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by The Constitutional Monarchy of The Remainder of the Russian Empire. . 101 reads.

The Protection Pact (Also Non-Islam Pact)

This pact is a Defensive/Allied Pact for protection as well as the Non-Islam Pact.
This Pact was founded. It has merged with the Templar Order, in a way. So all members here that want to join Templar can, do so without doing any process. But this pact is about Nations that aren't Islamic, We are not against Islamic nations, we just aren't Islamic.
Franco-British-American Empire is the leader of the other pact.

Leader and Founder: The Remainder of the Russian Empire
Head General and Vice Leader: Third Soviet Union (Gone)
Law Reader: Fifth Russian Empire
General: The Newest Prussian State
General: Prussia and danzig
Head Organizer: SCP Faudation
Organizer: Newest republic of texas
Watch Guard and Balkan Member: The fascist balkan federation (He abandoned this and went to his alt.)
Law Reader and Balkan Member: The Communist Balkan Federation

Founding members:
Umbrella Corpation,
The Ninth German Reich,
International Parks Service,
and Pewds Supporters