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Melicorium For Local Soviet Member! (July 2020 LC Campaign)

The plundering capitalists are crying
Worker, do you not hear it?
The victims of the Kraken are are shrieking
Worker, do you not hear it?
They cry from their joy of tyranny
Their hunger for power, you can clearly see
These actions are simply very sick
Theyíre against you and the South Pacific!

Workers and peasants, form your battalions
Fight for equality now!
Letís clean up the mess left by the corrupt tyrants
The red star will radiate now!
If we shall complete the revolution
And ensure equality for all
Rise up from your slumber and please meditate on
Voting for LC Melicorium!

I am Stan Melix, Chairperson of the United Socialist States of America Melicorium, and I am campaigning for a position in the Union of Southern Socialist Republics South Pacific Local Soviet Council (LC).

About Me
-I first joined NationStates back in June 2016 as Melicoria. However, I was not very active on that nation, so I let it CTE.
-I created my main nation, Melicorium, in February 2020.
-Despite my nation age, I have become an active member of the TSP community, posting on both the RMB and Discord.
-I like to participate in discussions, and sometimes might even start one myself.
-I also like to do roleplay. Itís just... fun.
-This probably wonít matter to you, but some of Melicoriumís political attributes include being democratic socialist, leftist, egalitarian, libertarian, environmentalist, anti-capitalist, anti-fascist, and anti-imperialist.
-I may or may not be a mourning dove.

What I Will Do
-During the past LC term, I have gotten to know the Regional Message Board (RMB) rules and etiquette well. My friend Proctethia, who was one of the previous Local Soviet Members Councillors, has done a great job moderating the RMB and suppressing posts as such. I will maintain this good practice in order to keep the RMB clean and healthy.
-Another thing Proctethia has done is send out friendly greetings to new nations. I have sometimes assisted him in doing so, and I plan on continuing to greet new nations.
-I will continue to be an active member of the RMB and Discord, promoting and engaging in friendly discussion and roleplay.
-I am sick and tired of Aupheliaís horrendous, self-centric, and egotistic polls. If Auphelia gets elected as an LC (which she definitely will), I promise to beat her to poll-making to make polls that will actually let the NationStates community know more about each other. Even if Auphelia is not elected, I will still make better polls than her.
-I will protect innocent nations from imperialist tyrants ó even if it has to be by force.
-I will burn the cans and bottles of every ripoff of South Pacific Iced Tea (SPIT). Looking at you, Briteannia...

-Basically, I will make The South Pacific a more fun and welcoming place.

What I Agree With My Opponents On
-Rules XIV and XV (ban on one-word posts and roleplay without dialogue), and possibly the revision of Rule V (ban on double instead of triple posting), have served their purpose of curbing spam on the RMB, and that players should be allowed to do all of the aforementioned things again, so that there can be more freedom of posting on the RMB.
-Auphelia, however, is against legalizing double posting again. Fortunately, I and most of my opponents want to bring it back.

Why I Am Better Than My Opponents
-I am generally more engaged in RMB discussion than my opponents, as well as even the previous term's LCs. (At least, I think...)

This list compares Melicorium's, the other July 2020 Local Council candidates', and current LCs' number of posts in The South Pacific, how long ago was their last TSP RMB post on Page 1 of the RMB search, and how long ago was their last TSP RMB post on Page 50 (or first-ever TSP RMB post) of the RMB search.

Please not that the statistics are likely not a good representation of each player's engagement on the RMB, as they can post a different amount of posts each day, and at different times each day.

As of about 11:50 PM UTC on 29 July, 2020:


RMB posts in TSP

End of Page 1

End of Page 50 (or earliest post)



8 days ago

1 year, 66 days ago



9 hours ago

291 days ago

Imperial Dodo


5 days ago

6 days ago



69 days ago (nice)

69 days ago (nice)



1 day, 5 hours ago

118 days ago

The high and papal parky of parkguiness


21 days ago

23 days ago



1 day, 20 hours ago

1 year, 182 days ago



19 hours ago

58 days ago



22 hours ago

225 days ago

Western Fardelshufflestein


21 hours ago

70 days ago (nice)

Concrete Slab


14 days ago

230 days ago



25 days ago

99 days ago



2 days, 10 hours ago

66 days ago



6 hours ago

37 days ago

Read dispatch

-Briteannian ripoff SPIT brands are horrible.

Reasons you might NOT want to vote for Melicorium:
-I like every single RMB post that doesnít need a suppression, so expect your notices to be flooded.
-You never know when I will take something as a joke or not. Proctethia and Laamiva know this well.
-I will hastily interfere if youíre an autocracy and you try to take over small, innocent nations.
-If you force me onto a boat to fall in love with another male, I will bring hellfire onto you. Looking at you, Proctethia and Laamiva... >:(

I apologize to Volaworand for my pretitle.


Proctethia wrote:Hello! I'd like to ask you some questions about your LC campaigns. Please note that these may be answered in your campaign dispatches already, but these few questions aren't meant to be specific for anybody.

1. Why are you running for LC?

2. What are your stances on double posting and roleplay?

3. Are you able to adapt to situations, or, to serve among those you'd rather not?

4. Do you have any 'big' plans for your term, if you suceed?

5. What sets you apart from the other candidates?

6. What experience do you have (if any)?

7. Cake or Pie?

Thank you for your time.

1. I've greeted new TSPers and pointed out rule-breakers so many times that I want to suppress said rule-breaking posts already, and that I want to use my own greeting (instead of yours) already. I am also already an engaged member of the TSP community.

2. BRING BACK DOUBLE POSTING! I still don't like triple posting, though.
Roleplay is a perfectly good, fun part of our community. However, it should still go to our roleplay regions, Knowhere and Psomewhere Over the Rainbow, if it becomes excessive, or if it is simply two new nations nuking each other or whatnot. I also support the abolishment of Rule XV, as stated above.

3. I am able to exploit most situations to suit my needs, as well as the needs of others.

4. I will try to dominate Auphelia in poll-making. Towards the end of my term, I also plan a Socialist coup.

5. I have been pointing out rule-breaking posts ever since I became active on the RMB, and summoning the LC to suppress them. As stated above, I have come to know the RMB rules well. Not important, but I seem to be the only truly Socialist candidate this eleciton.

6. See the first two sentences of my response to the fifth question.

7. What kind of nonsense is this? ICE CREAM IS CLEARLY SUPERIOR!
*Eats Nestle Drumstick cone*
*Proudly waves Amerionian flag*
(Not related, but WA members, remember to endorse Amerion if you haven't already!)

Kerlodia wrote:Question fer other LC candidates:
What is one flaw you have people should know?

As stated above, whether I take something as a joke or as serious is totally random.
I also don't like it when someone interrupts a roleplay I'm in without my consent.
Both of those can lead to me getting angry - like, really angry.

North Prarie wrote:What is your ideal RMB?

What is your view on RMB RP?

What makes you fit to govern the RMB?

Do you support gameside representation in the Cabinet?

How active are you offsite? (forums, discord)

Would you support abolishing the LC? Would you support restructuring it?

Do you think that Cabinet members should be required to be active on the RMB?

Do you think that LCers should be required to be Legislators?

What is your view on Defenderism?

-An RMB that is active and is full with friendly discussion, but at least is not full of rule-breaking posts, trolls, and spammers.

-As stated above, it is an extremely normal, fun part of the RMB community. It should still go to Knowhere or Psomewhere Over the Rainbow if it gets too much, though.

-Also as stated above, I know the rules well, and I have been calling out rule-breakers for the LC to suppress ever since I became active on the RMB.

-Of course! There are different communities on different platforms, but we are still one TSP.

-I am quite active on the Discord. I never go to the forums, tough.

-No, and no. The LC is perfectly fine the way it is.

-I do not think so, since they need their own time to do their Cabinet stuff.

-I do not think so, either. LC's need their own time to accomplish their own things, too.

-Defenderism is the righteous ideology. Protect regional sovereignty around the multiverse!
*Spits and stomps on the flag of The Black Hawks*
Also, screw Fascism!
*Spits and stomps on the flag of Nazi Germany*

FiHami wrote:1. Do you believe that there is anything us as the cabinet can do to make regional government more accessible and transparent to gamesiders? Do you believe there even is the need for this? Why or why not?

If you are talking about gamesiders being able to get into the regional government easier, then of course. We need to hear the voices of the various people of TSP!
If you are talking about the actions of the regional government being publicly known, then I support that, too. South Pacificans should be able to have their opinion on government actions -- if they like what the government has been doing, and is showing their full support, then good. If the government has been acting corrupt in the people's eyes, and they want to see action done, then the people's voices should be heard. As such, I think there is a need for government transparency.

Saint Cinder wrote:Say that Amerion fellow is questioning your reign as a perfect Local Councillor. What torture/tactic would you use to put him in his place?

Why would he ever do that? I'm one of his favorite minions! ^_^

Shangyuen wrote:Similar Question:
What torture/tactic would you use to put Saint Cinder in his place if he calls you a heathen?

I'm going to show him that he's the heathen for heavily revering the plague known as "religion" by firing my trusty durian gas mortar shells at him.

How Can I Help?
You can support my campaign in a few easy steps:
1. Change your flag to this image:
2. If you have unlocked a custom nation classification (that is, if your population is 500 million or over), change it to "MELICORIUM FOR LOCAL SOVIET".
3. Pledge that you will never force me onto a boat to have a homosexual relationship.

Thanks For Reading!
Thank you for reading me, Chairman Melix's Melicorium's campaign. If you want a better, more Socialist workers' paradise with free hugs more enjoyable TSP RMB community, please support my campaign for a position in the Local Soviet Council.

Oh, one more thing.
Isn't that right, Supreme Leader Amerion?


Conflict of Interest:

Strikethrough indicates nations which I plan to let cease to exist.

Nations (in order of founding):
-Melicorium (One of my two main nations; the South Pacific)
-Jehovahs Witneses
-Fascist antarctica
-Soviet-socialist republics-
-The Weekly Pedian
-New Melicorium (One of my two main nations; Inferno Stellaria)
-Oxalic Acid
-Uss border control
-Hya Minion Melix
-Melicorium Ministry of Foreign Affairs

Foot soldier regiments:
-MNA 1st Infantry Regiment to MNA 50th Infantry Regiment
-MNA 1st Special Forces Regiment to MNA 25th Special Forces Regiment
-MNN 1st Naval Infantry Regiment to MNN 15th Naval Infantry Regiment
-MNAF 1st Airborne Forces Regiment to MNAF 10th Airborne Forces Regiment

Tira 292b Organisms (from Biblaridion's Alien Biospheres series):
-Every nation whose name begins with "Tira" (eg. Tira Actatheria, Tira Xerostraca)

Permanent occupation forces:
-Permanent Occupation Force 1

Shared nations:
-The TSP Local Council
-Supreme Council of Regional Overlords
-SPSF Tidal Force

Roles in other regions:
-Melicorian Puppets (no longer exists)
*Melicorium (Founder)
-Ezekiluwa (no longer exists)
*Ezekiluwa (Founder)
-Panceltic Federation
*Panceltica (Founder)
*Ezekiluwa (Regional officer)
*New Melicorium (Regional officer)
*Melix (Founder)
-Purple Hyacinth
*Ezekiluwa (Regional officer)
-Inferno Stellaria
*New Melicorium (Internal Affairs staff, Cultural Affairs staff, Praetor of Internal Affairs)
-The Flowerpot
*Oxalic Acid (Regional officer)
-United Socialist States of America
*Melicoria (Founder)
*USS Border Control (Regional officer)

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