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Fylkirvegr State of The Region Declaration Issue II

The Fylkirvegr Enchiridion


Hello, once again and we would like to congratulate ourselves and introduce you to another region full of ups, downs twists and turns and we are here! Our second State of The Region Declaration Issue! I am so happy to pack it out to all of you whether foreign envoys, or foreign ambassadors, this is the State of The Region Declaration!

We would like to celebrate the grand opening of the University of Fylkirvegr! We realized that not many nations know about Norse Mythology, its traditions and the language and a whole lot! So we as a region decided how would we allow Fylkirvegrian citizens to get accustomed to Nose Mythology, you know what I said? A university! This is a great way to educate citizens while they learn more of who we are as a region!

We are also waiting in anticipation for the Fylkirvegrian August Elections! Many nations are twirling to get those status and many such as Eleiterion, are putting their hearts out to be their desired roles! Isle of viterna and Eleiterion are fighting and talking their hearts out to win the Ministerial office for the Department of International Security! Boy, this will be one race!

We here at Fylkirvegr are so happy to unravel the many things that have been happening with our Government and we would like to showcase their talents to you as well as reveal the Commended Nation of The Month!

Our government has been doing spectacular stunts and tricks these days with the newest addition, Eleiterion, who has come to the region as an impersonation of deceased Hellenic army and boy... what an impact he has made! He has applied for citizenship, joined a State and is extremely promising! I can’t wait to see what he has unravelled to us in terms of government applications, he really was ambitious to take a Ministerial role within the regional government and is currently in the process!

We recently have appointed our new Minister of International Relations and Cooperation, Whithamia, he has been doing marvelous wonders to the region, even offering himself to be a Governor, and yes, he is also Governor of his State, Niflheim, congratulations to him! He has always wanted the best for the region and has always been someone to be eager in terms of regional government activity!

We would like to commend Bargio, as newly appointed Minister of Sports, Arts and Culture and also eager like Whithamia, has also become Governor of the State the nation wanted to be in, Midgard. He has served the Department of Sports, Arts and Culture and always wants the best for his Department! He has been planning the UFFA (Union of Fylkirvegrian Football Associations) Champions League very well and we are currently working on that a State should have a league, then the top four, three (via play-offs) or two advance to the UFFA Champions League (UCL). He is extremely creative and should be praised for his initiatives and hardwork!

We would also like to commend Lycadia for being the great leader he is to being appointed as Prime Minister and WA Delegate of Fylkirvegr! Putting his heart, time and effort into everything he did, and replaced Bizenia, our initial Prime Minister and WA Delegate that has ceased to exist unfortunately and had already put in such a world-wide mark to the region, was able fulfill the nation’s place as Prime Minister and boy ‘o boy did I make the right decision!

Bizenia’s flag; may it soar high in the sky for all Fylkirvegrians to see it and salute in honor of the brave Viking’s death to Helheim the nation went.

We would also like to praise the following as well:

  • Maleolithia Reborn -For making the RMB a positive interactive interface and environment for any newcomer to become fully reinstated within the region just in one day

  • The two Sicilis -For also making the RMB wonderful especially in a comedian-like way and is extremely entertaining! He always believed in an active region, oh and did he get what he wanted!

  • The Roman republic a -For being the first nation to ever join Fylkirvegr and at the time, always eager to participate in the very limited activities there was on offer and his belief in the great Old Norse region of Fylkirvegr

Commended Nation of The Month

We would like to praise and congratulate, Whithamia, as our commended nation of the month! I would like to commend him for his efforts in serving the Norse revolution by putting his time and patience in becoming the Minister of International Relations and Cooperation, I even asked him if he wanted to become a Governor, the nation said yes! I then asked him if he wanted to become an Immigration Commissioner, he said yes! These are those types of rare nations who have a lot to offer on the table and puts its hear on its sleeve in everything it does.

Especially doing all he can by issuing an ambassador for Enadia and its leader, God-King Rorschach and for having a very professional service and leadership. I would also like to say thanks to God-King Rorschach for his support and input is also very much appreciated. Please telegram Whithamia, and congratulate the nation, and also to endorse him if applicable to further salute his service!

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Embassy Portal

We have currently established embassies with Enadia and we are on the complete verge of utter consolidation. The region has supported us as a Norse region and we have consolidated true relations with them, not only attaining an ambassador, who it turns out to be the WA Delegate, The Republic of God-King Rorschach and in turn, have exchanged with Whithamia as ambassador that will send the region monthly updates. We are truly happy with this and we believe this will be beneficial for both parties.

We have also consolidated relations with the The Communist Bloc and our petition has been accepted! We can’t wait to start relations with them as they have allowed us to start embassies with them which is excellent considering how pain-free it was. Negotiations have now come to a close and we have gotten their favour and negotiations are successful!

We are also delighted with our current relations with Europeia, they have been very friendly to is and we have had no problems with them since the start, their FA Councillor, Kuramia, was extremely friendly and gave the region quite good advice!

We are currently negotiating with Force about opening a consulate, we did try to negotiate embassies, but unfortunately we were not successful, however, I am confident that we will come to an agreement. I will update you on the following weeks to come!

Kobe Bryant

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I grew up in Southern California, a child of the Lakers, a child of “Showtime.” The team defined Los Angeles. They were Los Angeles. They even played in a structure modeled after the Colosseum in Rome. They showed that building a lot on TV. The columns outside, the rich and famous inside; it was all exporting the Lakers’ brand of basketball: run and gun. Exhilarating entertainment in the entertainment capital of the world. Fast breaks. No-look passes. Fast scoring. The Lakers won five championships during that era. And the players of my youth were known by single names: Magic, Worthy, and Kareem.
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Of course, it helped that Kobe has played for one of the best franchises in all of sports. Specifically, he has played more than 47,000 minutes for the Lakers. And he really played every minute. You’d watch him hustle, bark at his teammates, demand that they perform at his level. Sometimes you felt like you were watching a game within a game. There was the opposing team playing at the Lakers’ level. And then there were the Lakers players trying to play at Kobe’s level. Even in off games—like Game 7 of the 2010 NBA Finals against the Boston Celtics—he played without fear of losing. The Lakers were down by 13 points in the third quarter. And Kobe was shooting poorly the whole night. Six of 24 from the field—a rut. You could sense the headline coming: Lakers Lose Championship on Kobe’s Dismal Shooting. But then he did what he always does—he figured it out. He played knowing he could beat anyone at any team. That’s confidence and will. He scored 10 points in the fourth quarter in a game to decide the title. Ten points when it matters most. Who does that?

He wrote a poem to announce his retirement. My dad and I laughed. My dad retired a couple of years ago after being a college professor for more than three decades. He also wrote a poem that he read during his retirement party. One of my dad’s lines reminded me of Kobe: “If you reach the peak having no longer the fire / Say goodbye to your job and keep your dignity higher.” Truth is, Kobe may be retiring, but he has been paid handsomely and can do anything he wants. His life in a lot of ways feels like the blank slate you have as a college student: Your future is ahead of you; don’t worry about your major.


The current objectives we would like to achieve are 100 nations by 2021 respectively. Some regions may think this is ‘Unrealistic’, but we as a region say that we never give up! We always try our best and we will succeed in doing so! We know what we stand for, our morales and values and we stick to our objectives! Do you?

Closing Comments

Thank you fellow Viking for reading our State of The Region Declaration! We are so humbled and happy you hopefully enjoyed it! Should you have any concerns, please contact Acting Prime Minister and Deputy Prime Minister, Lycadia, King and Founder, Freedomanica or the Regional Nation, Fylkirvegr via telegram, please!