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"If King's Condition Does Not Improve Soon, He Will Be Taken Off Life Support," Say ICU Doctors

"If King's Condition Does Not Improve Soon, He Will Be Taken Off Life Support," Say ICU Doctors

Monday, 3 August 2020

By Birgit Schlosser; Translated from Fardelshufflesteinian

One of the doctors in the ICU who is treating HRM King Alastair IV told the Sentinel this morning that, despite his being on strong antibiotics and an array of medicines for his liver, the King's health is continuing to spiral downward.

"He's septic, and his lungs and liver are failing," explains Dr. Eduard Peck, a critical care physician at Western Fardelshufflestein National Hospital. "Even if he manages to pull through the infection, the damage may be too advanced for him to ever make a full recovery."

HRM was placed on the liver transplant list last Thursday. Though he does not yet have End-stage Liver Disease (ESLD), it was decided that the progression of his condition necessitates such an action in the event that it takes years to find a donor. "His cirrhosis alone puts him in a very vulnerable position," Dr. Peck states.

As for his lungs, they are "extensively scarred" and "inflamed."

The King has also been put on dialysis because his kidneys are no longer filtering his blood properly. "Essentially, his body is shutting down. He was already weakened, perhaps terminally, and the introduction of an infection into his bloodstream has created a domino effect.

"If the King's condition does not improve soon, he will be taken off life support. He is just so ill that it is unlikely he will survive."

One way or another, HRM King Alastair IV will be off the ventilator by the end of the week. The Sentinel has been assured that the doctors are doing everything in their power to combat his illness and make him as comfortable as possible. He is constantly surrounded by his family, friends, co-workers, and medical professionals who are caring for him. The country, and, indeed, many around the globe, are pulling for him and praying for his swift recovery.