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Vote AGAINST Integrity In Law Enforcement

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Resolution at Vote: Integrity In Law Enforcement
Vote Recommendation: Against


This resolution is an assault on the privacy of law enforcement officers accused of committing crimes on the job, thus I strongly urge a vote against.

One of the more important human rights is the right to privacy and to have your personal documents secure. This resolution not only shreds those rights apart, it only applies the new standard to a certain part of the population, constituting discrimination. In countries with a developed judicial system, if prosecutors want the documents of accused Law Enforcement Officers; they can take all the legals means to get them unsealed as they would with any other person.

What's the difference between a criminal cop and a criminal garbage truck driver? Nothing. This resolution is anti-police and anti-civil liberties.

For the above reasons, I urge a vote Against this proposal.

San carlos mission to the world assembly