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Vote Lansaka for Officer of Outreach!

Hello, all. I have decided to run in these Officer elections. I am aiming to become Officer of Outreach.

I would like to continue the occasional tradition of handing out beverages to new nations of the Rejected Realms, but I also would like to add a little something: anyone can bring drinks to the RMB Bar, as long as they aren't poison or alcohol. Also, if I am elected, I shall add a new rule for the beverages: you must post at least once on the RMB to get a drink. I will also be handing out food.

As of this writing, the RMB is still a chaotic place, with unnecessary things such as Germany, guns, and spam (reference to Minskiev's meme contest entry intended), along with terrible great people such as Kyorgia, Thepeopl, and Toerana. These chaotic people things must be toned down to an acceptable level. So, I present to you Lansaka's Two Step Plan To Make The Rejected Realms Regional Message Board Safe Again (LTSPTMTRRRMBSA):

1. Find the inappropriate posts and

2. Suppress them!

Daily questions will become hourly questions!

I will be promoting both onsite and offsite activity. Activity on NS, though, will be on the top of the priority list. As Sarah said back in August 2019,

Onsite is how we start getting people involved.

Becoming a citizen, claiming a spot on the map, and joining TRT, Culture, WA, and Ambassador staff, along with many other things will also be actively supported.

I feel there isn't as much activity on the RMB as there should be. I don't want it to get to a level like TNP, where it progresses a hundred pages per second, but we need a lot more people to post. I shall find ways to promote RMB activity as much as possible.

I feel like this platform is relatively short right now, so if you have questions, comments, ideas, concerns, complaints, compliments, or almost anything else, feel free to telegram me!