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Thirteenth Edition PIG In The UDS
Promoting Influence Growth

Meet our program mascot Hamlet!

What is this?
PIG in the UDS is a Delegate-run program to Promote Influence Growth in the Union of Democratic States. It is intended to encourage endorsement of the region's World Assembly Delegate Dome Artan.

Ok but why am I mentioned in this dispatch?
If you've been mentioned in Hamlet's No Bacon List found at the bottom of this dispatch it is because you have successfully joined the World Assembly (good job there!) but have yet to endorse the region's Delegate.

What does influence have to do with endorsing the Delegate?
The most direct relationship comes when voting on World Assembly resolutions. WA members of course have one vote, each region's Delegate however has a block vote worth all of their endorsements plus one. Each endorsement the Delegate gets is another vote for the region and therefore for you. The larger our Delegate vote block the more influence the UDS has in World Assembly affairs.

Most importantly, what's in it for you?
Our very loveable mascot Hamlet will be delivering special Endobacon to those intelligent nations that endorse Delegate Dome Artan. This specialty bacon is widely regarded as the finest around and no cute pigs like Hamlet were harmed in its making.

Additionally you can count on the Delegate endorsing you in return if they have not yet done so.

I've endorsed the Delegate, what else can I do?
Endorsing the Delegate may be the main way of Promoting Influence Growth dealt with here but it is certainly not the only way. You can also help increase the region's total influence, which is the stat that determines Regional Power. Currently the Union has Very High Regional Power (you can find this on the region's homepage below the World Factbook Entry) and every endorsement helps us climb higher.

To help the region in this regard simply endorse everyone in the region. Endorsements increase a nation's influence growth and the combined total influence of all region residents is the Union's influence. Endorsing everyone should also increase your personal influence as we encourage all WA members to trade endorsements.

If you need somewhere to start your mass endorsing check out the WA Members List which includes all the region's WA members. Alternatively send Dome Artan a telegram asking for a list of your unendorsed nations.

Wait I don't know how to endorse!
To endorse a nation the only requirements are being in the WA and the same region. If that is true then navigate to their nation homepage and scroll to the bottom. There will be a button to Endorse, click it and you've endorsed them.

Do your part in the region and endorse away! Or at least do it to keep Hamlet as smiley as they are!