondrous tales and songs, the fellowship and mirth
of friends? To find what your heart longs for, come to Middle Earth.

Do you enjoy the home you have and wish to stay? Please do!
Be like a hobbit: You can have your cake, and eat it, too.

We do not ask you to give up the place where you belong.
New puppet nation: make one up, and join our merry throng!

Artists and music, roleplay, films, and books reread at leisure:
when more of us value these things, sharing them is a pleasure.

We sit beside the fire and think. We thrash out evermore
everything but the kitchen sink in Tolkien's lovely lore.

Sometimes we share exciting news and sometimes we remember.
Sometimes we dream, sometimes we muse. We value every member.

Chatty or quiet? Dreamy? Bold? No matter! There's a place
in our Hall of Fire of old for every friendly face.

On World Assembly membership: Your nation in the making
can join? If so, then you can chip in with this undertaking:

Moving to Middle Earth's fair ground and settling, we'd be grate-
ful for endorsements all around, and of our delegate.

It's not an option? Still, you must not worry. Come and share
the joy of Middle Earth! We just await your presence fair.

To send recruitment telegrams, your nation needs to be enabled to do so by the delegate of Middle Earth. If you send invitations to Middle Earth, please remember to always mark your telegrams as recruitment. To learn about the rules, please visit the Help page page=faq and, in the chapter Technical, read the entire section about telegrams.

This text is public domain.