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Our Technology Capabilities (WIP)

This Factbook are for information to public about the key Ikherian system: [b][i]DTIS[/i][/b] ([i]Digital Telephone Interfaces System[/i]) and [b][i]IGSNS[/i][/b] ([i]Ikheria Global Satellite Navigation System[/i]).

[b][i]IGSNS[/i][/b] ([i]Ikheria Global Satellite Navigation System[/i]) is Global Satellite-based Navigation System, developed by Ikheria. This system use 35 navigation satellite in MEO (Medium Earth/Europalis Orbit), in 5 Orbit lane. The system orbited at 22,500 KM from Earth/Europalis. With that, this ensure this system can used everywhere in Earth. Accuracy of this system is rated between 1.95 Meter to 0.275 Meter. Such high accuracy is improved using Globesat and IkherDefSat satellite system, cover most of world. This system has many application, such as, Industry, Agriculture, Mining, Military, Transportation, Science, Recreation, and some more. This system has ground tracking station in Yeltsingrad, Minsk, Mosul, Maslow, and some more. Its station abroad is Burum, Belgium, [nation=noflag]Emastalia[/nation], Auckland, [nation=noflag]Chungus World[/nation], Malaka and Cyberjaya, [nation=noflag]Oileron one[/nation], and some more.
[b][i]DTIS[/i][/b] ([i]Digital Telephone Interfaces System[/i]) is telecommunication protocol, developed in 1980 by SovIkherTel R&D Division as answer from Politburo of Communist Party of Soviet Union RSFS Ikheria branch request as the telecommunication between Soviet Ikheria citizen overloaded, as most Soviet R&D Capacity is in Ikheria. This system are developed using [url=]ISDN (Integrated Services Digital Network)[/url] as its base. This system are extend capabilities of ISDN, with ability deliver up to 2-5 MBps data or more than 30 voice call in one time and just using one coax/electrical cable. In 1987, DTIS 1 Standard is released to public. This system are replacing current analog system in Soviet Ikheria. Now, in 2030, this system now are in 10th version/generation. This system drive economy, defence (MilDTIS), education, transportation, and some more. Currently, most of Ikherians are use this system to communicate, and, this system is installed in some nation, also, Globesat terminal has default user access via DTIS system.
[b][i]Fednetcomlink[/i][/b] ([i]Federal Network Communication Link[/i]) is a national communication network, connecting cities with reliable and fast access to Internet. The network starting from town network, connected using fiber or wireless system to, at least 1 major town and/or 1 nearest town. From there, major town network are connected to cities directly, via other major town, or combination of both. They also can connect themselves to other major town. In cities, they forming partial mesh topology between each other. In this level, cities are now having at least 3 connection, with one goes directly/indirectly to major cities. On highest level, major cities are now nearly connected with each other. They use any possible topology for prevent system failure limiting systems capabilities. In some major cities, their network are designed for became gateway for Internet access. With that, major cities are backbone of Fednetcomlink. Fednetcomlink allow most Ikheria can connected without worries about cyber attack whom can disrupting world Internet. They also allow ISPs use the network for more bandwidth uses and deliver them without installing new cables and fibers.