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Fixed Names are Symptomatic of the Fascist Abusiveness of this "Game"

“That makes as much sense as putting a spike on steering wheels to get people to drive more carefully!” shouts Eugene Houseman, a junior town planner, heaving a hefty box of documents onto your desk. “According to these studies, by the Ministry of Transport itself, so-called ‘traffic calming’ measures actually increase accidents. Instead, we need to allow high speeds to be safe: that is, remove blind spots, and rebuild the city to allow for wide straight roads. It’s the evidence-based approach.”

Eugene Houseman.

This game is run by fascist stalkers. The other "random" names fluctuate naturally if I delete the log-in cookies and log back in. This one doesn't. It's pre-fixed server-side like the first names are. It's been set manually to be exactly what it is.

People are not supposed to notice things like this. I understand: we're supposed to be obediently hostile to decent behavior like the developers of the game are. We're supposed to conceal our hatreds and find ways to try to hurt people while denying that we're doing it. We're supposed to be secretly enraged at the idea that the fully reciprocal ethic could ever advance; we're not supposed to stand for compassion and try to bring forward a more honorable society.

The lack of integrity in fiction contributed to the rise of a hateful society. NationStates needs an open-source off-line clone very badly, because an open-source off-line clone will no longer serve the "interests" of joyless authoritarian abusers. It won't give them the opportunity to force abuses into the game or observe how the game is being played. Fascist is not too strong a word; it is common among tyrannical regimes that every fiction of the public should be watched intensely for signs of dissidence wherever they may arise. A society without integrity in fiction becomes a society without integrity in fact. To serve integrity in fiction, we need to ensure that people have privacy in their fictions, and are not judged for their thoughts alone. People need the right to think about counterfactuals unmolested.

We won't see an open-source off-line clone of this game. I understand. There's something that they could easily do to improve the world, but the developers are content to remain fascistic and are glad to see society degrade accordingly. They would rather pretend that anyone who wants them to not be rude authoritarians is a rude authoritarian.