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by The Dominion of Drystar. . 112 reads.

Drystarís First and only Official campaign

Greetings, Iím assuming if youíre reading this, you havenít been hanging around the rmb for any number of years, and donít actually know me. Thatís fine, Iím happy to fill you in.

Iím what is considered an old timer by game standards. Iíve been in TSP since the very founding of this nation, and have never felt a great desire to wander off to other regions. TSP has always had a home feel to it, what with our llamas cavorting, the lampshade flinging, and the consumption of SPIT.

Iím sure both Tsunamy, and the CRSís are going to want to know if I have any conflicts of interests. Happily for all involved, I can make it simple for you. I have not now, or at any time had any other nations, puppets, or ties to other regions. One nation seems to work pretty well for me.

Iím not going to make any grandiose promises. Those never seem to work for the people that make them, and Iím not that energetic. What I will do if elected is listen to everyone. Oh sure, I may not agree with you, but the rmb belongs to everyone, and I think you have both the right and obligation to use it. The only things I canít stand are trolls, bullies, and arbitrarily made rules. So if you donít fit into those categories, you and I will be good.