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The Bicolor With a Crest in the Middle Gang

Bicolor With a Crest in the Middle Gang

Hey you! Welcome to the official dispatch of the BWCM Gang! Don't know what the BWCM Gang means? Look at the title. No one asked for this, it just happened. We don't know either.

This entire dispatch was inspired by one quote!

St Scarlett wrote:Look at this bicolour with crest in the middle gang

Anywho, allow me to explain the BWCM Gang to ya. At its core, it's a joke. Nothing more. In order to be in the gang, your flag must be a bicolor with a crest in the middle. It's fairly self explanatory...

Being a member of this gang means absolutely nothing other than being part of an inside joke. Hahahaha, aren't we the funniest people. Anywho, here's the roster.

*Note that this dispatch isn't necessarily comedic, just more of an inside joke. Although, it does use a bit of dry wit and sarcasm, which may or may not be funny to you. Who knows.*


Above is the flag of Poland-Kaliningrad: the Polish Bicolor with an intricate Seal and Crest in the middle. A bit complicated, but it meets the rules and looks good.


Here, we have the beautiful and elegant flag of Elisabethshagen. The design is simple, effective, uses good color combinations, and meets the requirements of the BWCM gang.


The flag shown here is that of Anskerdank. It utilizes simple imagery and symbolism, while staying unique, and utilizing a good color palette. Of course, it has a crest in the middle. Duh...


This is the flag of Alienage, an honorary member of the BWCM Gang. The flag is simple, effective, and is not Burkina Faso. I think...


This is the flag of Eurasies, another honorary member of the BWCM Gang. An excellent group of colors, paired with a cool Coat of Arms equals... good flag. Eh, I like it anyways, I can't speak for anyone else though.


The above flag is that of Eritei, an honorary member of the BWCM Gang. As you can clearly see here, Eritei is on a completely different level than the rest of the members, for their flag does not feature one Coat of Arms, but two. The colors are beautiful, the crests are spectacular, and as Animal Farm put it best: "One crest good, two crests better." Or something like that...

Want to join the BWCM Gang? Have a flag that's a bicolor with a crest in the middle and you'll be here. However, I have to have permission to use your flag, and you have to be in Europe or a region that has an embassy with Europe