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Rules of Bluecrown Keep

Bluecrown Keep Press

Bluecrown Keep
Official Rulebook

Bluecrown Keep Press

While Bluecrown Keep is a calm and chill region, we will still have mandated rules that everybody must follow. Failure to comply with these rules will earn you a warning, or worse.

  1. No swearing! Posts with profanity will be suppressed

  2. Keep RP and discussions PG-13!

  3. Double posts only! Any more will be suppressed (to keep from spammy RMB)!

  4. Any embassy will be accepted (minus raider nations)

  5. Do not ask for personal information! If someone wishes to tell you about themselves they will voluntarily.

  6. Think before you post

  7. Do not personally attack anyone

Remember, regardless of your status in Bluecrown Keep, you must comply with these rules.

Questions? Telegram Dominioan, Barlyy or Novos Byzantine!

Bluecrown Keep Press
Bluecrown Keep Press