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EDN ARTICLE: Regarding the False Allegations against Editor-In-Chief Guess and Check

Everyday News Article

Regarding the False Allegations against Editor-In-Chief Guess and Check
By: Zukchiva Yura, Editor-in-Chief
So if you’re an avid news reader, you’ve seen the release made on me by Kang’s Corner, a subpar paper whose only purpose is to STIR CONTROVERSY and TAKE OVER THE MEDIA SCENE in the Union.

In an attempt to drag down our glorious news organization, they recently released an “expose” on me, a law-faring Union Citizen, CLAIMING that I am really an East Pacifican plant within the Union.

So, let us address these TOTALLY true FALSE allegations.

FIRST OF ALL, just because I am in the East Pacific doesn’t mean that I necessarily have to be a plant in the Union. Infact, many famous NationStates Gameplayers are in multiple regions. Take Rigel, for instance. They are a Pharaoh in Osiris and also a public official in the UCR of Karma. Altino is also well known as a Pharaoh, and she founded Karma!

Infact, the very so called “Kang” is a well known Citizen of the South Pacific, yet he is also a long-time member of the Union. And yet, no one truly questions *his* identity.

ALSO, the idea that our esteemed newspaper has a dark background IS SHAMEFULLY INCORRECT. Anyone who walks into our offices can see that the staff of our newspaper have no secrets to hide. And no, the chained door is nothing but a decoration, don’t ask about that.

I touched upon this a second ago, has no one really suspected that so called “KANG”? Has NO ONE considered the fact that Kang openly allowed this shady “””detective””” an open platform to spread his lies about “”””east pacific subversion””””? And does ANYONE remember Kang’s suspicious break from the Union, where he claims to have “left the game” but really could have been doing nefarious undercover things?

And now the FOUNDER HIMSELF attempts to publicly shame me, utilizing OBVIOUSLY DOCTORED EVIDENCE in which he claims I came up with the idea of “term limits” to subvert the “”old-guard””. While I do believe term limits are a good idea, let it be known that I had NO INVOLVEMENT in the initial drafting of our current Constitution, and that the OLD GUARD is simply a construct created by the government to control your mind.

Now, you may ask: Zukchiva, how do you know that it is doctored? Well, my most enlightened reader, take a look at the image below:

If you look above, you can see my Discord nicknames. In the most left corner, you can see my nickname as “Glac’s Crony”. Given that the Crony trend only occurred recently, it is impossible for this screenshot to have been taken a few months ago. Thus, DOCTORED EVIDENCE.

The STATE of this UNION is indisputable. The fact that the release of this blatant libel is even tolerated shows that our government is undeniably CORRUPT.


That’s it for this article of Everyday News, literally the best news in the world. Anyone who says otherwise is a TRAITOR.

This is a satire article. Do not take anything said in this article as serious or true news.

The Haughty Idiot of Guess and Check