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Baloo’s Disunited States of America Episode I: Fracture

Chapter 1

January 25, 2035

BREAKING NEWS: A Nation in Pieces
After the damaging presidency of former President, JoJo Siwa, the United States of America had been separated, ending the 170 years of union since the end of the Civil War. All 50 former U.S. states have become their own independent countries. It is uncertain what the future will hold for the states but we’ll just have too see. We will be following this story from the state of our headquarters, Massachusetts. This has been Nasha Bliss, signing off.

March 8, 2037

BREAKING NEWS: A Future for the States?
Since I started reporting on this story back in 2035, many important events have occurred. Many of the former U.S. states have become to unionize and form larger countries, the first being the N.U.S.A. (New United States of America). Many other states have been rumored to be connected to each other, especially the states near the Great Lakes and the states of the far West. On a slightly different topic, Alaska has signed documents that join them with the existing country of Canada, and Hawaii has been annexed by Japan.

September 15, 2040


Walter was a quiet 17 year old boy, who loved to bike. He was still in Junior High when the U.S.A was dissolved, and when his state of Nevada had become an independent country. He could remember the U.S.A., back he was young. The freedoms, the union, and the great democracy. But now, that was gone. As Walter was walking up the sidewalk one night, he heard something coming from a nearby neighborhood house. The sound was faint, but firm. He was curious about the noise so he promptly chased it. His senses lead him to an empty home, the T.V. still on. It was if whoever lived there left in a rush. When he entered that newly abandoned house that night in Nevada, his life would be changed for the, well, worse. As he was leaving, something seemed to pull him to the television, in all its holographic glory. He swiftly turned and came face to face with the weapons of a Californian Armed Troop.

Chapter 2

In shock from the encounter, Walter bolted out the wide-open door out of he house and proceeded to sprint down the street. The soldiers proceeded to follow him. Walter ran to a Nevada Park he knew and began to pick up rocks he found, in a feeble attempt to attack the approaching troops. He began to rapidly throw the stones at the enemy, with no avail. Eventually, one hit a soldier, and with a clank, the soldier stumbled slightly. Walter then realized something, he had seen soldiers like this on T.V. before. They were robotic! This gave Walter an idea. He began to change course and headed towards the nearby Salt Lake. When he got there, he realized the flaw of his plan, there were no boats for him to escape in. He expected some sort of motorboat to be there, maybe even an old one from the 2010s. Suddenly, a energy burst was fired above his head. This, he soon learned, was a warning shot. He turned around with his hands up to see the disappointing appearance of all three Californian troops. A robotic voice emitted from where the mouth on the cybertroop should have been, it said, “IN THE NAME OF THE GREATER CALIFORNIA REPUBLIC, YOU HAVE BECOME A PRISONER OF WAR”. War? Walter hadn’t heard of any ongoing wars, but then again, he hadn’t been able to watch the news for a while, not being able to afford a holo-T.V. Walter uttered a compliant, “Yes”, to answer the cybertroop. The soldiers then began to cuff his wrists and take him with them. Nevada had been taken.

Chapter 3


Walter was guided to a temporary metal holding paddywagon. As he stepped into it, he felt a chill down his spine. This was not how he expected to end the day. He heard his footsteps on the cold metal floor as he moved to the back and sat down. He was the only one there, and he figures that he was one of the last people in the city. Provided for him was a single pillow and blanket, which he promptly placed on the cot attached to the wall. He laid down on the cot and closed his eyes. Walter woke up to the clank of the metal paddywagon door hitting the ground. He woke up and was escorted to a massive building. The were words on the building that read, “L.A. Judiciary Committee”. Two human guards opened the door to the building and motioned to the cybertroop to hand Walter over. The two guards then led him to a courtroom filled with a jury, judge, and a couple Nevadan locals, some of which he recognized. They all had one thing in common, they were known for violent outbursts, or short tempers. He figured that he was brought here because he refused to originally comply with the cybertroops. The judge tapped his wood mallet on his wood block, signaling silence. Walter was surprised that judges still used such old methods. The case went on for about an hour, and the ruling was made that Walter and the others on trial would serve 3 weeks in Californian prison, if they became official California citizens. Walter and the others accepted the terms, and so, Walter became a Californian citizen.

Chapter 4

It had been 3 weeks since Walter had been sentenced to prison, and today was the day he would be released. He anticipated the retreat in which he promised himself to realize the sweet enjoyment of partaking in the midst of his new fellow citizens. A guard tapped on the door to the electronic cell, signaling that he was coming into the cell to retrieve him. Walter us never been to prison before, and he just about had enough of it. The guard walked him to a desk at the front of the prison and had him sign a few papers that would finalize his release. Walter swiftly signed them and was released about a minute later. As he walked out the large door of the prison, he felt the warm California breeze on his face. It was like Nevada’s, but slightly less dry in a way. Walter was given a bus ticket to get him back to his house in Nevada (now The Greater California Republic). The drive was long, and it was afternoon when he got there. Surprisingly, nothing had been stolen from his parents old house, for Walter was an orphan. His parents passed away in a car accident back in 2033. He entered his home and began to tidy up things he hadn’t cleaned 3 weeks prior. He sat down and turned on his really old flatscreen T.V., to watch the news. He figured he might as well watch the news given that neglecting to do so before, had led to his arrest. He opened the Universal Television Application on his flatscreen SmartT.V. and used his “primitive” voice recognition remote to find a news channel. He opened the news channel and found out what had happened in the three weeks he was in prison. Texas has declared war on The Greater California Republic.

End of Episode I