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Government of Bluecrown Keep (OUTDATED)

Government of Bluecrown Keep


The Following is a Master Dispatch detaliling the Government of the Confederation of Bluecrown Keep as outlined in our Rules and Guidelines.


Royal Officials





His Majesty King Dom of Dominioan

Head of State of The Royal Confederation

Crown Prince

His Majesty Prince Dom of New dominioan

Heir to the Throne of the Royal Confederation

Prime Minister

Sir Augustus Octavian of Plus Nova Imperii

Head of Government of the Royal Confederation

Deputy Prime Minister

Duke Baloo von Bruinwald of Baloo Kingdom

Deputy Prime Minister of the Royal Confederation

Ministers of the Council




Minister of State

Kirby Puyon of The Dream of Kirby

Appearance Officer of the Royal Confederation

Minister of Foreign Affairs

James Micheals of Ethical Anarchy

Embassy Officer or the Royal Confederation

Minister of The Press

Elise Narnius of Bluecrown Keep

Factbook Nation of the Royal Confederation

Minister of Defense

Soran Carver of Sorianora

Minister of Defense of the Royal Confederation

Junior Members of Blucrown Keep Government





Aarol Narnius of Bluecrown keep diplomat

Diplomatic Nation of the Royal Confederation

Private Secretary

Caesar von Bingen of Caesar Von Bingen

Private Secretary to the Government


Daddy Cowboy of Callmedaddystratton

Leads and Conducts Raids

The King is the Supreme Monarch and the executive head of the region. As the supreme head, the King has a few powers. They can propose Ministers, appoint the Supreme Justice, disband the Legisterium, choose who is in the Legisterium, and choose a Deputy Prime Minister. The other power position in the executive branch is the Prime Minister, who is elected every month and can serve unlimited terms. They approve all Ministerial selections, propose laws in emergency, head the Council, and can approve or disapprove Legisterium Laws. Their Deputy Prime Minister serves as the Kings voice to the PM, advising them and helping them. If the PM abdicates their position, the DPM takes it until the next election. The Ministers of the Council (Minister of State, Press, Foreign Affairs, Defense) head their departments and manage the region. The Leaders of Each Department can also appoint other Nations to Join their Department and aid them in their Work.


The legislative body is the Legisterium, which is made up of nations that apply to join it. They can either apply for the Magisterium, the upper house, or the Commons, the lower house. Those in the Commons can propose bills, which will then be scrutinized by the Magisterium. The Magisterium can add extra bits, remove parts, let it through, or send it back to the Commons. If a normal citizen has an idea for a law, then a Member of the Commons can propose it for them. The Legisterium can be disbanded any time by the King, at which laws can be proposed by the PM and approved by the King.


The entirety of the Judicial power is held by the Supreme Justice, appointed by the King. They serve as a decision maker, like a judge. There is no court but them, and only they make a decision over laws. In case of an unsure violation of regional law, the defendants and the persecutors will rest their cases to the Supreme Justice, who will then make a decision on which side will win. The Supreme Justice can also rule a passed law or amendment void due to moral or constitutional reasons. They are appointed forever until they resign or cease to exist.



Ethical Anarchy

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