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LCN | Citizen Services

The Republic of the League of Conservative Nations
Office of the Consulate and Intelligence Agency
Citizen Services


  • Obtaining Citizenship

  • Rules of Citizenship

  • Citizenship Aid and Resources

Obtaining Citizenship:

This document is a State Sponsored policy for the Consulate and Intelligence Agency to allow for recorded and smooth immigration and integration into the League of Conservative Nations, especially in light of the administration's new policies. The below sections will supply information to those unsure about LCN policy or those seeking to gain citizenship. This document is subject to change at the discretion of the Consulate and Defence Administration in co-ordinance.
Citizenship Application:

The Citizenship Application is a form of information that one must fill out to gain (or retain if requested) citizenship. In the spoilier below, the individual answered fields can be found.

Application Date:

Nation Names:

Notable Aliases/Nicknames:

Previous Nations in LCN (if applicable):

Previous Regions:

Preferred Time(s) for Interview Examination:

The application is to be telegrammed to the following people when submitted, preferably at once: Quebecshire, Eminople, Terranihil, The New Fandom Republic and Spode Humbled Minions. Following your application, you will be called in for your examination to complete proceedings if your application is approved.

When a citizenship application is documented, if it was done properly, the applicant will be eligible for the Citizenship Interview Examination, a six question citizenship test conducted over Discord to finalize their status.

The Citizenship Interview Examination is composed of three categories. There are two questions per category (six total) and the maximum allowed of incorrect answers is one per category. If this is reached before the end of the test, the exam will be concluded prematurely. Re-tests may be scheduled at any time. The categories are listed as follows.

  • Constitutional Law

  • Regional History and Culture

  • Regional Institutions

Key Material:

Links to key material for the Interview Examination will be listed below with their corresponding category. Remain mindful that this includes but may not entirely limit topics on the exam.

Rules of Citizenship:

Below are listed rules formalized by the Consulate and Intelligence Agency regarding citizenship and immigration policy, mandated by Council of the Republic Law One.

  • Citizens possess rights and abilities superior to non-citizens, per the Constitution.

  • Leaving the region forfeits citizenship. Exceptions to this may be made if it can be reasonably proven that the departure was accidental, this is to Consulate and LCNIA discretion.

  • Those in high offices may not possess citizenship in foreign regions for non-officially sanctioned reasons. High offices are defined as Consul of the Republic, Council Delegate, Director of Foreign Affairs, Director of the Defense Administration, General of the Armed Forces, Director of the Intelligence Agency, Chief of the League's Police Force. This does not apply simple residency or the placement of a puppet elsewhere, however, if there suspicion or ambiguity surrounding that placement, removal or clarification may be requested.

  • All citizens who are members of the World Assembly must endorse the Director of Foreign Affairs, per CRL#16.

  • These rules may be edited as deemed necessary by the Consulate and Intelligence Agency within the mandates of the Constitution and CRL#1.

Citizenship Aid and Resources:

  • For matters relating to questions about regional law or other rules, contact the Consuls of the Republic.

  • For matters relating to legislation, contact a Council Delegate.

  • For matters relating to regional security, contact the Consuls of the Republic and Director of the Defense Administration.

  • For matters relating to World Assembly proposals and resolutions or business with other regions, contact the Director of Foreign Affairs.

  • For matters relating to moderation, contact the Chief of the League's Police Force. Please note it may also be wise to contact the Consuls of the Republic if it is by any means a concerning or imminent issue.

This is a formal State sanctioned document and abusing it or lying on the applications within it will be considered a fraudulent act against LCN law which is punishable in the Court of the State.