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Volaworand 2020: Proposed RMB Rules

Keep, Coup, or Kill?
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Volaworand wrote:I'm Volaworand, and I endorse this message.

I promised to provide specific on RMB rule changes, so here ya go!

It's time to play the hottest new game sweeping TSP! Keep, Coup, or Kill?

So fun! Throw back a Joe Penguin All-Natural Penguin SPITô Cocktail and play with your friends tonight!

Of course this all depends on what three folks end up on the Local Council, and if I am one of them.

The Rule as it stands today

Keep, Coup, or Kill?


I. Thou Shalt Not Spam
Fundamental Rule: Don't spam. Spamming is bad. It is the first rule for a reason.

Keep it!

Spam is yucky!

II. Thou Shalt Type No Other Languages Before English
Fundamental Rule: Posts on the Regional Message Board must be in English, or include an English translation.

Keep it!

Google might your friend,
but he might not be mine.
Do the work yourself.

III. Thou Shalt Not Ask for Endorsements nor Recruit on the RMB
Fundamental Rule: Donít ask for people to endorse you on the Regional Message Board. Donít ask for people to move to another region.

Keep it!

No. Just No.

IV. Thou May Roleplay Here
Fundamental Rule: Roleplay on the Regional Message Board, but do not break any other rules. If you're feeling nice or your roleplay is a bit niche or particularly nation driven, please consider taking your roleplaying to Knowhere or Psomewhere Over The Rainbow.

Keep it!

The whole game is roleplay.
(just don't be a d-bag)

V. Thou Shalt Not Multi-Post
Fundamental Rule: Donít post on the Regional Message Board twice or more in a row.

V. Thou Shalt Wait Thy Turn
Fundamental Rule: Donít post again until someone else has, or 20 minutes have passed.
And no, the first post in a series shall not be suppressed, so folks can use EDIT to fix their whoopsie daisies.

Coup it!

It's just good manners!

VI. Thou Shalt Not Violate Othersí Privacy
Fundamental Rule: Donít reveal other playersí personal information.

Keep it!

Sorry but we have a "No Doxxing" policy, Karen!

VII. Thou Shalt Not Troll, Bait, or Flame
Fundamental Rule: Trolling, baiting or flaming of others is not allowed under any circumstances.

Keep it!

You Shall Not Pass!

VIII. Thou Shalt Obey the Rules of NationStates
Fundamental Rule: No matter where you are in NationStates, the rules for the game still apply.


IX. Thou Shalt Not Post Inappropriate Things
Fundamental Rule: Donít post anything that would not be allowed in a PG-13 movie.

Keep it!

Don't be ewwww!

X. Thou Shalt Quote as the Quotee Intended
Fundamental Rule: Do not edit someone's post in a malicious way or repost offensive content.

Keep it!

How rude!

XI. Thou Shalt Use Spoilers
Fundamental Rule: Use spoilers when making or quoting a very long post.

Keep it!

Build bridges, not text walls

XII. Thou Shalt Respect Everyone
Fundamental Rule: The golden rule: treat others how you want to be treated.

Keep it!

disagree without vapid wankering

XIII. Thou Shalt Not Post Images
Fundamental Rule: If your post is simply an emoticon or the equivalent, it's going to be suppressed.

Kill it!

Done well: convey tone and emotion.
Done poorly: spam (see rule I)

XIV. Thou Shalt Post Substantive Content
Fundamental Rule: Single word or similarly short posts are not appreciated on the RMB.

Kill it!

Absurd rule.
-Answer to the Ultimate Question
of Life, the Universe, and Everything?

XV. Thou Shalt Roleplay Well
Fundamental Rule: Put effort and thought into your roleplaying posts.

Kill it!

Rule IV exists

See the Volaworand 2020: Campaign Blog for all the latest campaign news

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