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The Loranian Political System

The Loranian Political System

Hey, Iím Skundi, one of the co-founders of Lorania, a region you are probably in if you are reading this. This is a guide to how we do politics in Lorania, what positions involve what, and how this affects you. This dispatch runs in tandem with my guide to Loranian elections, so if you havenít read it, I strongly recommend you read before or after this.

So, what is the structure used here?
In Lorania, we use the (democratic) administrative founder system. This might seem confusing, so let me explain.

The founder of Lorania isnít a normal nation, instead it is a nation dedicated to being the founder of the region. It isnít controlled by one player, instead by two nations, the co-founders. This allows both co-founders to be involved in the politics of the region, without holding any game determined power. It also means that most power is held by the PM (which Iíll get onto in a minute) due to the fact that any decision made on the founder account can easily be reversed. Hereís the list of the founder nation and the co-founder:

Founder: Lorania Founder
Co-founders: Skundi and Stolkland

All actions made on the founder account are mainly administrative, like updating the WFE or updating the forum thread, however the executive decisions like selecting a cabinet and updating the constitution are done on the founder account through the PM, meaning that the PM holds more power.

You spoke about the founder system, what about the other bits?
There are four elements to the regional political system, the executive, the legislative, the judiciary and the WA delegation.

The executive: The executive contains the PM and the cabinet. They are responsible for making ďexecutiveĒ decisions, including embassy requests, RMB moderation and other things. The executive is often full of the more experienced regional politicians, however there is nothing stopping new members from getting involved, if they try and work hard. The PM is the only elected figure in the executive, as the cabinet are all selected by the PM.

The legislative: The legislative is the one of two fully elected parts of the political system. It is where most of the regional laws are made, which cover a whole range of topics like the constitution, to the RMB. At the moment, the legislative is unicameral, and the chamber is called the House of Commons. At the moment, the HoC has 5 seats, however that can be changed in the future.

The judiciary: The judiciary is the only part that fully un-elected. It contains only the Chief Justice, who heads the regional court. The CJ is selected by the PM and confirmed by the HoC, however is not elected by the whole of the population.

The World Assembly Delegation: This final category is quite interesting, as it is quite separate from the government. This part concerns the WA Delegate of the region, and how Lorania is represented in the World Assembly. The Delegacy is completely separate from the government, and only has one job, to represent Lorania in the WA. Any WA nation can run to be elected delegate, whether they hold a position in government or not.

Ok, so how much power does each position hold?

The nation with the most power in the region is the PM, who can control any part of the region. They technically control the founder account, they can veto a bill from the HoC, and can make executive decision.

The second most powerful positions are the ones in the cabinet, as they oversee incredibly important issues that effect everyday life.

The third most powerful position is being an MP, as they can bring in or repeal regional laws, and that has a big effect on how the region works.

The fourth most powerful position is the CJ, due to the fact that there arenít many cases. Despite that, the CJ is important for settling disagreements and can have a very large say in ejections.

The fifth most powerful position is the WA Delegate, as they only oversee WA affairs. They do have the most endorsements, and the most influence but arenít able to do much.

And finally, the sixth most powerful position, is the normal citizen, or in other words, those who have been in the region for over a week. Citizens donít hold any power, apart from at elections, as they decide whoíll be in power!

And so how do I get elected?
Read my guide to Loranian elections!