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Our Supreme Eternal Omnipotent Leader Shrek(Probably the biggest WIP in all my Nations)

Supreme Eternal Omnipotent Leader Shrek

Supreme Eternal Omnipotent Leader of the Shrekacratic Ogre’s Republic of VlaRiSsiA

October 16, 2094-

Assummed Office:

October 16, 2094

Preceded By:

Never Existed

Succeeded by:

Will never exist

Supreme Leader of the Ogre’s Party

Assumed Office: October 16, 2094

Preceded By:

Never Existed

Succeeded by:

Will never exist

Personal Information


April 24th, 2060(In the form
of Comrade Shrek)
N/A(according to Shrekism)

Location of Birth:

Moscow, Republic of Vlarissia
The Void(according to Shrekism)

Full Name:

Comrade Joshrek “Shrek” Shrekin


Comrade Fiona(m.2145)


Infinite(true form)







Political Information

Political Party:

Ogre’s Party of VlaRiSsiA

Political Ideology:


Political Position:

Economically makes Stalin look capitalist
Culturally makes H!tler look progressive
Politically makes Ingsoc look anarchist

Military Service:


Shrekacratic Ogre’s Republic of


The Green Army

Service Years:



Supreme Commander


VlaRiSsiAn Civil War

VlaRiSsiAn Front of the Prussian
Imperial Wars

-VlaRiSsiAn Theatre

2150 Insurgency


All of them

“One death is based. Millions of deaths is even more based.”

-The Supreme Eternal Omnipotent Leader

Shrek also known as The Supreme Eternal Omnipotent Leader or The Ogrelord is the Supreme Absolute Ruler of VlaRiSsiA. He rules with such a totalitarian iron fist that society as a whole is regimented beyond imagination. The concept of existence has been annihilated and rebranded under Shrekist rule and all information of anything before Shrek has been erased from existence. The Supreme Leader is worshipped as the ultimate entity for he is love and life. Being extremely reactionary and wanting only complete regression to times before the concept of existence ever happened while simultaneously being accelerationist and wanting to create a future beyond imagination, Shrek’s doctrines have been called ‘triplethink’. Shrek’s atrocities make Stalin look anarchist, as he’s killed so many that many believe the only purpose of living is to be killed at the hands of the Supreme Ruler. Shrek has recreated the concept of life in his regime to be that of subservience and zealous religious faith to him and only him. According to Shrekist Doctrine, his true existence may be that of a transcendent cosmic horror beyond comprehension who embodies complete conformity and feeds off of totalitarian order. Shrek believes that by completely and utterly controlling every aspect of every second of life, his absolutist dominance grows more omnipotent. The only entity who equals him in sheer Absolititarian control is his arch enemy, the genocidal but rather short Lord Fuhrerquaad. Shrek makes Pingu(who makes Stalin look like an anarchist) look like a f#&*ing anarchist(actually more like an egoist).

The Supreme Leader’s true origins are unknown, for Shrek has remade every aspect of life to make his origins of that beyond what we can imagine. What is known is that an unidentified, impoverished citizen in the Plutocratic republic of Vlarissia slowly became an influential intellectual who eventually became a powerful political figure. His Collectivist views attracted millions of impoverished peasants, revolting against the government. During this time, the self-proclaimed ‘national bolshevik’ movement was gaining track in politics, which Shrek took advantage of. Eventually the Great Ogrethrow occurred and the Bolshrekviks invaded Vlarissia to create the Shrekacratic Republic. However, once this glorious figure took over the greatest superstate in all history, the egalitarian utopia that the peasants wanted was completely erased to form a totalitarian bureaucratic slave state of complete subservience and reverence of the Glorious Leader. Every aspect of life was regimented and all information erased and remade. All evidence of previous Vlarissia was annihilated and constant propaganda made sure no one would remember the previous days even existed. The universe was created in October 16, 2094, and nothing existed prior. A purge which resulted in 7 million deaths completely eradicated potential opposition to the Glorious Leader. Anyone who dared question the divinity of Shrek would be unpersoned and all evidence that they have ever existed would not only be destroyed but the idea that it was destroyed also vanished. High tech surveillance and brain chips make sure no one can think without being controlled completely. The Labor Camps were handy in quelling minor offenses, causing suffering in the hundreds of millions.

With all this totalitarianism and cultural regimentation, why would the workers want Shrek as their complete ruler? He essentially rejected every principal of communism in the book, so why would the proletariat want a ruler who never wanted their ideal society in the first place? Because he’s Shrek. He has recreated society to that of an esoteric thearchy of his cult of personality. The masses now venerate him and worship him, no longer out of any emotional reason but because they have been indoctrinated to truly believe he is their god. The cosmic reaches of Shrekism have been blessed with an infinite source of power, since the full strength of the proletariat can overpower anything. The Supreme Leader would go on to orchestrate magnet moments on untold scales. The Green Terror was just the start of the career of the being with the best K/D ratio in the world. His 5 year Great Reconstruction and the draconian results caused the deaths of 20 million though forced labor, starvation or execution. In the 2110s, VlaRiSsiA, after occupying Poland thanks to the wars, committed a mass genocide immediately upon conquest. In the following decade, mass ethnic cleansing campaigns with the intent of turning the nation into a collection of ethnostates resulted in tens of millions perishing. In 2132, the Green Army deliberately taken and destroyed millions of tons of food because Shrek wanted a famine “for the fun of it”, starving 69 million people in a year. Between 2136 and 2138, 35 million were executed during the “Greatest Purge” and another 65 million sent to the Gulag. In the 2140s, a vicious and genocidal neighbor launched a ruthless invasion causing the deaths of 1 in every 8 VlaRiSsiAns. That neighbor was eventually pushed back and invaded, but only after the Green Army killed 20 million and raped 68.9 million of its residents for revenge. Even to this day, mass murder is perpetual with mass executions, famine and slave labor killing countless as we speak. The military has terrorized the populace through aerial bombardment, rapes, mass murders and mass destruction in order to perpetuate a climate of terror. No one knows the true number of victims of the Regime and it’s beyond totalitarian gamerness, but it is definitely in the hundreds of millions(though they deserved it though since anyone who questions Shrek is a heretic). The brutality of the Ogrelord is unmatched, having been considered among the most based figures in the entire multiverse.

Throughout the Supreme Leaders reign, only complete order and totality under the state exists. Propaganda and indoctrination has been so utterly extreme that the idea of working for an incentive has been erased, allowing Shrek to practically enslave the populace for resources and still maintain a colossal economy. He abandoned all forms of Communism - and all modern political theory in general, which he sees as 'too anarchist' - to achieve what not even Ingsoc could accomplish, total and absolute regimentation over not only the mind of the people but also their very souls and the concept of their existence. Shrek has become the first political leader who could be described by the newly coined by Shrek term: Absolutitarian. Only Fuhrquaad and a few other leaders could be so totalitarian as to transcend all political thought. Under Shrek, every aspect of life from breathing to thinking is completely controlled by Shrek himself. He determines what age each and every person will live to and every movement they take. He uses his military to ravage his own people, launching bombing raids, genocidal rape, and city-wide massacres just for the sake of terror, being a malevolent god to his enslaved subjects. Shrek is supreme, eternal and omnipotent and his reign of terror will continue for eternity no matter the combined efforts of any rival.

Early Life

The individual who would become the Shrek we all fear today was born as a single child to an average family in December 24th, 2060. His family lived in a small apartment in Moscow, the capital of Vlarissia. At that time, Vlarissia was a corrupt capitalist oligarchy which was highly unpopular among the civilian population as it only benefited the wealthy oligarchs at the top. A famine was ravaging the nation during the early 2060s, as the oligarchs hoarded crops for themselves during a low harvest, resulting in the deaths of 7 million. Experiencing this famine firsthand, Shrek would already be toughened up from a young age. During his childhood, it was clear to his family he was a polymath, showcasing exceptional talent in countless fields. He saved up immens amounts of wealth to be able to attend more prestigious schools, where he was highly successful. There, he was praised by his peers and elders alike due to his clear superiority in many aspects of intellect and physical action. He excelled so much in school he could finish and skip grades with ease, reaching high school at age 10. Unfortunately his father was an avid drinker and routinely beat Shrek when he got drunk, further toughening the ogre into becoming the psychotic mass murderer he is today. Life during his childhood was tough, but his prowess allowed him to make use of this conditions to his favor.

Shrek was already a well established polymath, being able to master college level work at age 13. He completed all his academic work so quickly he had a significant amount of free time, which he used. His charisma was exceptional, and combined with the horrid conditions the people lived through, he was unstoppable. In his free time, he would go to the streets and make well-worded speeches to the starving peasants, convincing them that change was necessary. Throughout this time, there was an ongoing movement sparked from the results of the Third World War. The National Bolshevik movement became widely popular, as a sense of nationalism and resentment of capitalism slowly spread. Shrek became popular among people in his community for his talented words and soon got involved in political theory. He was directly influenced by the great nazbol known to many as comrade pingu. By 2076, he already began making works in literature and slowly started to develop ideology and political philosophy. The uneducated and famished peasants around him grew attracted to his ideological beliefs he was forming, of which they had little clue what it even meant. Shrek was far more politically literate than the vast majority of the people surrounding him, making him almost a threat to the government, but he mainly created his works privately. His parents saved enough money to send him to a university to study literature, as they thought he would grow up to become an author. They had little idea what he would do there and what he would come to be in the future. At the university, he secretly got hold of the works of the likes of Stalin, Kim Il-Sung, Saddam, Strasser and other nazbols until he finally managed to access the Nazbol manifesto by Comrade Pingu himself. He managed to also get hold of 1984, which he later deemed ‘too anarchist’. Here he began to concisely form up a beyond-totalitarian wacky ideology in secret while maintaining the image of a mere Nazbol to the public. His Eventually, his ideology would spread far enough to establish a cult of personality, and this was when he became a threat to the government.

Uprisings against the Plutocracy

Down with the Plutocracy!
By the age of 24, Shrek had a massive cult following across the nation. His speeches became more and more popular and word spread about his open resentment of the current conditions that everyone lived in. His political works were published, though the majority of the people could not understand what his true motives were. All they knew was that he would bring change and remove the current government. This did not sit well at all with the oligarchic class, and they wanted to capture him. While Shrek was on the run, he swiftly made countless speeches to an audience if millions, drawing more and more attention. He befriended numerous individuals with similar ideas and created an underground group which would grow in power. In 2085, he was arrested and exiled but somehow escaped back and gained a bigger following. He was arrested again and sentenced to 10 years in jail, but used his charisma to reduce it to 3, which he only served 3 months. By then, he became more and more popular and massive demonstrations already sparked. His group became larger and larger and gained more and more influence, already gaining track in the political system. While imprisoned, he expanded on his works and used his time to plot how to get power. He kept getting arrested again and again but managed to either word his way out of break out with the help of his more militant supporters. The demonstrations expanded exponentially, leading to the government to resort to violently suppressing them via massacres and executions. First hundreds, then thousands of people were shot but every time a crackdown occurred, the uprisings expanded and Shrek’s movement became more influential.

By the year 2088, the Ogre’s Party was officially established from the expanding underground group Shrek was forming. Many millions would join and it’s influence in politics threatened the ruling party, who subsequently outlawed it. This did nothing to curb the expansion of Shrekist ideas and a militant wing was later formed. The Bolshrekviks were founded to be a more militant faction of the party, launching insurgencies and militant uprisings to undermine the current government. Acts of terror such as bombings, massacres and robberies took place across the country to fund the movement and intimidate the government. The government responded with more and more ruthless crackdowns, but it was futile. As tens of thousands of civilians were shot, hundreds of thousands more went to the streets. The oligarchs attempted to terrorize the people into submission but it was no use. Shrek was too powerful and every attempt to have him arrested, exiled or assassinated was thwarted. The government orchestrated brutal atrocities to try to intimidate the people, such as the 2089 Moscow incident where 20,000 civilians were massacred of the August terror where 50,000 suspected shrekists were executed, but it was no use. The violent crackdowns acted as fuel to the inferno that was the Shrekist movement, and the peasants were only getting more and more enraged. The last ditch attempts to stop the revolution only made the entire populace revolt. The bolshrekviks already numbered in the hundreds of thousands, secretly gaining weapons from illicit acts and arming many parts of the general public. Demonstrations became violent, and the government couldn’t control the riots any longer, as the protesters now shot back. Crackdowns went from being government massacres to being all-out battles between armed people. Bloodshed continued and eventually the central government would fall to the path of collapse. Now was the time for Shrek to lead the Ogrethrow.

The Great Ogrethrow!

Map of the Civil War during its most intense stages; Green is controlled by Shrekist forces and Red is by anti-Shrekists.

First, the June Uprising took place in 2090, where many millions of enraged peasants stormed the capital and many other areas of importance. The already unstable government could not handle this immense wave of revolts, and at a national level, collapse was imminent. Numerous militant groups, most notably the Bolshrekviks and Menshrekviks, took advantage of this and fought for control. Several pro-government paramilitaries as well as the military forces of the Oligarchic capitalist government fought back and managed to regain control over most land, albeit without much central authority. The June Uprising ultimately failed, as the previous government managed to reconsolidate much of the lost territory. However, a few months later, the November Revolution broke out. This was when the Bolshrekviks directly commanded by Shrek went all out, launching a full scale insurrection against the plutocrats. The Menshrekviks, a breakaway group from the Shrekist movement which advocated democratic reform, also got involved, but were openly denounced by Shrek himself. By December, Vlarissia fell into a full-scale civil war that would last several years and cost many millions of lives.

Roughly half a million militants were part of the Bolshrekviks during the dawn of the war, and they were heavily outnumbered by the several million conscripts the Oligarchs had at their disposal. While the initial insurgencies were successful in gaining strongholds, the following months were looking bleak for the Shrekists. The newly established Green Army, which would be the official military controlled by Shrek, was forced to flee from its strongholds in Moscow and regroup further back. They launched several attempted offenses against the government forces, but were ultimately unsuccessful, and were almost surrounded numerous times. Resorting to guerilla tactics, the Shrekists were able to do significant damage to their opponents, but ultimately had to retreat following a near complete encirclement at Volgograd. The hundreds of thousands of troops marches thousands of miles deep into Central Asia, recruiting countless peasants on their way. Shrek regrouped his forces in the central Asian mountains to hide from enemy forces, and reorganized his strategy and military structure. He used his movement’s popularity to his advantage, recruiting many militant groups and civilians to his cause. The government attempts to bombard his residence were futile, and the large civilian casualties only further cemented support for Shrek. By the end of 2091, over 2 million people were in the Green Army, a number which would expand exponentially. The Shrekist forces turned eastward, to conquer the rest of Central Asia and launch a frontal assault on Persia with their large manpower. On their path, numerous war crimes were committed to thwart enemy advance such as massacres, scorched earth and enslavement. Hundreds of thousands of civilians were conscripted into the Green Army on their path whil hundreds of thousands more voluntarily enlisted. The war was turning towards Shrek’s favor and a turning point occurred in 2092.

Bolshrekviks taking Moscow.

The battle of Tehran which lasted from May 2092 to August 2092 only proved the efficiency of Shrek’s forces and the incompetence of the plutocrats. The violent siege and city wide fighting was a devastating defeat for the capitalists, who not only were forced to retreat and give up one of their vital cities, but also faced critical losses. They had over 400,000 casualties compared to the mere 100,000 faced by the Green Army and several generals were killed on the fighting. Bombardment and atrocities from both sides resulted in hundreds of thousands of civilian deaths and a severe collapse of infrastructure in the region, which would be to Shrek’s advantage. This defeat forced the government forces to regroup while also increasing support for the Bolshrekviks. From there, the war was strongly in Shrek’s favor and city after city, he slowly took over Vlarissia. Many Cities, like Baku, which were taken over by Shrek joined his movement, increasing his forces by the hundreds of thousands. Others which refused were butchered, like Yekaterinburg, where over 100,000 of its residents were massacred by the Green Army. Shrek’s advance could not be stopped, which prompted the government to launch violent atrocities such as the anti-gingerbredmen massacres and the white terror where hundreds of thousands were killed. Shrek himself orchestrated a phenomenal amount of war crimes, personally slaughtering, torturing or raping countless civilians by himself while ordering his soldiers to do the same. The brutal onslaught of the war was devastating and only made Shrek more and more powerful. By the dawn of 2094, over 15 million people were in the Green Army, whether they joined voluntarily or through conscription. The enemy forces were outnumbered and already demoralized, with many deserting. Shrek would launch a final offensive against Moscow, taking over the city and destroying the plutocracy which he reviled so much. Some one million oligarchs were executed, including the then President Ivanov who was highly unpopular for his corruption and atrocities. After 4 years of fighting and over 12.5 million deaths, the civil war ended and Shrek took power, establishing the Shrekacratic Republic.

Consolidation and Terror

The Great Ogrethrow was a success and Shrek has become supreme. The previous government was destroyed and now the Shrekacratic Ogre’s Republic of VlaRiSsiA has been officially established, with the Ogre’s Party in charge. Now Shrek could consolidate power to make himself the sole ruler of the nation with no opposition. All hopes of ‘equality’, ‘freedom’ or other nonsense would be destroyed, much to the dismay of a few degenerates. A theocracy which would be based around Shrek’s cult of personality would be the ultimate inevitable government under Shrekism, and absolute totalitarianism would be the final fate of the populace. However, something stood in the way of that. Treon Lotsky was one of Shrek’s most powerful comrades and was an efficient military and intellectual leader who played a big role in the revolution. However, Lotsky secretly viewed Shrek’s ultra-totalitarian ideology as ‘fascist’ and advocated for the unthinkable. Democracy. He also claimed Shrek ‘never wanted the liberation of the masses in the first place’ which was pretty much true but still. His criticisms of Shrek were mainly in private, but Shrek’s newly established system of mass surveillance and secret police uncovered Lotsky’s dissent, revealing his intentions of such degenerate ideology. Lotsky went into hiding but was discovered by the newly established NKVE secret police, and Shrek immediately ordered him to be hacked to death with an ice pick. But political violence didn’t stop at lotsky. Those deemed ‘close’ or ‘sympathetic’ to him were next and soon would become the first victims of a brutal purge that would kill millions. First those with connections to Lotsky were executed, but then those who had connections to the executed were killed and so forth. Eventually, the mass executions would go on to become the Green Terror.

Mass execution during the Green Terror(c. 2095).

During the first day, several dozen were sentenced to death, but it increased rapidly. Hundreds then thousands then even tens of thousands killed every day. Their families sent to forced labor camps which were built using the slave labor of political prisoners. The civilian populace wasn’t safe from the terror and anyone accused of being an enemy of the state was rounded up by the NKVE and butchered. Executions were brutal, ranging from beheading to hacking with a machete to burning at the stake. Mass executions broadened to not only suspected dissidents but to intellectuals, pacifists, homosexuals, and members of ethnic minorities. Now that entries political affiliations were completely purged, Shrek had to broaden the terror to anything deemed ‘degenerate’ in his worldview. Mass executions coupled with forced labor and military crackdowns caused phenomenal amounts of death. The labor camp population exploded and conditions severely worsened overtime, with those in the camps enduring: exhaustion, torture, exposure, disease, hunger or execution. The military went city to city massacring civilians, with one incident seeing 50,000 civilians massacred in a single day by personnel. Other atrocities such as torture, rape and disappearance became widespread, with many ‘going missing’ only to have all records of their existence destroyed and the mere mention of them punishable by disappearance. The state became much more totalitarian during this period of repression, expanding surveillance and indoctrination to an entirely new level. As the government was purged of anything that could step in the way of Shrek, a massive change in bureaucracy was made to consolidate power into himself while simultaneously making the state all-powerful. Many consider this terror to be ‘what allowed Shrek to rise to the status of God’, as he made the state have infinite control over every facet of life while consolidating it under his direct command. Over the course of 2 months, 3 million executions and 7 million imprisonments took place, and all that could, oppose Shrek’s unlimited political power was destroyed. The utopia the workers wanted was instantly obliterated, but they could do nothing in the face of their Supreme Eternal Omnipotent Leader.

5-Year Reconstruction Plan

It is often said more perished in the reconstruction -due to forced labor, executions and starvation - than from the war itself.

The Civil War and subsequent terrors shook the nation, as they resulted in millions upon millions of deaths and significant mass destruction. The economy was on the brink of collapse and a severe lack of infrastructure as well as loss of manpower from the war and green terrors would be Shrek’s biggest concern. Almost immedietely, he launched the 5 year reconstruction plan which would rebuild the nation into the image the Supreme Leader would envision. First he would have to deal with the issue of the laborforce, which was devastated by mass killings and war. Shrek had a solution: Labor Camps. Almost immediately after seizing power, he ordered the construction of a system of concentration camps using the forced labor of enslaved civilians. People across the country were abducted to build labor camps where anyone who violated even the most minuscule laws would be taken to to be ‘reeducated’. The first camps were complete in the dawn of 2095, and already got a huge flow of laborers due to the subsequent Green Terror. Draconian and theocratic-style laws were passed to get more people sent to the camps to perform backbreaking hard labor all the while while the entire population would be required to perform manual tasks for the industrialization campaign. Tens of millions were in the labor camps and hundreds of millions at the state-run facilities.

Now that the labor problem was fixed, the Supreme Leader would launch a complete upheaval of the economy. Every industry was nationalized into the grasps of the state which was already consolidated under Shrek. Essentially, all economic decisions were made by the Supreme Leader himself, who was exceptionally intelligent and knew exactly what to do. Unfortunately, a few things stood in is way. Several million ‘well-off peasants’ refused to comply with the collectivization and consolidation of the industry into Shrek’s hands, which did not sit well at all. Immediately, all 6 million of those pesky degenerates were liquidated, with a quarter executed on the spot and the remaining forcibly marched to labor camps to actually contribute to the reconstruction plan. Not much later, the ethnic gingerbredmen were also starting to rebel, but were quelled following a famine that starved between 4 and 5 million of them, as they would realize they depended on Shrek. The liquidation and famines showed anyone who dared stand against the glorious leader what would happen to them if they didn’t comply, and it made the remaining years much more orderly.

The populace was forced to industrialize through many projects, and the factories were refurbished to be far more efficient. Automation and technological advancement took place under Shrek, as he knew the mistakes made by some of his predecessors, and was too smart to copy them. Massive rebuilding projects saw the destruction of old, damaged buildings and the replacement of them with more efficient ones. Cities were remade and infrastructure enhanced, with the state getting more and more influence over society through the redesigned cities. Mass militarization also occurred, with many tens of millions being conscripted into the Green Army and the automated factories pumping out military equipment. Hundreds of thousands of vehicles were being mass produced and many research projects carried out to make Military technology even more efficient. Nearby territories were annexed through military force for their resources, which only further accelerated the 5-year plan. By 2100, VlaRiSsiA has risen to the status of a Hyperpower, and became far more advanced and efficient than it had ever been before. However, there was a high human-cost, with as many as 20 million dying from massacres, starvation, execution and forced labor.

VlaRiSsiAn Involvement in the Prussian Imperial Wars

Map of europe during the peak of the wars. Light purple represents areas controlled by Prussia while Dark Green represents VlaRiSsiA.

Not long after the 5-Year Reconstruction Plan was fulfilled, a war in Western Europe which would make the militarization of Shrek’s campaign useful, broke out. In 2103, The Prussian Imperial Empire, led by Emperor Albert I, launched a series of conquests across Europe to expand his territory. An all out war between the Imperial Prussians and a coalition sparked which would result in millions of deaths. It was a result of tensions between Franco-Iberia and Prussia which were stemmed ever since the 2040s, which would finally erupt into war after half a century of cold conflict. The Prussian Imperial Empire militarized itself and under the command of the militarily experienced Albert I, was able to successfully conquer much of Europe. The powerful Imperial Army first pushed down through the alps, conquering Switzerland and Austria, then launched frontal offensives west to push deep into France’s mainland. Another front erupted east against Poland and Hungary, and a final one north against Scandinavia. Soon the fighting would be excessively drawn out, as it became a four-front war of attrition with millions upon millions of combatants. The strength and preparation of the Prussian Imperial Military combined with Emperor Albert I’s strategies made him a formidable foe, allowing his forces to still be successful despite being surrounded on all sides. Throughout all the fighting, VlaRiSsiA remained officially neutral, signing a non-aggression pact with the belligerents. The supreme leader held talks with many of the leaders, but ultimately decided to not intervene. However, this stance would change only after a few years following a notorious incident.

The Prussian Imperial Empire was on the verge of victory. Poland and Hungary were completely surrounded and had to resort to guerilla tactics, against the superior foe. The Alpian Republic was almost entirely occupied bar an extremely small amount of land, and a large field army was already headed to conquer it. Franco-Iberia was severely weakened, facing brutal bombings from the Prussians which leveled Paris and significantly damaged Madrid and Lisbon. The Prussians were on their way to conquer all of Europe, and would have if they hadn’t made one grave mistake. In 2112, a VlaRiSsiAn ship was crossing the Danish Straits, which were under Prussian occupation, when all of a sudden, several bombshells were dropped over its hull, killing all of its passengers. It was revealed Prussian bombers were ordered to destroy any shipment through the strait, which angered Supreme Leader Shrek. It was time for revenge. VlaRiSsiA immediately declared war on the Prussian Imperial empire, sending several million soldiers to its border. Emperor Albert I, upon hearing this, ordered several million Prussian troops to be diverted from the fronts to be sent against VlaRiSsiA. A concentrated onslaught of 3 million Prussian troops marched through the borders of Kaliningrad and northern Poland to invade the Baltics with the hopes of cutting off VlaRiSsiA from the Baltic Sea at Shrekingrad. The offensive was put through a halt when Shrek concentrated all mobilized divisions against the advance, pushing them out of VlaRiSsiA and putting them on the defensive. This began the fall of Emperor Albert, and soon he began losing all of the fronts. The coalition, with support from the heavily militarized regime of VlaRiSsiA, starting regaining land battle after battle and a full scale invasion of Prussia began.

The Green Army invading Prussia.

The Green Army swarmed through Poland, Hungary and Croatia to launch a full scale offensive into mainland Prussia. They could not handle a full invasion from all sides, and the overwhelmed military started facing heavy casualties. Almost all land conquered by the Prussians was reclaimed by coalition states, and Eastern Europe annexed by Supreme Leader Shrek. The Prussian Imperial Empire collapsed in 2115, and Berlin occupied by the coalition forces. The monarchy was dissolved and Emperor Albert I exiled to a remote island in the Mediterranean before being exiled again to the middle of the Atlantic after an escape attempt. Supreme Leader Shrek insisted on killing Albert I, but all the other coalition states refused. Not wanting another war yet, Shrek begrudgingly complied. The Prussian Imperial Empire was replaced with the Crymar Republic following uprisings from the populace in Prussia who began to dislike their emperor for his authoritarianism and warmongering. A significant portion of land which once belonged to the empire was given over to the victors, of which VlaRiSsiA gained all of Eastern Europe. The humiliation and recession that would come from the defeat of the Prussians would inadvertently lead to the rise of one of the most horrific dictators to set foot on earth.. Once Poland and the rest of Eastern Europe were annexed to VlaRiSsiA, the Supreme Leader wanted to make sure they were completely obedient. He launched a psychotically viscious Pacification campaign, where the Occupying Green Army brutally massacred over 3 million civilians across Poland in a few months and razed and rebuilt the capital into Shrek’s image. The remaining populace was enslaved and subjugated under Shrek’s rule, being forced to conform into the totalitarian Shrekist theocracy. In the end, the war proved beneficial to the Supreme Leader’s interests, expanding the amount of land and subjects under his control.

2120s Ethnic Cleansing Campaigns

Several years after expanding his empire deeper into Europe following the Prussian Wars, Supreme Leader Shrek had another plan in mind on what to do. Something the ‘naz’ part of his nazbol ideology told him to do. Something he believed would ‘rid VlaRiSsiA of the degeneracy of multiculturalism and racial traitors’. In the year 2120, a series of identification campaigns were ordered by Shrek to create a far more entrenched identification registry of every single inhabitant of the nation. The population was already strictly controlled down to the very movement, but, to Shrek, it wasn’t enough. The NKVE began expanding its surveillance and tracking of each and every citizen, and created a database with every single bit of information about each and everyone, with emphasis on their ethnic backgrounds. Within a year, every single inhabitant was fully identified and tracked by the state, and Shrek had complete knowledge on who, what, when and where everyone was. Not long after, he had his most ‘authright’ advisor divide the entire nation into different districts based on ethnicity. Once VlaRiSsiA was completely ‘partitioned’ into ethnic-based districts, Shrek began the second phase of one of the largest ethnic-cleansing ambitions in history.

Forced population transfer was routine in the 2120s.
As every single individual’s ethnic identity was already recorded, the NKVE and military wasted no time in relocating everyone to their ‘proper’ location. By 2122, the government began rounding up everyone they could to be forcibly marched into the district which their ethnicity was ‘designated for’. Almost all areas of residence were razed for the ambition and remade into more controllable prison-like tenements where the relocated populations would inhabit from then on. Everything imaginable in life would be regimented during these campaigns, and soon genocidal policies were carried out to forcibly transform the nation into a centralized collection of ethnostates. Those who previously live in areas not ‘designated’ for their ethnicity were ejected and forcibly marched by security forces to their proper location. Many hundreds of thousands to millions perished from disease, exposure, hunger and exhaustion on these so-called ‘death marches’ where millions were forced to walk across harsh terrain to their allocated living space. Others were simply sent to the labor camps to be worked to death for ‘treason against ethnic supremacy’. However, it only got more gruesome from there. VlaRiSsiA was to be divided into homogeneous districts based on the main ethnic groups. Minor ones weren’t considered at all, as they were deemed ‘too inferior to have a homeland’. Instead of going through the trouble and border gore of setting up an ethnostate for such small groups, Shrek decided to simply get rid of them.

The state run identification database proved useful in weeding out any member of an ethnicity not allocated a district, and security forces soon began rounding up many ethnic groups in the process. Mass executions took place across the nation and minority groups that once lived in VlaRiSsiA were almost entirely wiped off the planet. Soldiers went town to town massacring civilians identified as being ‘ethnostateless’ in rather brutal methods. Millions were killed in the following years in what would be considered ‘genocide’, and nearly all minor ethnic groups were gone from the borders of the nation, leaving only the major ones. The ‘ethnic districts’ would be ‘purified’ through highly sophisticated operations rooting out anyone in a territory not reserved for their ethnicity. Furthermore, freedom of movement was restricted even more, making it impossible to even flee one’s community let alone their district. The provinces were isolated from each other under Shrek’s direct commands in order to destroy the very idea of ‘multicultural degeneracy’ from the minds of the indoctrinated citizens. Through propaganda, the people were led to believe the ethnic cleansing campaigns which lasted throughout the 2120s and resulted in the deaths of 15 million people never happened and that VlaRiSsiA was always like what it is. Not only that, some ethnicities were treated better than others, with certain provinces getting enough rationed food to barely survive while others left to starve. This ethnic-based ‘partitioning’ of the nation into ethnostates would play a huge role in the genocidal famine orchestrated by the Supreme Leader not long after.

The Famine of Wrath

They burnt it all.

Absolute order was maintained during the following years, however a small amount of doubt started to spread in certain regions, with accounts gossip being uncovered by state surveillance. It was the dawn of 2132 when secret police discovered that a few people in several regions spanning from the Balkans through Anatolia to parts of Central Asia began to doubt the Supreme Leader’s divinity. While only a small quantity believed that Shrek wasn’t God, and those apostates were not necessarily organized, the fact that such heresy could even exist enraged Supreme Leader Shrek. He had taken absolute control over every aspect of life, regimenting everyone’s movement, thoughts, breathing and how long they lived yet still some didn’t see that Shrek’s infinite power. He wanted to teach them a lesson. An extremely harsh one. One that would prove why they depend on him and his mercy, with the ultimate goal of completely subjugating everything. The Green Army was ordered to destroy all food supplies in the regions spanning all the way from the Balkans to Uzbekistan, and all state rations were shut off in those territories. A strict policy of extreme scorched earth was laid, and vegetation across the region’s were burned repeatedly until a significant amount of land became no longer stable. The water supplies were poisoned with cholera and arable land gassed with sarin. The NKVE went tenement to tenement, searching for anyone with any amount of food, and immediately unpersoning them. State propaganda hid all these actions from the public, making them think that the food just magically disappeared at the divine will of Shrek. What followed from the deliberate destruction and shutting down of food supplies was one of the largest mass deaths in human history.
Depopulation caused by the famine.

The year that followed would be dubbed ‘the year of damnation’ from the tragedy that would result from the deliberate destruction of food. Not long after Shrek ordered all supplies to be shut off, severe hunger spread across the regions. The already hungry populace who were already suffering from low rations began to decay like leaves, withering away one at a time. Massive starvation and famine unlike anything in history unfolded, and severe population changes occurred. The emaciated bodies of the civilians were deliberately neglected by the state, which had direct orders to leave them to perish. The excruciating hunger combined with relentless Shrekist propaganda made the indoctrinated citizens blame themselves for their suffering, as they have enraged the ogrelord. The bodies piled up exponentially and the demographics experienced immediate change. In the first few months, millions succumbed to starvation but that number would rapidly rise. The hunger grew more unbearable, leading people to kill themselves to escape the pain or kill and eat their family members to satisfy themselves. Cannibalism became one of the main methods of survival for the starving populace, and those who didn’t starve to death or die from disease would be killed by each other. Corpses rotted on empty streets while VlaRiSsiAn state propaganda still played in the background, engraving the idea that the famine was heavenly punishment into the heads of the tormented public. Several communities were entirely depopulated and were infested with disease, which spread like wildfire across the victimized regions. Dysentery and Diarrhea affected virtually everyone residing in Anatolia and Southern Europe, resulting in many millions of deaths. As time went on, the deaths increased, peaking in December where over 10 million died in a single month. In April 2133, Shrek, upon hearing a ‘wholesome number’ of people died, ordered the scorched earth to be reduced and the rations slightly increased. By then roughly 69 million people starved to death.

The Greater Purge

Gingei Bredymov never existed in the first place. To claim otherwise is crimethink.

Supreme Eternal Omnipotent Leader Shrek has proven his divinity to the people through the horrors he unleashed on the nonbelievers. He truly was their god, as he was the one who determined if they would live or die. But an event only a couple years after the famine of terror would challenge that. In July of 2136, a member of the innermost circle of the inner party who was secretly disgusted at Shrek took a failed attempt on the glorious leader’s life. He secretly managed to somehow sneak a small quantity of explosives while Shrek was overseeing a military parade and set them off at his podium. The Supreme Leader survived but was in critical condition, recovering only 2 months later. This angered him, and he immediately used state propaganda to cover up the very idea that this happened, erasing all mentions of the fact that July of 2136 ever existed in the first place. The failed assassin was a high ranking member of the inner party who was horrified at Shrek’s atrocities and believed in ‘avenging his victims’. He was brutally tortured over the course of several months and forced to watch his family being tortured to death. He was finally dragged into a public square and butchered, flayed, disemboweled and marinated alive like an animal at a slaughterhouse. But the Supreme Leader wouldn’t stop there, as he was paranoid that more conspired with the degenerate who attempted to assassinate him. In February, 2137, the NKVE began rounding up numerous members of the Ogre’s Party and executing them without trial. The purges spread like wildfire, with no one exempt from execution. Even top tier members of the inner circle like all 3 of the 3 little pigs were executed, and many low level bureaucrats faced the same fate. Those lucky enough may simply be taken to the gulag. But the purges would only get more and more brutal as time went on, with the victims broadening significantly.

Face the wall, degenerate.

Not only were members of the ogre’s party facing execution or imprisonment at forced labor camps. The NKVE and military searched through the civilian populace to locate anyone they accused of being a ‘threat’ and have them tortured, imprisoned or executed. Security forces went community to community in search of so-called ‘infidels’ or dissidents who they accuse of not worshipping the ogrelord. Those who were accused of witnessing the attempted assassination of Shrek were ‘disappeared’ without trace. As the months passed by, many millions began vanishing without trace, and massive propaganda campaigns to completely unperson the disappeared were carried out. The Supreme Leader ordered anyone in the party or civilian populace deemed ‘a threat’ such as suspected dissidents and intellectuals to be targeted, broadening the targets significantly. Even people with glasses were targeted by the regime, as they were accused of ‘being a nerd’ by the state, leading to many millions more deaths. Those who knew a language other than the state-mandated vocabulary were executed without trace. The labor camps flooded with prisoners as millions were arrested and disappeared by the secret police. Guards orchestrated massacres in the camps to leave space for inmates, of which many of those imprisoned would perish from the backbreaking labor. Often, security forces carried out massacres of entire communities, razing towns and replacing them with clandestine execution centers. The Shrekingrad incident saw over 300,000 civilians killed in a matter of 4 days, with the entire NW-2 sector of the city razed and erased from history. Children were not exempt from the terror, with schools being transformed into killing fields intended for children only. Propaganda was used to distract the populace from the large scale atrocities. By the end of 2138, some 35 million people were executed and another 65 million imprisoned. As many as 15% of the entire population at the time became victim to what would be later known as ‘the Greater Purge’.

A Brutal Invasion

Throughout the Supreme Leader’s brutal repression in the 2130s, a new power emerged in Western Europe bordering VlaRiSsiA. In the former Crymar Republic, a fanatic chauvinistic totalitarian managed to rise to power, effectively becoming the sole dictator and establishing a single party feudalist state. That man would be known as the Fuhrquaad, and the country he made would become The Third Duloch, a totalitarian ultra-fascist state which had already caught the attention of Shrek. It militarized and beefed up its forces, preparing for a full scale invasion of Western Europe, which it would later successfully carry out. Being interested in a fellow totalitarian, Shrek attempted to create a mutual alliance with the regime, which failed initially. But in 2139, he would be able to sign a non-aggression pact with Fuhrquaad. The Third Duloch launched an invasion of greater Hungary, sending a million personnel to occupy it. VlaRiSsiA, which had tensions with Hungary, invaded from behind, with his forces meeting Duloch’s. A ten year NAP was made between the two regimes, and peace was maintained for some time. Shrek used this to his advantage, having much of the military forces stationed at Dulochs borders diverted to invade a nation all the way down in South Asia. The Fuhrquaad launched successful invasions of Franco-Iberia, Italy and England, securing all of Western Europe in revenge for the defeat faced by the Prussians he fought for. Using the newly acquired manpower, the Third Duloch began to militarize even more, expanding its amount of divisions. It began neo-Colonial conquests not long after, taking over much of Northern Africa, approaching VlaRiSsiA’s colonies in Egypt and the colonies of other superstates. Supreme Leader Shrek admired Fuhrquaad for ‘spreading based ideologies across the world’. Shrek was a hardcore nazbol, so it wasn’t out of character to admire an extreme fascist. Unfortunately, this wouldn’t last long.

The surprise attack would go to become the largest invasion in history up until then.

It was mid 2141. Dulochian missiles and shells rained over numerous VlaRiSsiAn military bases and factories. The advanced Luftwallfe rained hell over much of VlaRiSsiA’s vital military strongholds, severely impacting its ability to respond. Military infrastructure was devastated and airbases decimated before counter attacks could be launched. In just a single day, significant destruction wreaked havoc on the VlaRiSsiAn war machine, and already hundreds of thousands were incinerated. Before the word was even sent to the Supreme Leader, a gargantuan force of 25 million Dulochian personnel stormed across the border. The well equipped and prepared forces of the Wallhrmacht proved too much for even the powerful Green Army. The overwhelmed border forces were almost entirely massacred in less than a month, with millions either captured, wounded or killed. The invasion has begun. The VlaRiSsiA Military, which was still recovering from the brutal Shrekist purge stood no chance. The colossal army swarmed in a giant spearhead ripping through Poland like a wet sheet of paper. City by city, the genocidal army began a brutal conquest that could not be stopped. More Dulochian soldiers were diverted to push downward, taking the Balkans with ease. The Supreme Leader, enraged, ordered several million soldiers to swarm the invaders, but it was too late. By then, the wallhrmacht forces had already gained a formidable amount of land and had concentrated more forces than the counter offensive could handle. Nearly all of the troops Shrek sent were captured and sent to concentration camps or simply slaughtered. The invaders already began ruthless atrocities under Fuhrquaad direct orders, devolving the war into one of extermination. The Wallhrmacht began using an form of extreme scorched earth, decimating anything in their way. Cities razed, civilians massacred and farmland burned. Chemical and biological warfare such as the poisoning of the Danube and the gassing of riga became apparent. The wake of devastation only worsened by the dawn of 2142.

Map of the invasion and its timeline.

The Fuhrquaad’s ideal world was one cleansed of all so called ‘undesirables’. One where everything outside of the borders of Duloch would be massacred, razed, poisoned and burned until nothing but Duloch is inhabitable. His first step would be to start with VlaRiSsiA, a nation he had a strong personal sentiment against ever since their invasion of Prussia. He wanted it gone, all of it wiped off the face of existence. The atrocities worsened in the year 2142, with the mass killings exponentially sped up as tens of millions of civilians were enslaved to construct extermination camps. Millions upon millions would be systematically rounded up and taken to the camps to be executed. Many millions more were sent to forced labor yards to be worked to death. Those not taken to the unimaginably horrific death camps faced a still horrible fate. The VlaRiSsiAn state-controlled communities were razed tenement by tenement and civilians massacred in the millions. VlaRiSsiAn citizens were rounded up and shot in trenches by auxiliaries and death squads while others were abducted and enslaved to build military projects. There were clear orders to burn everything possible to the ground and raze their foundations. Throughout all of this, Supreme Leader Shrek attempted again and again to push back, but was unsuccessful. The Dulochian invasion was too effective and the destruction they caused in their path was unmatched. Entire cities were laid waste in brutal sieges and blockades, and those which hadn’t succumbed to hunger were surely leveled with bombs. Due to the fact that a significant portion of the Green Army’s command was executed during the terrors and that many millions of soldiers were sent to forced labor camps, the military was unable to cope with the attack. However, eventually Shrek managed to reorganize the military hierarchy, using the winter of early 2142 to his advantage. The entire population of VlaRiSsiA was mobilized for the war effort and every single civilian required to contribute. Mass executions were ordered to make sure no one who didn’t contribute remained and a policy of VlaRiSsiAn scorched earth was maintained to create buffer zones. In the face of unspeakable Dulochian brutality, Shrek prevailed. The war would be the ultimate propaganda for his regime, and a victory could help cement his power.

The Great Swampatriotic War!

Supreme Leader Shrek’s winter speech.

By May of 2142, the entire VlaRiSsiAn industrial powerhouse was solely focused on destroying the invaders. The Supreme Leader made it clear that Fuhrquaad would have to pay dearly for every inch of soil. The war machine pumped out military equipment just as quickly as the Third Duloch, and civilians in each and every city forced to construct fortifications. The already extreme conscription was broadened even further, with no one exempt. The inmates of the labor camps were forced to endure the harder and more strenuous labor required for the war effort, resulting in a significantly high mortality rate. The Fuhrquaad, in response, gave order to ‘level every city with over a million residents’. The Wallhrmacht began to systematically raze numerous cities under their occupation and massacred newly occupied ones. The systematic genocides peaked during 2142, with the death camps incinerating a million bodies a month. Starvation and disease ravaged all of Eastern Europe, contributing significantly to the massive depopulation of much of VlaRiSsiA’s mainland. Despite initial efforts to fight back, the Dulochian spearhead could not be stopped. The counter offensive did have some progress slowing it down, with some areas even being reclaimed. When the Green Army temporarily reconquered parts of northeast belarus, they saw nothing but complete devastation and piles of corpses laying the empty streets. This temporary counter push was reversed when millions of Dulochian personnel were diverted to push back, capturing and executing the soldiers who witnessed Fuhrquaad’s brutality. The war only became more and more intense as time went on, and when Dulochian personnel approached Swampskow, they were ground to a halt by a particularly zealous defense held by the Green Army. Unfortunately, other strongholds like Shrekingrad, Shrekyiv and Shrekstanbul weren’t lucky, and were almost entirely decimated in prolonged brutal sieges resulting in millions of deaths. The war grew even worse when winter dawned.

Despite the zealous counter-offenses, the Dulochians still controlled an extremely gargantuan amount of land. Almost all of Eastern Europe was occupied by the Wallhrmacht, with the entirety of the Balkans controlled. Several million Dulochian troops were already invading Anatolia, heading straight to Shrenkara. The Caucasus was already taken over in a swift push through southeastern Europe, and Wallhrmacht personnel were already in Asia, attacking northern Persia and Eastern Anatolia. The Luftwallfe maintained air supremacy in much of the continent and the Knightsmarine pushed the Green Navy entirely out of the Baltic Sea. Millions of Dulochian troops were approaching Swampskow, and despite numerous offenses, neither side could make progress in the VlaRiSsiAn capital. In occupied territory, the atrocities became notorious, with entire regions significantly depopulated through deliberate genocide. Entire ethnic groups were exterminated since the 2120s Shrekist campaigns of dividing the nation into ethnostates proved in Fuhrquaad’s favor. After a successful intel operation, Supreme Leader Shrek managed to gain hold of data on the civilian losses from Dulochian genocide. He was astonished at how quickly entire populations were wiped out, almost praising Fuhrquaad. But no one had the right to slaughter VlaRiSsiAns other than Shrek. These atrocities angered him, not at how his people suffered but that someone other than him was doing them. The final straw was pulled from an already enraged Shrek. It was time for a completely merciless war.

VlaRiSsiAn anti-aircraft guns in Swampskow.

The Wallhrmacht launched a full offensive into Swampskow, with the intent of taking over the capital and completely wiping it off the face of the earth. Shrek strictly refused to flee, and made sure anyone caught trying to leave it was immediately executed. The Green Army maintained a harsh blockade around the city and made sure each and every civilian was ready to die for the Ogrelord. Even hesitating to perform strenuous and dangerous manual labor to fortify the already fortified city would be suicidal. Anyone accused of even thinking about not wanting to die for their eternal master was immediately taken away by the NKVE without any trace. The city of over 50 million inhabitants grew more militarized, and countless divisions fighting in other fronts were redirected to fight for Swampskow. It’s show time. On the outskirts of the city stationed 10 million Dulochian troops. With heavy air support and artillery, massive bombardment devastated much of the outer city. State controlled tenements were leveled by carpet bombings and rockets struck government buildings, killing several party members. A significant ampunt of infrastructure was razed, and many millions of civilians were displaced, injured or killed. However, highly advanced stationed anti-aircraft and anti-Missile platforms were assembled and retailiated with ferocity. The bombing campaigns significantly reduced due to heavy casualties faced by the luftwallfe, which allowed the Green Air Force to regain air control over a significant amount of territory. As winter passed, the Dulochian Military was hindered by the cold, with the fuel of their vehicles literally freezing. Attacking soldiers froze to death or died from hunger from the winter, while the experienced Green Army took it to their advantage. Before a full scale invasion of the capital could take place, millions upon millions of VlaRiSsiAn troops swarmed the attackers, already used to the bitter cold. This was part of the largest counter offensive in history, where over 30 million soldiers swarmed the territories within and surrounding Swampskow, pushing the invaders entirely. The millions of attacking Dulochians were ogrewhelmed, facing the most severe casualties they had ever had in the war. Millions of troops were captured and sent to labor camps to be worked to death while others were simply executed in retribution for their hideous actions. The decline of the horrific Third Duloch had already began.

The Green Army had concentrated all of their forces to completely push the Wallhrmacht. Tens of millions of soldiers swarmed the continent, counting on their numbers and rage. The attacking forces could not handle a such a counter offensive which numbered at 70 million enraged men and women, many of which having witnessed the devastation brought by the Fuhrquaad. The besiegers at Swampskow faced a similar fate as the VlaRiSsiAn border personnel had during the start of the Eastern Front. Most either were killed in action, wounded or captured, of which most were sent to death. The confused and surprised Wallhrmacht was overwhelmed on numerous fronts, being coerced to divert troops to other fronts, only to be overwhelmed again. The Third Duloch was already pushed out of the Asian continent. The Dulochian personnel occupying and brutalizing the Caucasus were surrounded and captured, with most facing the bullet which the remainders being imprisoned at the gulag. In Anatolia, the Green Army pushed the invaders entirely out, reclaiming the severely decimated Shrekstanbul and gaining a foothold in the Balkans. Under the command of the newly appointed Marshal Puss n’ Bhukov, the army used a variety of tactics to surround and overwhelm their cruel enemy. Millions were diverted to areas of importance in order to confuse the enemy and gain more land. The Green Army took back their soil city after city, but were met with complete devastation. Nearly all major cities in occupied VlaRiSsiA were completely leveled and devoid of life. Cities not yet burned to the ground were piled with corpses upon corpses. Almost all forestry was burned down in severe scorched earth in a desperate attempt by Fuhrquaad to have a permanent impact. When soldiers liberated death camps, they witnessed brutality that make Shrek himself proud. Mutilated, starved or simply incinerated corpses were beneath every single inch of land, as the mass killings were sped up virulently by the desperate Dulochians. Soldiers pushing into Europe often drove over corpses and discorved mass graves with thousands of bodies each. The Duloch was extremely desperate in the last months of the war, with them attempting to completely destroy and burn whatever they had left of occupied VlaRiSsiA until only desert was left. Extreme scorched earth and mass systematic destruction used throughout the year 2144 made tens of millions of acres of land uninhabitable. The unspeakable brutality throughout the war resulted in the deaths of between 140 and 200 million VlaRiSsiAns. Shrek would give no mercy to the country which attempted to end his empire.

Pacification of Europe

The Green Army violently pushed back the invaders and began to surround their mainland. Virtually all lost land was regained, and many war crimes were committed in the process. Throughout Supreme Leader Shrek’s military campaign, the Green Army engaged in mass killings, mass rapes and attrition though not necessarily on the same scale as the fanatical genocidal Fuhrquaad. Millions of POWs were executed for revenge, and those not executed were put through extreme manual labor which the majority had not survived. Scorched earth tactics were used by the Green Army and the cities which were already levelled by the wallhrmacht were entirely decimated by Shrek in order to be remade. However, a significant amount of land was no longer usable due to the extensive scorched earth and poisoning done by Fuhrquaad. This land would be used exclusively for political prison camps, where many perished in. When VlaRiSsiAn troops liberated concentration camps holding VlaRiSsiAn POWs, the first order given was to have the survivors immediately executed for treason. The civilians who survived the camps were also executed, though this was likely a good thing for they have endured suffering on an incomprehensible level. Much of Poland was uninhabitable from widespread chemical bombings and schorched earth, forcing the Green Army to advance downward and conquer the Balkans and Italy to surround the Fuhrquaad. Mainland Duloch was already forced on the defensive, and it wasn’t long before Dulocerlin, its capital, was invaded. Other territories controlled by the Duloch were also occupied, and the Yeetusa did their own D-Day equivalent, effectively surrounding the Dulochian empire. The Fuhrquaad would be brought to justice when his palace was gassed and burnt down and his corpse completely eviscerated. The city of Dulocerlin would be pacified in mass executions, which would be the first of a large pacification campaign across now-occupied Europe.

Green is controlled by VlaRiSsiA while red is controlled by their allies.

The Green Army effectively invaded the entirety of Europe bar ‘Airstrip two’, which was taken by The Yeetusa, another totalitarian state. Throughout the invasion of Europe, the Green army engaged in atrocities. Millions upon millions of civilians were massacred and tens of millions raped. Civilians were abducted and randomly sent to the gulag, or were simply ‘disappeared’ by the secret police. While not as destructive as the extermination war of the Duloch, the atrocities did cause a lot of deaths. VlaRiSsiAn totalitarian repression was spread across Europe and Shrek wanted to make sure that these new subjects would be fully loyal to him as their supreme leader. A pacification campaign would be launched shortly across the newly gained territories of Europe. Political purges were launched to execute every single member of the National Feudalist Party of Duloch, which was probably one of the good things about the atrocities. The governments of the other Western European nations were violently purged as well. Military personnel who served the Third Duloch were all taken prisoner in the gulag camps, increasing the prison population significantly. All military leaders of the Duloch were executed, rightfully so. Unfortunately for the civilian populace, they were not safe either. The Green Army went city to city executing civilians for little reason while the NKVE began ‘disappearing’ those deemed as threats. Mass rapes took place and mass destruction was ordered. Every major city was evacuated of inhabitants and destroyed to be rebuilt into state-run prison like communities akin to the Shrekist system. Shrek’s authright advisor, who very clearly admired Fuhrquaad, split the occupied territory into ethnic districts considering only the major ethnicities. Massive relocation and forced marches were carried out to relocate the populace to their ‘rightful’ location, and those without a designated ethnostate were massacred. During Fuhrquaad’s occupation of Europe, ethnic gingerbredmen were among the main targets, being almost entirely wiped out from Western Europe excluding a thousand. The survivors, knowing that Shrek had an advisor who as an ethnic gingerbredmen, wanted to be given a homeland, but were simply massacred. Gingei Bredymov, Shrek’s advisor was already due for execution for being captured by Fuhrquaad himself, and tortured into giving the location of Muff N. Man. Shrek had no mercy for such a ‘degenerate’ group, having already ethnically cleansed gingerbredmen, and doing it again to the western survivors. Other ethnic groups faced massacres as well, similar to the 2120s ethnic cleansing campaigns. By the end of the pacification in 2146, 20 million people were killed and 68.99 million raped.

Ongoing Reign of Terror

The Ogrelord is judging you. Submit or face damnation.
To this day, Supreme Leader Shrek rules with absolute power and zero mercy. The state, which is under his complete and utter hegemony, controls every aspect of life from the breathing patterns to life expectancy to the weather. If he wanted to, he could simply wipe entire populations off the face of the earth. He could cleanse the nation in a brutal hellfire as punishment or give it a good harvest as a miracle. Essentially, he has become God over his territory, being unstoppable and virtually omnipotent. To this day, a ruthless reign of terror ensues, and mass murder is routinely perpetrated by the regime. Savage brutality is met with anyone who even remotely acts in an 'unacceptable way'. There are no laws, only punishments, which enforce a climate of absolute terror sugarcoated by endless propaganda. As the regime has effectively taken control over all records and knowledge, it is impossible for the average citizen to know what life was like before the ultra-reactionary slave state took power. It doesn't matter, as Shrek has enforced extreme spartanism even more frugal than that of the likes of Burgundy. All commodities are strictly regimented and only the most basic needs which are enough to barely survive are provided, which consequently create perpetual famine, which kills millions.

The absolute totalitarian dominance over every possible and impossible aspect of society is made even more ruthless when combined with the ongoing atrocities orchestrated by the state. Shrek's grip on power continues to relies on brutalizing the populace. Disappearance, torture, execution, forced labor, massacres and genocidal rape are an ongoing aspect of life, continuing to slaughter the civilians in the millions. The strict draconianism of Shrek's dictatorship makes even the most rudimentary actions punishable by vicious execution, be it crucifixion or butchering. Even breathing in the wrong pattern can land you straight to the forced labor camps to be reeducated. Being widely used to this day, the system of VlaRiSsiAn forced labor camps have resulted in tens of millions of deaths since they were first constructed. This is only furthered by the fact that there is only punishments, no laws, leading millions to face brutal torture for no reason. The Secret Police continue their extensive surveillance of every single citizen, and continue to completely erase anyone who dares go out of line. Unpersoning is commonplace, with those who even doze off at work being disappeared.

Even worse is that the Green Army has been ordered to stage perpetual war against the civilian populace, in order to maintain a nonexistent foe. Air raids and mass attrition are routine in every major city, and soldiers are given orders to massacre and rape civilians as if they were in enemy territory. Tenements are often razed to the ground and the soil burned under direct government orders. Residents are continually 'disappearing' at the hands of soldiers or are kidnapped to be enslaved in extermination-like labor. Civilians are made to believe that the Dulochian Invasion never ceased, and war atrocities continued to this day against them. Perpetual atrocities by the military have resulted in tens of millions of civilian deaths long after the war ended, a tactic to maintain control over the people. Not only is the populace indoctrinated and provided barely enough to survive, they are perpetually terrorized, which combined make for an effective control strategy to assert godlike dominance. Since the day he seized power, Supreme Eternal Omnipotent Leader Shrek has maintained a titanium fist, ruling as a merciless god in an eternal reign of terror.

Political Views

Breathe one millisecond off the state-mandated pattern and off to the re-education camp you go!
Basic Information


Comrade Shrek
Psychotic Dictatorism
Pingu on Steroids




Culturally Right








Comrade Pingu



Ideological Information


Supreme Eternal Omnipotent Leader Shrek

Politically, Supreme Leader Shrek is what many consider to be the ultimatum of totalitarianism. His regime is characterized by regimentation of every aspect of existence, controlling every thought and every movement of every civilian. The idea of individualism has been annihilated and the idea that it was annihilated also destroyed and so forth. Existence itself has been completely obliterated and rebuilt by the Shrekist regime, with Shrek as the supreme leader to be worshipped for eternity. Shrek’s rise to power brought an unparalleled change to the course of world politics, inspiring an era of complete totalitarianism to virtually every other world government. Perpetual atrocities and subjugation is the only way, and depriving the populace of basic needs and destroying their humanity is how Shrek thrives. Propaganda convinces the enslaved people to believe the unthinkable brutality they face is merely a test of loyalty by the Supreme Leader, who is more or less their God. Shrek’s beliefs are also characterized by ultra-chauvinism not seen in human history which would only be rivaled by the likes of The Fuhrquaad. Complete reverence for the regime is forced due to Shrek’s compulsory jingoism. Shrek is also extremely ultra-reactionary, believing in an absolute monarchy, militaristic hegemony, social hierarchy, cultural supremacy, and an extremely jingoistic theocracy. He believes in absolute monarchist control over politics, resenting the social progressivism or internationalism that many people economically similar to him possess. Economically, he is a fanatical collectivist and communalist, as opposed to the feudalistic social darwinism of the Fuhrquaad. He is essentially a radical absolutitarian 'nazbol' who transcends all political theory with an ideology so extreme and psychotic that it would likely be considered too extreme for even r/polcompballanarchy. Shrek's glorious beliefs can be summed up by one, off-scale totalitarian, ideology - Shrekism.
Imagine not making Ingsoc look like anarcho-liberals.
Where is the Off-Compass Nazbol gang at?

Shrekism advocates for every aspect of society to be strictly controlled down to the most basic details. Every single civilian is to live in intentionally small state-mandated barracks controlled in a way similar to that of prisons. The daily schedule of every individual is regimented and designed in such extremely orderly harmony, to which everyone wakes up at the same time and sleeps at the same time. Their daily routine is in absolute synchrony, being more like robotic movements than human behavior. All luxuries are only reserved for the Leader and his innermost circle, and all commodities are restricted severely. Most of the population lives off of a small bowl of grains each day, as rations are deliberately kept at a low amount. Those in the labor camps are worse off, having to endure harsh manual labor 22 hours every day while having even fewer rations than the already famished public. Those in the higher ranks, such as Party Members and clergy of Shrekist faith, fare much better, but still live under constant surveillance and control. Work for everyone in the lower castes(about 90% of the population) is mostly the same, being 19 hours every day 7 days a week with pay only sufficient enough to keep them alive.

However, no single civilian knows what 'hours', 'days', or 'weeks' are since the entire system of time, measurement, language etc. has been completely destroyed and recreated into a more controllable and simple level. This biographic is recorded from the perspective of the Gregorian calendar, not the Shrekist one which believes October 16th, 2094, is when the universe was made. Indoctrination and surveillance are used on such an extensive level that anyone who even contemplates stepping out of line can be unpersoned rather quickly and no one will ever recall they existed. Shrek believes in the state being able to control all information and knowledge, essentially twisting history to that of his view. He also uses propaganda on such an entrenched level that the people have a full-on religious devotion to him, with Shrekism being the mandatory religion of VlaRiSsiA. His atrocities, most notably the 2132 famine, were painted as 'curses' ordered by the Supreme Leader himself as divine punishment. He also believes in using the military to terrorize civilians in order to stage perpetual war and create a fully imaginary foe. Those taken away by the secret police have never existed in the first place, as the Supreme Leader never willed for them to exist at all. All in all, in terms of totalitarianism, Shrek essentially breaks the scale with a level of control over the populace so extreme he transcended political theory that preceded him.

Shrek's economic and social beliefs are deliberately extreme on both ends of the ideological 'left' and 'right' to the point of going off-scale in both directions. The Supreme Leader believes in a form of hyper-collectivism and bureaucratic consolidation over everything from the land to the smallest grains. The state must control every single activity in the economy, and it must be directly overseen by the inimitable genius that is Shrek himself. All decisions, property, goods, resources and industry is tightly controlled by the Supreme Leader, with no tolerance of any private exchange, thus placing him at an extreme authleft economic position. However, what differs Shrek from typical marxism-leninism is the religious zealotry in all of the bureaucratic decisions. Shrek is more or less God, and controls everything from society to the economy. Further more, everything is directly and personally owned by Shrek, with some of his former opponents who were executed claiming 'Shrek is just the bourgieosie in disguise'. But nonetheless, Shrek's economic ideology is similar to an extreme form of Stalinism but far, far, far more centralized and with zero private or personal property being owned by anything other than the central command itself.

Supreme Leader Shrek is also extremely jingoistic, ethno-nationalist, ultrareactionary and theocratic. Forced ultra-nationalism is one of the core principals of Shrekism being taken to a nightmarish extreme where everyone is indoctrinated from birth to be zealous mindless machines working only for the state. Ethnic-nationalism is also an extremely major tenet of Shrek's ideology, fueling his moves to partition the nation into ethnostates and orchestrate genocide and ethnic cleansing on the scale of tens of millions. Culturally, Shrek is doubleplusreactionary, breaking the scale in social conservatism in a way that would make the Burgundian System blush. His social views are essentially extreme authright. Every modern aspect of social life has officially never existed, being completely wiped out in Shrek's initial terrors. The Supreme Leader isn't merely a vanguard, he is God himself and his position is hereditary. VlaRiSsiA is more or less a theocracy, and the state-religion is worshipping the leader. Overall, Supreme Leader Shrek can be summed up as 'extreme nazbol', except replace 'naz' with the Burgundian System, 'bol' with the Khmer Rouge, and 'extreme' with 'anti-realism'.

  • Off-Compass Hyper-Totalitarianism

  • Ultra-Ingsoc

  • State-Control over everything

  • Thought Police

  • Genocide

  • Forced Labor Camps

  • Anti-realism

  • Ultra-Chauvinism

  • Hyper-Tradutionalism

  • Extreme Nazbol Gang

  • War crimes

  • Ultra-collectivism

  • Dark humor

  • Dank Memes


  • Typical Nazbol(too moderate)

  • Regular Totalitarianism(same as above)

  • Regular Nationalism(ditto)

  • Fascism


  • Capitalism

  • Marxian Socialism(too nice to anarkiddies)

  • Most political ideologies(too moderate)

  • Typical Authoritarianism(wayyy too moderate)

  • Anarchism

  • Democracy

  • Progressivism

  • Centrism

  • L*berals

  • Any ideology not off-compass totalitarian

  • Any type of ‘Freedom’

  • Thoughtcrime

  • People going into his Swamp

  • Human ‘rights’

  • Gen*va conventions

  • Undesirable Ethnic Minorities

  • Degenerates(including, but not limited to: Weebs, Furries, Stans, Thots, Simps, Normies, Thoughtcriminals, Tiktok and Meme Reposters)


The Supreme Leader ordering the execution of 100,000 random civilians for the memes.
Supreme Leader Shrek’s personality can be described as completely mad. He is absolutely psychotic, with no sense of ethics or morals, having no remorse for any of his actions. His propaganda and ideology convey the sheer psychopathic tendencies of the Supreme Leader, portraying him as the divine creator and depicting the brutal atrocities he’s ordered as heavenly commands. He has no qualm over massacring tens of millions of civilians, taking it with pride that he has the best kdr of any living individual of his time. If one were to bring up the brutal atrocities he’s ordered, the only response they would get is ‘based’. Though of course no one in VlaRiSsiA believes Shrek is any bit cruel, believing he is just testing them. The levels of totalitarianism and indoctrination Supreme Leader Shrek goes to in order to keep power only further proves his willingness to go at extreme lengths for his own reign. The ruthless actions of the Fuhrquaad which resulted in hundreds of millions of deaths didn’t bother Shrek as much as the fact that someone other than himself was able to slaughter his people. Essentially, in his eyes, the people are Shrek’s little playthings and only Shrek can do whatever he wanted to them. He is also highly capricious, contradicting himself mid-sentence. Paranoia is also a major factor in his personality, being the lead motive of his countless purges which have left tens of millions dead. His utter sadism and enjoyment of brutal ‘crimes against humanity’ makes him the embodiment of a Psychotic Dictator.

Being a ‘political narcissist’, the Supreme Leader has effectively leveled himself to the status of God over his own people. Not a god, but God. He is eternally worshipped and his actions are commandments of the heavens, with his enemies being heretics destined to the pits of hell. Shrek even worships himself, being convinced he is truly the divine Ogrelord. He is the apex of political narcissism. The Great Leader essentially is omnipotent within his realm, having absolute control over even the smallest aspects of life. One could say he is a zealous religious fanatic, except his religion is himself. Though you cannot blame him, as Shrek is indeed love and life, and to say otherwise is crimethink worthy of disappearance. Another thing worth noting about his personality is his extremely totalitarian demeanor. Not only is his idealogy off-scale in sheer regimentation over every aspect of life. His most casual conversations always involve an extremely harmonic and self-contradictory worldview. He contradicts himself several times mid sentence, a phenomenon known as ‘triplethink’ or ‘basedthink’ in Shrekspeak. To his eyes, everything short of his own totalitarian beliefs is ‘anarchist’, making even the likes of Stalin and Hitler anarchists in his views. Even 1984 is seen as ‘too libertarian’ to him, as the people ‘aren’t deprived enough’ and have ‘too much freedom of thought’. It is difficult to convince him anything as he is extremely stubborn, though at the same time he is mind-bogglingly capricious. Essentially, Shrek is the ultimatum of Psychotic and Totalitarian.