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Imperial Governance

The Osieanan Imperial Union is a civilization spanning an entire galaxy consisting of billions of star systems hundreds of millions of inhabited worlds with thousands of alien species united under a single banner with their own cultures. Each world is placed under the governance of a Viceroy who govern the planet on the sector Archon's behalf where they are allowed to rule the planet how they wish so long as they are not in violation of imperial law or the constitution of sentient rights, which protects the rights and religious beliefs of every species in the Imperial Union. The planetary viceroy has complete authority over the world where they reside and are the commander in chief of the Planetary Defense Force for their world as well as the planets head of state.

The authority immediately above the planetary government is the Sector which is the collective body of numerous star systems and their worlds which are ruled by an Archon who is responsible for being head of the sectors government and the capital of the sector is usually the oldest colony in that sector but it can be moved to the wealthiest and most powerful world in that sector. The Archon of the sector is also the leader of the sectors primary defense fleet which patrols the trade routes between worlds and acts as the first line of defense against foreign invaders and pirates in the sector and its worlds.

Finally above the Sector government is the central imperial authority which is the Imperial Grand Assembly, and the Emperor himself. The Imperial Grand Assembly is the central body of representatives from across the empire which are aligned with different alliances that make up the Grand Assembly. These representatives are selected through elections not for the specific representative but for the faction they want to represent them. The senate is responsible for voting for the approval of legislation but not the implementation of them as law but after achieving a majority vote on the proposed legislation the bill is then left up to the Emperor on whether to put it into effect or not. The only way to get the legislation passed without the emperors approval is with a unanimous vote in favor. If a different faction takes the lead in senatorial seat counts they become the head of government and can repeal the laws without royal approval so long as they can get the majority vote.

Though the government has some resemblance of a democracy its important to note that the positions of Mayor, Count, Duke, Viceroy, Archon, and Emperor are all hereditary, so upon the passing of the current holder of that title, the title and realms tide to it are passed down to the eldest child of that ruler depending on the succession law of that specific position. If the ruler never had a son but did have a daughter the position would be passed to her and the man she marries (if she gets married after taking power) would marry into her family and take on her name.