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History of Lansaka

1843: A tribe called Lafa is founded.
1854: The Great Famine almost kills the Lafas.
1876: The land the Lafas live on is annexed by Zahana and is named Lansaka.
1900: A great civil war breaks out in Zahana over Lansaka's quest for independence.
1939: The war finally ends, and Lansaka is free.
1978: Jake Gyrod becomes dictator of Lansaka.
2000: Zahana is destroyed by bubonic plague that cannot survive on Lansaka's land.
2006: The nation of the Zahana Islands is formed.
2020: The Zahana Islands accidentally bombs itself and thousands of survivors flee to Lansaka. Jake Gyrod declares a national state of emergency due to COVID-19. Jake Gyrod is shot in the eye by Jonathan Duron. Gregory Husef becomes leader of Lansaka and it enters a very dark time. Gregory Husef forces everyone inside their homes, arresting everyone that leaves for "attempting to spread COVID-19." Gregory Husef is shot in the nose by WA official Kura Orangojuta. Jonathan Duron becomes leader of Lansaka and undoes some of Husef's changes and explains how he has always hated Husef. Jonathan Duron cancels the law forcing people inside and makes a speech about COVID-19. Duron is kidnapped and killed by King Barry of Maxtopia. Dianne Dawson is elected President. Rodney Gyrod is made Acting President until Dawson's inauguration.