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Foreign Relations of South Baba

The foreign relations of South Baba are influenced by its membership of the World Assembly. It has traditionally followed a non-aligned foreign policy and has historically tended towards independence in foreign military policy, thus it is not a member of any military alliance and has a longstanding policy of military neutrality.

Whenever South Baba decides to establish diplomatic relations with other countries, it does so after a mutual granting of legations as “a further step forward in our efforts to disseminate friendly relations in a troubled world”.

To that effect, several binational action and discussion groups have been established to foster development cooperation between South Baba and its individual partners. These institutions promote economic and national growth, work to improve conditions of production, assist in dealing with environmental issues and help to ensure better access to healthcare and education for the poor; focusing mainly on cultural exchanges, institutional stability, social development, employment and income, natural resources and the environment.
These agencies are co-funded by their respective governments:

◾️ Sardon International Centre (SIC) - Cowbridge
◾️ Telsoba Institute (TI) - Telzoia
◾️ Sobinti Center (SC) - Intion North
◾️ Jinju-Baba Institute (JBI) - Jinju-Do
◾️ Oscar III Institute (O3I) - Skaraborg

The Republic of South Baba also proceeds to initiate cultural, educational and people-to-people ties with any respective nations.

In addition, the House of Assembly of the Republic of South Baba has, on fifteen separate occasions, chartered institutions of higher learning on foreign soil to promote diplomacy, internationalism, and public service as a sign of global peace and cooperation. The construction of said institutions is largely funded by the South Baban government and any degrees they confer are recognized by every major university in the Republic of South Baba. These institutions, classified as South Baban Grant Institutions (SBGIs), are:

◾️ British Miyako Island Intercollegiate Institute (BMI3)
◾️ South Baban University of New Francois (SBUNF)
◾️ Sirwadia South Baba University (SSBU)
◾️ South Baban University of Vextinia (SBUV)
◾️ Cowbridge University College (CUC)
◾️ Telzoia International University (TIU)
◾️ South Baban Providencial University (SBPU)
◾️ South Baban University of Islanes (SBUI)
◾️ Intion North Global University (INGU)
◾️ Sopernia University College (SUC)
◾️ Global University of the Akhara Islands (GUAI)
◾️ South Baban University of Westinor (SBUW)
◾️ Frimardiess Global University (FGU)
◾️ Votak Matim University College (VTUC)
◾️ Jinju-Do Global University (JDGU)

The main bilateral relationships of the Republic of South Baba include:

Busy Playing Girls Frontline of Advancia-Sizzletown

Remnant State of The Akhara Islands

Commonwealth of British Miyako Island

United Kingdom of Brucklania

Pacifist Dominion of The Canadian Peoples Republic

Republic of Cokoland

Royal Commonwealth of Cowbridge

Democratic States of Frimardiess

Pacifist Principality of Greatly

Federal Republic of Intion North

Federative Republic of Islanes

Republic of Jinju-Do

Mauryan Republic of Kartujia

Yekteniya Soyuz of Lotion Empire

Kingdom of Maclare

Feudal Kingdom of Mayuqar

Unilyst Authority of Minuda

Holy Kingdom of Mon Island

Republic of Nanchotoji

People's Republic of New Francois

Republic of Northwestern hungary

Republic of Orogonia

Empire of Picairn

Commonwealth of Providencial states

Small Yellow Sign of Railroad Crossing

Empire of Santamar

Boer Republic of Sirwadia

The Democratic Kingdom Of Skaraborg

People's Democratic Empire of Sopernia

Old Republic of Soughts Souble

Republic of Telzoia

Democratic Republic of Tringapore

Federal Collective Union of Vextinia

Republic of Votak Matim

Jingoistic States of Vyata Temor

Light of Westinor