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by The Constitutional Monarchy of Joaland. . 22 reads.

Joaland Genocide

Injustice in Creatopia

Joaland's parliament and The Joaland Monarch State cannot condemn these actions no longer, we would want to file a case to the International Court of Justice here in Creatopia againstNeos Helios' act of genocide of '' only '' 12 Million people and rebels, some even neutral citizens of the community or some were simply workforce doing their jobs, killed on spot by this gruesome and horrifying genocide. I demand a reply from the Creatopia Officials soon.

The parliament is and monarch is enraged of these actions done by Neos Helios and are pleading for the Creatopian Officials to bring back justice to these lost souls and to not let this issue past. These actions are nothing but gruesome and disgusting, shame on Neos Helios. I demand harsh consequences if the case is won, this is cruelty of human rights and shall not be condemned by any nation.