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July Executive Report

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July Executive Report

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs
Led by Minister Druing, with the assistance of Deputy Ministers Dome Artan and Kanglia

Over the last month, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs engaged with long-time allies and friends of the region, discussing how we can strengthen those bonds. The Republica Accord is one such product of these discussions and the Ministry hopes to secure many more in the future. We've also been seeing an uptick in activity in both the ambassadorial network and ministerial applications. The Ministry of Foreign Affairs is excited to continue its work under the Phoenix Administration.

The Ministry of The Census
Led by Minister Glaciosia, with the assistance of Deputy Ministers Dome Artan and Die Kronprinzessin

The Ministry of the Census has continued to process and accept citizenship applications, file new changes to the law and history of the region under our archive division, and look for new ways to expand our regions population and citizenry. We are instituting a new program for manual recruitment, and are exploring various incentives to make people even more excited about participation. The Ministry is also operating under the Citizenship Act and amended citizenship provisions in the constitution for the first time this month, and we are fully prepared to execute its mandate.

The Ministry of Culture
Led by Minister the Second United States Republic with the assistance of Deputy Ministers Duckstan and Nuevo San Miguel

The Ministry of Culture has been able to maintain activity for a prolonged period of time on its roleplay server, proving that previous efforts to revive the server with a reset a few months ago have given it a new life. The same cannot be said for Unioncraft. As the Minister of Culture, I intend to find someone who would be willing to simulate UDS sports and knows how to do it. Accordingly, I've found someone in the roleplay server who I think would do a good job. I'll have to reach out to him about this, however. This person would be under the supervision of Persia/NSM, who we recently hired as Deputy Minister for Games and Game Nights (like cards and whatnot).

UDS RP has hit 100 members. We could see a decent citizen gain by convincing non-residents to sign up for citizenship.

The Ministry of Defense
Led by Minister Comlogical, with the assistance of Deputy Minister Kanglia

The Ministry of Defense upholds its mandate to defend founderless regions, culminating in the liberation of Christmas on July 26th's minor alongside with Libcord forces. Per the monthly Executive meeting, the UDSAF shall update 3 to 4 times a week. The Armed Forces has 1 new member, which is currently in the training process. We look forward to more operations in the month of August.

The Ministry of Justice
Led by Minister Asdersland

The Ministry of Justice has been working on two projects, the Union Code and Union Bar Association, that together will serve to facilitate legal education in the Union of Democratic States. Additionally, the Ministry is also doing preliminary work on a Legal Grammatical Service to assist in the creation of high quality bills upon request by authors. As always, the Ministry is vigilant for violations of the law and continues to advise the President on bills as they reach the President's desk as required by the Constitution.