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Miscellaneous Quotes

<Acario> it is Drasnia's job to sh*t in people's cheerios

Ransium: 911 is my worst ranked issue Iíve edited
Ransium: 777 is my second worst
Ransium: I shouldnít edit your issues

The Atlae Isles: I'm repealing Commend Drasnia rn because of that despicable heist
Noahs Second Country: petition for Drasnia to become an evil card farmer
The Atlae Isles: Drasnia is Koem Kab confirmed

Separatist Peoples: Being an idiot should be a warnable offense. Alas.
Drasnia: if that were true I'd be DOS
Separatist Peoples: Wow that's almost flamebait lol. Not because you did anything wrong but because there is basically no response to that statement that isn't problematic.
Separatist Peoples: You earn a medal