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36 Hangunates of Magarat - A List of Magarati Cities

01. Dhulabari

Map of Dhulabari

Hangate: Koch Hangate

Hangunma of Dhulabari: Anita Lakada

Settled: c.??? BCE

Population: 18K

Historical Gun: Dhulabari Gun

Primary Culture: Kisan (Argean Ipachi)

Primary Religion: Sarnaism Sect of Oelasthiriasi Protacism, Christianity (Nyssic Presbyterian Church and San Montagnan Catholicism)

Major Companies: Lakada Bank

Number of Bahas: 21

Important Clans: Lakada, Dhulabari Majhi

The arrival of Ancient Roendavarians in ???BCE forced the native Argean Ipachi tribes to merge into tribal confederations. One such tribal confederation were the Kisan-Jhangad. This tribal confederation was pushed into the Koch plains by the invaders and the Kisan-Jhangad established their new settlements here. Dhulabari, founded in ???BCE, was one such settlement.

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