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Big Dispatch of Nations for page 10k

(Sorry if you were mentioned, but you were important to this region!)
Vooperia, Nekinn, Marxist Germany, Vooperian Paradise, Dabberwocky, Voopmont, Beatitas, The New United Socialist Random Empire, Cevlaia, Swedish countryBytestormia, Aquaevia, Shipgod, Kerbal Kind, Noyy, The Flyin, The Great Imperator Jeffrey, The Japanese Americans, Alterae, The Hellcatian Empire, The Peoples Front of Darunia, Kongsburg, Holemanaina, United planets cosmos,Rodelnia, The Perfect Abyss, Coryanhafflaruda, Germany-Austria, BJMShaw, Aidviet Union, UPC Separatists, Gocian Mercenaries, Trucc land, Vasquescas, Echolodia, Greater Siberia-Mongolia, Sol and surrounding areas, Wunderlightia, Yamstan, The Almighty Space Dragons, Mintest, New terre, Seanadia, The Narwhalian Republic of the North, Antarcticas Penguins, Neo gyelidor, The empire of balestria, Canncerville ;), Molibdenium, Fallen Vooperia city, The new empire of bigboom, Flexa, Neote, Riptaria, Free Neuferialis, New Anovia, The Furry Commune, Empire of Dunist, Belke, John Republic, Velion, Aaonea, Voopiria, MCnL ltd, Propagandistan, Zedeshia, Federated Communes of Cygnus X-1, CommunistChina, Amuarita, GreatEuropa, Mr crabs needs his money, Pantorrum, Yagasthellen, Colendia, National Federation, Walmart vooperia, Celtic national socialist party CNSP, Tankoslavia, Pee pee hard, The Saiyan Empire, Proxy-Scae, Saltrudad, Zexar, The vooperian ssr, Melonya, The Grot Empire, Wooloo-land, Orasil, Kese world, Chubbiestness, Cadnbaland, Drasiliskia, Tiezon, Gamzium, Gamzium, Lolington, Sernatiao, Isaiahisland, Weschenburg, The firewall, Terraria, Oklanasia, Of monroe, Splontia, Shang dow dynasty, Deutsch-kommunist, Neo pototo empire, The Cicero Republic,