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Region Name Times - August 16th - Volume XXIII

This Paper is Brought to You By the News and Information Committee, Writing Since 2019

Moderator and Chief Editor: Minimark

Mundane (Assistant Editor)

Pius II

Pius Desurongcrandis (Sports Writer)

Aera Ninel

Regional Politics

Minimark Tops ‘Em All - A Review of the Delegate Election

“Hard-fought.” The words of every victor to their losing opponent. We thought it would be a hard-fought battle for WA Delegate, but by looking at the results (8-3), it doesn’t look that way at all. Minimark finally claimed his crown of WA Delegate on Thursday, becoming the last King Region to hold the position, leaving Pius Desurongcrandis and the Regionian Party in the dust once again. Throughout the entire existence of the so-called Regionian Party, which included the original members of Pius Desurongcrandis, Socoran, and Mithilia, they have never won an election. After this last one, however, the entire party seemed to flip on its side. Mithilia abandoned the party and went to Minimark’s side for the election, becoming his Defense Minister, Socoran didn’t vote, and Pius Desurongcrandis, well of course, ran for the position and voted for himself. But, on the bright side of things, the party may have gained two new members in Aera Ninel and Apost, who both voted for Pius. Despite losing, Pius still seems to have his hopes up. He isn’t fazed and will continue to fight for his party especially with what looks like two new members.

But, we should be focusing on our new WA Delegate who ran the show, gaining a whopping eight votes and toppling his competition. He still applauded Pius for what he did and used a metaphor for what his delegacy will be like. It will be like a ship leaving port, he’s packed the ship, put up the sails, and all he needs is you to climb on board and help him sail Region Name to foreign places, picking up people on the way. He certainly has shown that so far, as he has already created 4 treaties with other regions and has updated the consulate with The Rejected Realms. Overall, it was a tough fight, until Thursday rolled around, and then it wasn’t. There you go, an election that looked to be like a fight of the ages, that turned out to be a crushing of an opponent, and one that has sent us on a treacherous journey across the seas of the foreign.

Written by Mundane, edited by Minimark

Roleplay Developments

Trade, Trade, Don't Go Away

Two tremendous developments have been made this month in Region Name. The folks at the RARC have been working hard, completing both maps of the resources that occupy the continents along with more pieces of an official regional economy. The new economy act establishes two things, the list of prices for several agricultural and natural resources, as well as the laws for how much you can deviate from those prices in negotiations. In total, the list prices 63 natural and 116 agricultural supplies, coming out to 179 combined. The two maps that were completed split the world into strange shapes called “countries”, which apparently make up “the real world,” instead of the nations we’re all so accustomed to. This move was most likely made in an attempt to account for any change in the territory over time. These additions to the Region Name economy will hopefully spark more interaction in the mostly dormant nations that fill our region. It seems like they already have, with Apost announcing earlier today, “Apost and Imperial Minimark have concluded an arms deal - in exchange for $500 billion, the Imperials have handed over the majority of their remaining combat-capable ships.”

Written by Aera Ninel, edited by Minimark


Racing to the Finish - RNPS & RNAR Finishing Up

As we near September, the summer leagues are beginning to wrap up, and Region Name is looking into the fall for more leagues. But don’t look away yet, because two intense racing leagues have either just finished or have entered the playoffs.

Let’s start with the Region Name Automotive Racing league as they have just completed the regular season and are about to have the second race of the Round of 16. The RNAR eliminates 4 drivers per round, starting with the Rounds of 16, 12, and 8, each with two races, and ending with the Round of 4, the Championship, which is only one final race to determine the champion of automotive racing and the holder of the Region Name Automotive Cup. One race into the playoffs, drivers like Marlon Naylor of New Gwapington, who sits first in the round standings, Lincoln Combs of Overlord Hellerer, who sits second, and Vernon Johnston of Mundane, the winner of last race and third in the standings, are looking good as we move closer to the Round of 12. Some shocking finishes have also occurred with drivers Kamron Harper and Chevy Blasnister, one and two in the regular season standings, respectively, sitting outside of the Round of 12. Sunday, the Imperious Emporium 400 at Fort Maklunky Raceway in Mithilia will go off, and we will see who makes it into the Round of 12.

Moving to RNPS, one week ago now, the 2020 Region Name Premier Swimming Championship Meet went off and it was intense. As we sat watching the Klandestine Outdoor Natatorium in New Utamville, Minimark, it was a tight race. Mundane Matrix came in fourth with 114 points and won in the 200 Breaststroke, 200 Butterfly, and 100 Freestyle. In third, went the Great Patrick Nationals with 115 points wins in 100 Butterfly and 200 Freestyle. In second, were the Scottisch’eh Bagpipes of Mithilia with 116 points and wins in the 800 Medley Relay, 800 Free Relay, 100 Breaststroke, 100 and 200 Backstroke, and 400 Freestyle. And in first, the Champion of RNPS, came the Cartikihian Port Catamarans of The Northsouthern Wolflands pounding down with 120 points and wins in the 400 Medley Relay, 400 Free Relay, 400 IM, and 50 and 800 Freestyle. First and fourth place were separated by just 6 points. If you don’t count that close, then I don’t know what is.

Written by Mundane, edited by Minimark

Still In the Middle- Chess and Baseball Updates

Both the RCA and RNLB have been going through some scheduling changes as each commissoner has trouble running some games. The RCA Commissioner, Overlord Hellerer, changed the leagues ambitious schedule from once a day to once every other day and has missed a few days. The RNLB commissoner moved a series of games, originally last Saturday, to Friday, and then to Tuesday. However these leagues still have good competition going on.

Starting with the RCA, the New Gwapington Hmmmmmmmmmmms, led by Bryan Greene and his 13-5-2 record sit atop the league with 26 points. Great depth with Elliot Watt, Fredric Jensen, and Fletcher Rodgers all having winning records helped lead to this leading of the league. Then comes a 3 way tie for 2nd, with the Mithilia Commies, Apost Checkersmen, and Hellererian Chemists all with 25 points sitting right behind New Gwapington with no players with more than 11 wins between them. Next comes a tie between the En Passeants and Ranks for 5th, with 21 points each. The En Passeants with great depth power them, people like Lorcan Gilmore and Alasdair Kline and more powering them, while the Ranks are completely reliant on people like Portutitus Opremon and Ugi Nugi. Opremon, the best player in the league, had struggles as of late but has foudn his groove once more. Finally at the bottom lie the Nordlich Knights and Pius Phoenixs with 13 and 12 points, respectively. Given top 6 make playoffs, it seems likely these two teams will be eliminated. Chad Joneson the only Knight with a 500 record, and Sanjeev Berger that for the Phoenixs. None of these teams will become grandmasters this year it appears. So hopefully they can begin building to the next.

Moving to the RNLB, what we have is a hitters league. With the best pitcher having a 4.32 ERA which is well above a run per inning, hitting seems to dominate the RNLB. Its just who hits best and who can lessen the extent of other hitters hitting. Eedenburgh Enterprise seem to do this well, sitting atop the league at 9-3 record, with the 3rd best pitcher in the league in Samuel Chester, and third best team batting average. They are tied for 1st in home runs with 50 as a team, led by Dawood Reeve who is tied for the league HR lead at 10. The Enterprise are firing on all cylinders, but don't have too big of a lead, because next up comes the Los Veganos Venom, who seem to go game by game without any real standout group. They are in the middle of the league for both pitching and batting average. They only have one standout, Eustaquio Canseco who leads the teams batting average and home runs with 9. He seems to be the juice pushing them to 8-4. Next we have a 3 way tie for 3rd with 7-5. The Nitros, Panthers, and Capitalists all fall here. The Nitros strong suit is their 2nd place in the league for batting average, with stars like Saul Carson, Rae Betts, and Cameron Winters. The Panthers have no real standouts as they are 2nd worst for batting and middle of the road for pitching. Their stars consist of Carlo Hill for 6 Home runs and Koby Wardle with a .360 batting average. Finally the Capitalists who are almost completely powered by league leading pitcher, Angus MacGyver, with a 4.327 ERA. They have average batting with Jefferson Davis Hogg leading the team. Next up are the 6-6 teams: the Pelicans and Chemists. The Chemists are lead by 3rd in league batter Matthew Dow, and their league leading batting squad with below average pitching. The Pelicans with bad pitching but above average batting also sit here. Next is the Gamers, led by 2nd in the league batter Waluigi Mario but who don't have much else and sit at 4-8. Finally at the bottom of the league sit the Mechanics and Phoenixes. The Phoenixes have bad batting averages but are middle of the road for Home Runs and bottom for pitching. The Mechanics have a top 4 batting average but are worst for pitching and home runs. It seems the Barton trade blew up. This season has been good, hopefully it remains competitive till the end. But for now all we can do is watch.

Written by Minimark

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Opinion Editorials

Emblematic: Sacrificing Ones Own Feelings to Represent the Region
(A New Leader: Part 2 of 6)

"A good leader takes a little more than his share of the blame, a little less than his share of the credit" -Arnold Glasow

People always wondered why I left the Regions and resigned all those times from my multiple government positions. It was because I decided to put myself first over the good of the Region. I saw a challenge and backed down because I thought my political ideas caused the crisis so they couldn't solve it. I needed outside ideas. I needed a team. I did not embody the Region and its ideas until I came back. But now I understand the sacrifice necessary to embody a Region. You must know what the Region wants and make that your goal. At every choice, you must question if that will lead to something the Region doesn't want. Let me explain further:

There is a level of non-partisanship with the office that is required to be a decision maker that represents the Region. Decisions, not as in reactionary decisions which are still important, but decisions about making moves to improve the Region. I must think whats best for you and strive always for that. I must use my judgement to get there but you are always my end goal. I must follow your moral codes and your views. How can this be, given there are multidudes of us and many different opinion? Well for starters, if you dont protest something I do, I assume your fine with it. Secondly, I will listen to all sides and construct the proper course of action. This is the important reason why: you elected my judgement, not me. Or at least thats how it should work.

Thats whats special about the Delegate, you are not governing the people but merely their global representative and their internal check. The Delegate was never meant to have lavish powers of creating laws, but it was meant to keep the Region in order and guide the Region through foriegn policy. So since you didn't elect me for policy, you elected me for judgement. You may think since you elected me for judgement, I am a reactionary, judging as crises come my way. While that is certainly part of the job, I also must judge the future of the Region. We are at an interesting point however. The future of the Region cannot be legislated anymore. We've burnt that engine, now it just comes down to using current laws. I must use my judgement to determine the future of the Region, and I determined that I must use my current powers of diplomacy to grow our Region.

But using my foriegn powers, I cannot embody my own interests. You did not elect me because of my own opinions or interests, you elected me because I proposed a plan of action determined by my own judgement. So therefore I am not to be myself to the world, but you. You are the Region, I am merely Emblematic of you. I must regard you as the new engine of the Region, and I must go out on my mission representing you. I am the only one who can deal with the foriegn stuff, but I must represent your interests and opinions when I do it.

This is critical for any delegate. We are supposed to represent you on the foriegn scale always. We are not elected for our political positions but instead our judgement, so we are supposed to represent you. That is how a delegate is supposed to be emblematic. We are the Emblem of the Region. When you are happy, we are happy. When you are struggling, so are we. We are your representative, not your dictator. Thats why we are limited in the power scope. Because we are supposed to represent you, not ourselves. Thats a lesson Im teaching myself. To be there for you, not to be there for me. Hopefully I succeed. Thank you.

Written by Minimark

Weekly Challenge

Congrats to Overlord Hellerer on Getting it Right

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