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Loranian Times #5

The Loranian Times
Written by your very own Seven Seas

A New WA Delegate
Yesterday (the 5th) brought the emergence of a new WA delegate... me! Yes, I know, how the heck did SS get elected. But after preaching my ideas of a WA committee and the like, I got enough support. It had been a tie for most of the time, 3 for SN and 3 for me. But then Sirian said "to hell with it" (I may be just guessing) and voted for yours truly. I'll try to do my best and carry through on my election promises, one of them being to try and commend Skundi.

An Influx of Nations
In the last 2 days the region has added 9 nations to it's ever growing population. 4 of them have come from The Hellenic Kingdom, which has now closed. But this has brought much activity to the RMB, some RP ideas, and the starting of a flag contest hosted by me (who else?) and co-hosted by Welsh Chubut one of our new nations and an expert flag connoisseur.

A New HoC
This did happen awhile ago, but I wanted to put the WA election and the MP ones in the same issue. Not much an eventful happening here. Gwentrev, North Cromch, Cousethii, Matroyska, and Sirian are our new MPs. We'll see what they do for the region in the coming weeks. So far they have voted in Saint sully to be the acting Chief Justice as Zweites Preussen takes a break... which reminds me...

ZweiPreu on Holiday
Our regional Chief Justice, co-founder of the TCC, and woodpecker enthusiast, has taken a break. In which to relax and gather their thoughts on how to continue with the construction of Aramos. To see their full declaration of a break see here:

Oh look, it's the nation of the week, month, or whenever I feel like it! (I used a random number generator to find the nation)

India under modi

I encourage everyone to check them out.