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President Ekhon Numik

Ekhon Numik

President Numik, overseeing a military parade for the 50th anniversary of the Nationalist Victory(2007)

4th President of the Kancian Consumerist Republic

August 3rd, 1996 -

Preceded By:

Benev Oulint

Succeeded by:


5th Chairman of the Kancian Nationalist Party

May 18th, 1987 -

Preceded By:

Augustus Mitniket

Succeeded by:


Personal Information


Ekhoniv Sytonk En
May 23rd, 1943(age 77)
Nivaziv, Kancia

Political Party:

Kancian Nationalist Party


Sara Numik


Maria Numik
Josif Numik
Alexander Numik


Nivaziv State University


6’ 2”


198.4 lbs(90 kg)


Kancian Church

Political Position:

Far-Right; Ultra-Authoritarian

“We live in an era where the left threatens the very traditions we stand for. They are a disease, these riots a symptom. They want to abolish the family values we cherish. But they will not win! They will never destroy what we have fought so hard to preserve! Their communism is a detriment to society and mankind as a whole. If I must kill 100,000 people to prevent this degeneracy from infecting our nation, then so be it.”

-Ekhon Numik, during his speech addressing the 2019 protests

Ekhon Numik, also known as Dear President or God Emperor by many of his followers, is the current autocratic ruler of Kancia. He was born on May 23rd, 1943 in Nivaziv, a small remote town in present day Kancia. At an early age, he developed interest in ultrapatriotism and fundamentalism, which prompted him to join the growing Nationalist movement when he was in primary school. He would officially join the party when he graduated college in 1964. His extremely conservative views and Hugh intellect helped him rise up the ranks and by 1987, he was chairman of the Nationalist Party. He managed to usurp the then President in 1996, consolidating power and establishing a reign of authoritarianism and repression. His regime is marred with atrocities, including massacres and ethnic cleansing, and hundreds of thousands of deaths are attributable to his reign.

Early Life

Ekhon Numik was born to a poor family that lived persuing cheap manual labor. He had 3 siblings, 2 younger brothers and an older sister. He would become the most ambitious and intelligent, which would allow him to be prioritized since he was also the eldest male child. In his early days, he worked on plantations for wealthier aristocrats, undergoing hard labor at as young as 6. He was an ailing child who always got sick, and his work conditions only made life harder. He saved up enough money to afford education and in 1952, he stopped working at the field to go to school. It was then when he heard of the rising nationalist movement against the monarchy that he lived under. Numik was prompted to join the movement at age 10, and became very politically minded. He would grow more conservative and religious and held a strong anti-soviet sentiment. In 1956, uprisings roared across the nation, and Numik volunteered as a child soldier in the civil war. His dreams would come true in mid 1957 when the Nationalists took over Kancia and he would be destined to join the now ruling Nationalist Party.

Rise to Power

The white terror would inspire Numik to be more ruthless against left wing ideas. His ultra-conservatism combined with a high intellect would make him favorable under the now nationalist-controlled schools. At age 16, Ekhon Numik went to college and would graduate at age 21. Upon graduating, he would apply to join the Nationalist Party, being accepted rather quickly thanks to his political ideology. His views made him favorable among fellow party members and through a combination of charisma and manipulation, Ekhon Numik swiftly rose the ranks. By 1973, Numik already gained a position in the National Government. He would soon start getting rid of his opponents by manipulating more powerful leaders and convincing them to do his dirty work. Numik also started hiring thugs to assassinate those seen as a threat to his power. He would slowly become more and more powerful, manipulating his position, and his opponents didn’t even know it.

By 1980, Ekhon Numik managed to become part of the National Council, the highest position of the National Assembly. He started to form a cult of personality and become known among the Kancia populace. The new president, Benev Oulint, didn’t like Numik’s ultra conservative and authoritarian ideas, and tried to avoid having him as a successor. Despite resistance from Oulint, Numik gained more power and in 1987, he became the Party Chairman, much to Oulints distress. Displeased with the secular and liberal style of Benev Oulint, Numik hatched a plan to get rid of him. He was already more popular among the Nationalist Party than Oulint would ever dream of. Using support from the party, Numik framed a major scandal on Oulint to label him as a traitor to get rid of him. He would have billions of government revenue secretly embezzled and started a massive investigation on Oulint. Through the support of the Party, Oulint was framed as a corrupt fraud and removed from power in 1996, with Ekhon Numik taking control. Oulint was exiled and later mysteriously disappeared.


Upon gaining absolute power, Ekhon Numik would have to make sure no one could threaten him. He immediately passed a multitude of bills through the Nationalist party that would secure his grip on power and ensure he was unable to be ousted. He used his presidential powers and support from the party to expand his abilities. Multiple laws ensured Numik was the supreme ruler over Kancia with nothing to threaten him. He distributed political power among his personal advisors, creating an oligarchic elite that would ensure Numik was Dictator. Repression and terror was used to eliminate opposition.

Between 1996 and 1998, Ekhon Numik ordered a massive politicide that lasted over 1 and a half years. At first, many high ranking opponents of Numik were tried and executed by firing squad. Soon the victims broadened and low level bureaucrats were targeted for even slightly criticizing Numik. Anyone accused of being a threat to him was imprisoned or executed. Massive execution complexes were erected for people to be abducted to and killed. Many innocents were tortured for a forced confession and executed. This repression was dubbed “the second white terror” by many critics. Over 750,000 arrests and 16,000 executions took place between August 1996 and March, 1998. 100,000 people were tortured, many dying from wounds sustained from beatings and electrocution. After destroying all potential threats to his power, Ekhon Numik would make sure he could not be removed from power no matter what and established the KFSA, Kancian Federal Security Agency, which would “disappear” anyone accused of conspiring against Numik. Repression continued after the terror though Political consolidation was just his first action.

Socio-Economic Changes

President Numik would begin a series of economic reforms that would privatize more and more sectors of the economy, which would add to his image of leading the fight against communism. Economic growth would occur at the expense of millions of impoverished families. Corporations became more and more powerful, infiltrating the personal lives of Kancians. The loosening of regulations allowed for slavery, child labor and monopolies to emerge. Inequality became a more rampant issue as a few million kancian were living in complete luxury in massive palaces while tens of millions are living in worse poverty levels than many African countries. A few hundred billionaires currently own a larger percent of the wealth than the bottom 90% of the population combined. Tens of millions are living in slums and many are at the brink of starvation. Deregulated industry has begun to pump out far more waste than the EU and China combined, with 4 million dying annually from pollution related illness. As less restrictions have been placed on the economy, more have been placed on civil liberties.

Under Numik, police surveillance and totalitarianism has been under the rise. Through many strategic bills, Ekhon Numik allowed for corporate/government surveillance cameras to be placed in personal property. Police raids became more common and many police checkpoints have been placed unbiquitously to spy on civilians. Military vehicles have been increasingly more common on the streets, to the point that some have considered Kancia to be ‘under martial law’. Political repression has been a major tool, with dissidents vanishing, getting imprisoned, being tortured or sentenced to death. Hundreds would “disappear” annually and executions for dissent became common. Torture would be widespread and hundreds of thousands have been sent to torture centers. Over 1.4 million people have been sent to the KFIA prison camps, which is a system of essentially forced labor camps for dissidents to be tortured and systematically mistreated. Almost 90,000 inmates died in these “Kancian Gulags”. But not only would Kancia become a corporate police state, it would also become theocratic.

Separation of church and state started eroding once anti-blasphemy and prudist laws have been enacted. Minority religions became subject to severe persecution, with many being harassed or publicly tortured by religious police. Atheists would be labeled as communist and executed. The entire LGBT+ community was outlawed and declared ‘degenerate’ with all identified homosexuals executed. Of the 1000+(possibly up to 5,000 as records of executions are hazy) people executed each year, a quarter are part of the LGBT community, with many more being atheist. Corporal punishment would also be enacted, allowing for public torture of suspected heretics. Tens of thousands of people have been lashed in public for violating moral decency every since a warped version of the Kancian Church became the state religion and basis of public law. The 2018 inquisition would see Kancia become an official theocracy, with over 11,000 accused heretics tortured, and 200 tortured to death. Many minority religious groups have been severely persecuted, with those practicing indigenous faiths being sent to ‘correction camps’ where they are tortured into converting to the Kancian Church.

Foreign Policy

Under Ekhon Numik, Kancia has not only become more isolationist and nationalist but also imperialist and interventionist. Upon gaining power, Numik has launched numerous wars, coups and military operations, directly killing hundreds of thousands of foreign civilians. His war on terror is has resulted in a similar number of casualties as the US’, being internationally controversial. The Kancian Secret Intelligence Bureau was formed in 1998 and has conducted numerous crimes against humanity, most notably Operation Subduer where Kancian-backed African puppet dictators killed or disappeared roughly 70,000 people since 2010. Hundreds of thousands of foreign civilians have been deliberately killed in war atrocities, aggression and state terror.

One of the most notorious forms of Aggression under Numik was in invasion and subsequent brutalization of the Monnesian Republic in 2007. In the beginning of 2007, the Monnesian Republic elected a socialist leader, which angered Numik. A blockade was placed around the country which had 800,000 inhabitants at the time, and in April, an invasion was launched. First a week long brutal air campaign was carried out across the island nation, killing thousands of people, both soldiers and civilians. 75,000 personnel were deployed at the shores of the nation and in a matter of 3 days, the entire country was completely occupied. Numik ordered all members of the Monnesian Legislatute, all members of its cabinet, all Monnesian military officials, 300+ captured POWs and the Monnesian President to be publicly executed in what is now known as the 438 massacre due to the 438 executions. This marked the beginning of the 4 month long atrocity known as the ‘Rape of Monne’. Roughly 1,000 KFSA personnel were deployed to carry out state terror and occupying soldiers were ordered and encouraged to commit atrocities. Mass executions, rapes, mass destruction, enslavement and torture ensued for 4 months. Thousands of homes were burnt down and civilians were rounded up and either shot or raped by soldiers. By August, over 5,000 civilians were massacred and another 30,000 raped, 40,000 tortured, 150,000 enslaved and 300,000 displaced.

In 2001, numerous terror attacks hit Kancia and the United States, prompting Numik to launch the Kancian War on Terror. Kancia sent hundreds of thousands of men to serve alongside the US in Afghanistan and Iraq, where war atrocities such as massacres and rape were orchestrated under Numik’s watch. The invasions were ruthless, and them, numerous other wars, including ones that weren’t planned by Kancia’s ally, were launched. Civilians were carpet bombed and even gassed by the Kancian armed forces and tens of thousands of air strikes against civilians have occurred. It is estimated that the Kancian theatre of the War on Terror has over 350,000 casualties, mostly civilian. Other nearby nations have also been victim of Kancian Imperialism, with Monne Island getting annexed in 2007 and facing 1,200 civilian casualties at the hands of Kancia. In 2010, a new type of warfare occurred. The K-SIB, which was originally in operation in 1998, launched a state terror campaign called Operation Subdeur, in which Kancian backed dictators were placed all over Africa, leading to the killings and disappearances of 70,000 people. In 2016, K-SIB weaponry flooded Southeast Asia, particularly the Phillipines, causing violence to boil into near-genocide with over 200,000 deaths. Civil wars have been funded by the K-SIB, killing tens of thousands. Hundreds of thousands of civilians have directly or indirectly died thanks to the agency.

Ongoing Repression

The Kancia Democratic Opposition, which has been harshly suppressed by Ekhon Numik, has started turning to international aid to try to stop Numiks despotism. They have openly condemned the increasing authoritarianism and repression of Numik and have took to the streets to protest his rule by late 2019. Millions participated in the biggest uprisings since in civil war. The government responded through harsh crackdowns and mass arrests, resorting to atrocities and brutality. Militarized police and even soldiers have been deployed against protesters, usually beating, torturing or shooting civilians. Tens of thousands of Kancian Youth have been rounded up and imprisoned, with hundreds being executed. Many people were shot to death by police on camera during the protests, sparking even more. Massacres sanctioned by the state became commonplace and exceptional notorious. One incident saw 348 people massacred in a pro-socialist demonstration, sparking international outcry. With racially motivated protests, demonstrations and riots erupting in mid 2020, thanks to Numik’s controversial treatment of minorities(especially indigenous civilians, whom have been systematically sent to concentration camps to be ‘corrected’), things are only getting worse for Kancian civil stability. The crackdowns against the 2019-2020 protests have resulted in an official conservative estimate of 1,873 demonstrators shot by the government. Human rights and civil liberties have been severely curtailed during the protests, with Kancia seeming more and more like a totalitarian police state under martial law.

Despite the internal civil unrest, Numik still holds a firm iron grip. Atrocities including ethnic cleansing continue, and some 1.5 million people have been interned in the recent “coronavirus prevention” campaign targeted against Asian Kancians. His treatment of the indigenous population has been described as ‘egregious and abhorrent beyond compare’, and tens of thousands of natives have perished in massacres, concentration camps and relocation campaigns. The repression against protests only increases fascism in Kancia. As mass surveillance skyrockets and totalitarianism becomes inevitable, a massive personality cult still remains around Ekhon Numik, stronger than ever. He is revered as a god by some and is seen by the corporate media as “divine” and “leading the war against progressives”. His brutal crimes against humanity are seen as “for the greater good” by his followers, blindly ignoring the literal mass murder happening under his watch. Many have compared Numik to history’s worst dictators like Hitler and Stalin, comparing his purges and ethnic cleansing to both tyrants. It’s 2020 and Numiks’ authoritarianism still continues with no end in sight. Even though the protests are massive, they are not strong enough to stop the most powerful(and dangerous) man alive.

Atrocities Against Indigenous People

Throughout his regime, Ekhon Numik has consistently mistreated the indigenous population of Kancia, to the point of near genocide. Routine massacres and rapes have been commonplace against natives and massive re-education and relocation campaigns have caused horrific crimes against humanity such as ethnic cleansing and concentration camps. Well over half of the 1 million indigenous Kancians have been interned, relocated, raped, tortured, imprisoned or killed under Numik. Even in his initial rise to power, he targeted aboriginals, executing every single of the 116 indigenous kancians who had any position in the government, both federal and state and banning them from ever getting any position of power. He passed several laws which would regard indigenous Kancians as ‘second class citizens’ and prohibited them from getting good working jobs, allowing companies to deny them. Police were encouraged to be violent against them, sparking several violent incidents which saw dozens killed. Laws were made much stricter for indigenous people, making them 20 times more likely to be arrested and 30 times more likely to be sentenced to death than the average Kancian.

The real oppression began in 2001 with the internationally condemned “Aboriginal Correction Campaign” where indigenous people have been abducted and taken to concentration style camps via train to be ‘re-educated as patriotic citizens’. Torture, rape, forced labor and even executions have allegedly taken place in the camps, many likening it to a holocaust. Inmates have been allegedly “Forced to admit their own culture is ‘uncivilized’ and to venerate Ekhon Numik at the threat of flogging”, others being electrocuted “until they recite the National Anthem perfectly”. Inmates are indoctrinated to forget their own native language to be able to speak Kancian. Slave labor has allegedly occurred in the camps, enriching the private companies overseeing the internment facilities. Those interned aren’t released until they are completely ‘re-educated’ in which they have been converted to the Kancian Church, pledged eternal allegiance to Ekhon Numik, completely forgotten their own language while being fluent in Kancian, and willing to die for Kancia. Some believe that China’s actions in easternmost regions have had some inspirations with Numik’s tactics, which is ironic due to how Kancia and China are rivals. In the past 2 decades, over 400,000(40% of the population) indigenous people have been interned in the camps. Anywhere between the government claim of 883 to the Kancian Indigenous Rights Association estimate of 52,000 people have perished in custody, with most sources putting the death toll at atleast 15,000.

For the indigenous civilians considered ‘less strong’ or ‘not worthy enough to contribute for society’, ethnic cleansing remained their fate. A massive population transfer campaign was launched in 2009, in which several extremely crowded ‘reservations’ only spanning a few kilometers were established for women, children, elderly and others who were deemed unsuitable for the factories to be sent to via death marches. The reservations were packed with slums and surrounded by military personnel to prevent escape. The conditions in the reservations were abhorrent and led to many dying from disease and hunger, causing them to be dubbed “Kancian ghettos”. A massive indigenous uprising in 2010 occurred in a small region of Kancia in which the military responded by rounding up all of the 200,000 indigenous kancians in that region and forcibly marching them across harsh terrain to the crowded ‘reservations’. An estimated 10,000 perished during the march with many more dying later on. Another 40,000 were sent to be re-educated and 10,000 sent to the KFIA to be worked to death. Other population transfers occurred since and as of now, some 350,000 people have been forcibly transferred to reservations, with thousands dying. At least 10,000 may have perished in the reservations due to disease or deprivation.

Throughout the 2 decades of persecution, genocidal massacres have been routinely commonplace against indigenous civilians. In 2007, Kancian soldiers allegedly massacred an indigenous settlement, killing 406 of the 500 inhabitants in what is now known as the Crying Lake Slaughter. Massacres happened in reservations as well, with dozens being shot at a time for ‘exhibiting barbarian traits’. One of the worst massacres was the infamous Rape of the Resting Eagle, where Kancian personnel massacred atleast 800 natives at the border of the resting eagle reservation. They also burned down 300 slums which thousands of families lived in and even raped and tortured 3,000 women and children. Recently, in 2020, the Kancian Indigenous Rights Association, an underground organization that advocated against Numik’s treatment of their people, was found by the secret police and liquidated. All 24,000 identified members - most being ethnically indigenous - were marched to KFIA camps and another 800 proment members are awaiting execution. This power move showed how willing Numik was to hide his treatment of indigenous people, but enough information has been leaked to spark international outcry. In total, through massacres, ethnic cleansing, concentration camps and enslavement, at least 50,000 indigenous kancians were deliberately murdered by the Numik regime, though some estimate that the number could be as high as 100,000.


Ekhon Numik is a cold, calculating and highly authoritarian figure who has no tolerance for any incompetence or dissent. He has a merciless and despotic personality and sees human rights as “less of a priority”. He is extremely conservative, more so than some far-right extremist groups. He views those he deems “degenerate” as subhuman and is willing to kill to maintain power. This has been shown in his many crimes against humanity, in which thousands of civilians were murdered under his orders. Numik is very intelligent and cunning, which allowed him become dictator in the first place. However, despite being a cruel and tyrannical leader, he appears more as a charismatic figure when in public. He engages in numerous speeches and rallies to enforce his personality cult. The media, which is controlled by oligarchs who support Numik, depicts him as a sacred figure. Numik’s charisma made him a popular leader for many.

Ekhon Numik has little tolerance for incompetence. He has ordered thousands of his own party members to be executed seemingly for “gross incompetence”. He is a no-nonsense orderly leader who makes sure he gets what he wants, no matter the cost. He is willing to kill thousands of his own people to get what he desires, such as in the 1996 white terror, Genocide of Indigenous Kancians and the 2020 crackdowns. Numik is very traditional and only likes classical music. He views modern culture as “pure heresy” and has cracked down on media to prevent it from “infecting children”. He has been described as “puritanical” because of his very conservative societal views. Numik is also very narcissistic and self-centered, fully encouraging a cult of personality around himself. Being ultra-authoritarian, reactionary, despotic and charismatic, Numik would easily be Lawful Evil on a moral alignment compass.

Political Views

Flag of the Nationalist Party since 1996, used often to represent Numikism, as well as totalitarian capitalism

Ekhon Numik’s political views are rather extreme when placed on most political scales. He is much further to the right than most members of the Nationalist Party. He is far more nationalistic and authoritarian than many if his close associates. His ideology is so distinct that it has its own term: Numikism. Numikism has roots in the ideologies of many Cold War era Latin American dictatorships, being staunchly anti-communist and at the top right corner of the political compass. It advocates for an unregulated laissez-faire market economy in which economic restrictions are frowned upon but with religious traditionalist nationalism. The only regulations are against dissent and ‘degeneracy’(i.e. woke corporations). In a Numikist Economy, child labor and slavery are legal as there are no regulations against them. Sympathy for anything remotely left wing is highly frowned upon in such an economic system. Private enterprise owns the majority of the industry, yet are influenced by bureaucratic support, hence why Numik’s economics is so tied with Corporatocracy. Numik still supports a powerful state and his party is still very influential, but he is against them interfering in the economy. Numik’s hardcore authoritarian right-wing economic policies have allowed for economic growth at the expense of human rights. His authoritarianism combined with corporatoctatic de-regularionism has made his ideology particularly frightening yet efficient.
Political Information:


  • Nationalism

  • Unregulated Free-Market Capitalism

  • Economic Privitization

  • Social Conservatism

  • Legalization of Child Labor

  • Traditionalism

  • Authoritarianism

  • Fundamentalist Christianity

  • Quasi-Theocracy

  • Nativism

  • Mass Surveillance

  • Police Militarization

  • Militaristic Foreign Policy

  • Protectionism

  • Reactionarism

  • Security over Liberty

  • Closed Borders

  • Kancia First

  • Corporatocracy

  • Market Fascism

  • Social Hierarchy

  • Expansionism

  • Imperialism

  • Neo-Colonialism

  • Ethnic Cleansing andInternment

  • Political Repression

  • State terror

  • Isolationism

  • Cold-War South American Dictators

  • Anti-Communism

  • Death Penalty for victimless crimes

  • Corporal Punishment

  • Legalized Slavery

  • Torture

  • Punitive Justice

  • Propaganda

  • Death penalty for minors

  • Chauvinism

  • Apartheid state

  • Militaristic Jingoism

  • Assimilationism

  • Bureacracy


  • Monarchism

  • Nazism

  • Neoconservatism

  • Fascist Corporatism

  • Centrism

  • Moderate Christianity

  • Feudalism

  • Distrubutism

  • Big Government


  • Communism

  • Socialism

  • Social Democracy

  • Neo-Corporatism

  • Social Liberalism

  • Liberal Democracy

  • Civil Liberties

  • Libertarianism

  • Anarchism

  • Freedom over Security

  • Immigration

  • Open borders

  • Antifa

  • Progressivism

  • The entire LGBT+ community

  • Atheism

  • Left-wing politics

  • Pacifism

  • Globalism

  • Social Equality

  • Indigenous autonomy

  • Geneva Conventions

  • International Law

  • The UN

  • The EU

  • Anything to the left of Neocons

  • Religious Minorities

  • Progressive Christians

  • Drug decriminalization

  • Rehabilitation

  • China(is at a Cold War with them)

  • Radicalism

  • Anti-Capitalism

  • Political Freedom

  • Freedom of expression

  • Religious Autonomy

  • Progressive tax

  • Intervention in economy

  • High Taxation

  • 1996 white terror- 16,000 executions and 750,000 arrests

  • Introduction of KFSA- Secret Police; 8,000 “disappeared”; dozens of targeted assassinations

  • 1999 Kancia River Incident- 250 - 400 Kancians killed by security forces

  • Official establishment of Kancian Federal Internment Agency- 1.4 million political prisoners since 1999; 90,000 perished in custody

  • 2001 Surveillance act- Mass surveillance enforced; 60,000 suspected terrorists detained; 300 executed

  • Kancian War on Terror- 350,000+ civilian casualties in Kancian theatre of the War on Terror since 2001

  • Aboriginal Correction Campaign- Internment and “re-education” of 400,000(40% of the population) indegenous kancians who face torture and forced labor in camps; Death toll of concentration camps ranged from 883(government estimate) - 52,000(estimate by Kancian Indegenious Rights Association), Human Rights Watch estimates 15,000 deaths

  • 2002 Aboriginal Corrective Incident- 98 indigenous Kancians massacred during transfer to concentration camp

  • Anti-Blasphemy Codes- 3,000 executed for violating morality since 2002

  • 2003 Kancian Penal Codes- Corporal punishment legalized; 20,000 publicly lashed as of now

  • Anti-Sodomy Laws- All LGBT+ members labeled ‘sodomites’ with death penalty being officially placed for that community; 6,000 suspected LGBT+ members executed since 2004

  • 2006 Anti-Communist Sympathy Act- Athiests officially labeled ‘communist’ and given death penalty; 4,800 atheists executed since 2006

  • 2006 mass execution- 210 suspected communist spies executed publicly

  • 2007 Crying Lake Slaughter- Village of 500 indigenous kancian massacred and razed by Kancian Military; 406 killed

  • Child labor legalized- 42 million children in manual labor since 2007; Abhorrent Working Conditions with high mortality rate(hundreds of thousands of estimated excess mortalities in child factories)

  • Annexation of Monne Island- 1,200 civilian casualties during invasion in 2008; 900 deliberately targeted and killed in air strikes, 300 massacred

  • Rape of Monne Island- Mass atrocities in occupied Monne; 5,000 civilians massacred, 30,000 raped, 40,000 tortured, 140,000 enslaved and 300,000 evicted of the 800,000 inhabitants in 4 months; 2,000 more die from slave labor, rape or torture

  • Aboriginal Relocation Campaign- Forced transfer of Indigenous People deemed to weak or unsuitable to ‘contribute to society’ in forced labor to crowded slums in reservations; 350,000 have been relocated, with a minimum of 15,000 dying

  • Operation Subduer Launched- Kancian puppet dictatorships establishes across Africa in attempt to reduce Chinese influence; 70,000 murdered or disappeared by state terror since 2010

  • March of Tragedy- Major part of Relocation Campaigm; 150,000 indigenous Kancians forced to march to reservations in 2010; Death toll estimates range from 1,000(government claim) to 30,000(Kancian Indigenous Rights Organization), Human Rights watch estimates minimum 10,000 deaths

  • Slavery Legalized- 18 million enslaved since 2011; including 4 million children; unknown death toll

  • Rape of the Resting Eagle- Kancian soldiers allegedly massacre 800 indigenous people at the border of the Resting Eagle Reservation and rape and torture another 3,000; Kancian Indigenous Rights Association claims figures are 10 times higher

  • Formation of KSFU- Death squad; 400 targeted murders and executions since 2013

  • 2015 crackdowns- 322 protesters shot; 8,000 imprisoned

  • 2015 purge- 800 officials executed; 60,000 arrested

  • 2016 mass ejections- 500,000 immigrants stripped of nationality and deported

  • Racial Realism Campaign Launched- Kancians separated in schools across all Kancia by race; those not of the majority ethnicity denied access to substantial education and segregated

  • Kancian Inquisition- Theocracy established in 2018; 11,000 heretics tortured; 200 stoned to death; 26 suspected athiests in Nationalist Party publicly shot

  • 2019-2020 Police crackdowns- Between 1,873 and 15,000 protesters shot or killed by police and military; 60,000 imprisoned; 400 protest leaders executed; hundreds missing

  • 2019-2020 KFSA Crackdowns- 1,000+ civilians secretly murdered to suppress protests

  • 2020 incident- Estimated 348 pro-socialist demonstrators massacred by military personnel; Kancian Communist Party claims the death toll is 3,000

  • Nuvikia Mass Execution- 400 political prisoners, mainly protest leaders and intellectuals, thrown from jets over the streets of Nuvikia

  • Internment of “Infectious Kancians”- 1.5 million Kancians with Asian heritage sent to “correction hospitals” because of COVID-19; 2,000 deaths in custody

  • Liquidation of the Kancian Indigenous Rights Association- Underground Indigenous activist organization located and liquidated, in which 24,000 natives were marched to forced labor camps and 800 sentenced to execution; 4,300 total estimated deaths or potential deaths


Estimated Death Toll

1996 White Terror


Capital Punishment Policy

20,000 - 100,000

KFSA Dirty War


”Free Jet Rides” Death Flight Campaign


Kancian Massacres

10,000 - 30,000



War Crimes during War on Terror

85,000 - 140,000

Aboriginal Correction Campaign

7,000 - 52,000

Invasion of Monnei Island


Rape of Monnei Island


2008 Sector-16 Mass Execution


Operation Subduer


March of Tragedy

10,000 - 25,000

Ongoing Population Transfer

3,000 - 20,000

Disease in Relocation Ghettos

10,000 - 40,000

KSFU targeted killings


2015 Purge


2019-2020 Government Crackdowns

1,873 - 20,000

Anti-Virus Internment Campaign


Liquidation of the Kancian Indigenous Rights Association



360,569 - 635,696

Socially, Numik is extremely conservative and ultra-authoritarian. Under his ideal regime, society as a whole is regimented through strict religious law and police surveillance. Privacy has eroded under Numik as high-tech surveillance is being used more often and Police Militarization has been excessively used. His authoritarianism shows no tolerance for political freedom. Numikism favors the use of secret police and mass political repression to get things done. Numik has an extreme hatred of social liberty; he despises libertarians even though many support his economic policies. He also is very religiously conservative, which is why Kancia is essentially a theocracy and enforces mosaic law through harsh punishments. Numik has been described by many as “reactionary” with how anti-progressive he is. His utter hatred of the LGBT community and ethnic minorities shows his social conservatism. Numik is also extremely chauvinist; he views Kancian Nationals as “inherently superior”, which has stirred up controversy even among some of the Nationalist Party. His extreme racism against the Indigenous population was extremely controversial as well. Over 400,000 aboriginal Kancians were interned in “re-education” facilities since 2002, many being tortured to death. It is estimated by many human rights organizations that around 15,000 perished in the camps though some organizations put the death toll as high as 50,000, labeling it a “new holocaust”. Some members claimed he was “more suited for the fascist party”, which is partially true. Numikism is more market-fascist than authoritarian capitalist. Terror and atrocities are at the heart of Numik’s regime. Numik’s near totalitarian, chauvinist capitalism has made Kancia much more dystopian than ever before.

Notable Quotes

This is a list of some of Ekhon Numik’s most (In)famous quotes:

”I would much rather kill 10,000 innocents than spare one communist.”

“Democracy and Order are incompatible.”

“Kancia is a nationalist country. The international community is meaningless if we want to become prosperous.”

“The only good communist is one who’s been tortured, mutilated and executed in the most brutal way possible. Death is too merciful for those scum.”

“Those indigenous leeches don’t contribute anything to society; they don’t defend our land, they don’t help the economy, they don’t do anything. They aren’t native Kancians, they are germs that need to be eliminated.”

“No it[Numik’s treatment of indigenous people] is not a ‘genocide’ it is a relocation and correction campaign meant to get those leeches away from our land and bring them back once they know their mystical nonsense is wrong and that they must only serve Kancia, God and Order.”

“It is better to kill those pinko homosexual degenerates than to be one.”

“Leftism is a disease and the firing squad is the cure.”

“Slavery is not immoral. Government regulations that limit such economic growth is.”

“Progressivism leads to socialism. Socialism leads to communism. Communism leads to famine. We cannot let that [lgbt] community get any power if you want food on your plate.”

“They[opposition parties] like to consider me ‘oppressive against minorities’. They are wrong, my treatment of minorities is better than their treatment of our police force. There is a thin blue line between order and chaos, and we must protect our blue men to keep stability. Long live Law and Order!”

“Better a dismembered starved corpse than red.”

“These riots threaten our national security. It’s about time we give the heroes in blue the big guns.”

“This Chinese virus was manufactured to destabilize our country! We need to eliminate this disease and the best way is to stop its source, the Chinese Kancians! Round ‘em all up and teach them a lesson on why they cannot bring communism to Kancia.”

“We will send every single communist to labor camps to give them a taste of their own medicine.”

“Sometimes the best way to deal with crime is to kill enough people to scare everyone else into submission.”

“China is influencing the entire continent of Africa! We cannot let them get a hold on it’s natural resources and manpower. Launch coups, fund wars, invade nations, do whatever is necessary to stop China from monopolizing our rightful colonies.”

“I’d much rather have my eyes torn off than even contemplate looking at that hideous thing[human-rights-watch].”

“These ‘protesters’ only cause disharmony. Men in blue, don’t let this ‘Geneva convention’ prevent you from showing those commies who’s boss. They spray statues of me with paint? We spray them with Sarin.”

“Terrorism is not going around with guns or a bomb killing random people. Terrorism is being an enemy of the state and kancian interests.”

“The world can call me an ‘evil dictator’ all they want, but in their souls they know ‘liberal democracy’ is unsustainable. They just don’t want to admit it.”

“The eco-communist hippies cannot admit their lies about the climate. The climate is not changing at all, and to believe otherwise is communist apologism. We will refuse to give up our energy for what these rainbow toting sodomites ramble about.”

“You could technically say ‘trans rights human rights’. It’s just that I don’t believe in human rights.”

“To all Kancian parents worrying about their kids being attracted to communism. The easiest cure to such a disease is being a Patriot and reporting the child to the KFSA. Just don’t complain about them going missing.”


Ekhon Numik’s presidency has been described as “tyrannical”. Mass executions and torture have been a tool of the regime. Various massacres and crackdowns resulted in hundreds or even thousands of deaths each. The Association for Free Kancia estimates that 30,000 people have been massacred since 1996. One and a half million people have passed through the KFIA political prison system with 90,000 perishing in custody. Ethnic Cleansing, routine massacres and concentration camps have been used against indigenous people, causing the deaths of anywhere between 5,000 and 100,000 natives in a near-genocide. Repression is the heart of the regime and it’s estimated that since 1996, Numik’s has executed more than 40,000 people for political reasons and tortured over 500,000 more(many perishing). Hundreds of thousands of foreign civilians have also been killed in Kancia’s war on terror. The K-SIB agency has directly and indirectly killed hundreds of thousands in numerous global atrocities and terror campaigns. Regardless, Numik is directly responsible for hundreds of thousands of deaths through domestic and foreign terrors and genocide, earning him a spot among history’s worst mass murders.


  • Despite his cold-hearted and authoritarian personality, Numik does display a sense of humor, albeit extremely dark

  • Ekhon Numik has a cult following on the Internet, and is even rumored to even browse /pol/

  • Contrary to popular belief, Numik didn’t get inspiration for his Jet rides from Pinochet, but from Argentine Dictator Jorge Rafael Videla

  • Many users of the internet began posting fanart shipping Ekhon Numik with Pyotr Kropotkin. Numik made it punishable by public execution of the entire family to post such content on Kancian Internet servers(as the rest of the Internet is censored), but it the said shipping only grew both in and out of Kancia.

  • Numik is reported to have been rickrolled by one of his own advisors. Needless to say, a brutal purge where several dozen officials were executed happened afterward.

  • Despite making only 0.0000003% of Kancia’s population, Ekhon Numiks are involved in 75% of deliberate killings within Kancia

  • Ekhon Numik is reported to have ordered dozens of detained climate change protesters to be stripped and submerged in ice, with the statement “if the climate is changing, why did you freeze to death”

  • Ironically, Numik endured slave labor during his childhood yet he legalized both slavery and child labor in his tenure