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by The Theocracy of The High and Papal Parky of Parkguiness. . 59 reads.

Penguin Coup!

Hello all. I am Pope Penguin I, ruler of my nation and the church of penguin. i have been serving the penguin cabal with honour!!! and pure loyalty.

But now it is time for the penguin coup of 2020! The 2019 coup was a temporary one, this one...... is for ever! >:D

ooops, ummmm, no we are not couping, no no not at all, you heard nothing 😳

*quietly tiptoes away to get Volaworand to invent memory wiping!*

(Bear the flag or i steal your bucket hat (🔥_🔥)
Why am I running?

To serve honourably among the local council to coup tsp for queen Penguin pies! i meant to..... cool tsp for penguins so they dont overheat yes.!

i am running because everbody loves me!!! right?


*sobs in the bath tub*

Moving on swiftly

What will I do?

- coup tsp for queen penguin pies
- moderate the rmb well and legally... unless you bribe me 🤑
i mean you cant bribe me (please do!!! <_<)))
- i will make do polls and restrict voting to PENGUINS 🐧
- give everyone pocket penguins! seriously who doesnt want one
- i will ban mondays!!!
- ill create penguin games!
- i shall welcome people into the south penguin
- llamas will be made into pies
- penguin coup! 😈

What differences do i have to my opponents?
Well, not much, but I am the stupidest, ugliest, and clumsiest candidate...


Why ahould you vote for me?

Questions and answers

Conflict of interest

The High and Papal Parky of Parkguiness was founded by Proctethia, who shared it's password with The great parkguinius. He did this because he wanted parky to make another nation as his previous had been banned by moderators <_< (shhh!)

The Great Parkguiniys owns no other nation
Proctethia owns the following:

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