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Overview of British Biafra

Hello, I'm David Miller, the official historian of British Biafra and I'm going to tell you about the history of British Biafra.

British Biafra is a country In the South Coast of the United Kingdom. It is known for its large coal mining industry and Cultural Richness. It has 25 metropolitical counties and 15 non-metropolitical counties.
The country is Led by their current monarch King George Winston Alexander-Stuart V and has a very active parliament with the Prime Minister Mrs Mary Mountbatten.
The name British Biafra means citizens of the nation are all British people who have Biafran/Southern Nigerian Origin. The country was formed during a period famously known as the "Greatest Migration" as the British Biafrans kept moving to the south coast of England and eventually gaining control over the territories there. Then one of the bloodiest wars happened in 1907 called the "The Great British War" with The leader of the movement for secession HRBBM David. Then after 5 years of the Bloody War, the British Army surrendered and applauded the Late King David for having put together a very strong military to fight off all of Britain's best soldiers. From there the history begins a period of riots in the south, following a very good and peaceful time to be in the Nation, then 2 Monarchs A Queen and a King assassinated, Then 2 years of a terrible economic recession, and the crowning of a monarch considered the best monarch British Biafra has ever seen.