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by The Revolutionary Daily of Wintercrest Central News Agency. . 213 reads.

The Revolutionary Daily (9/6/2020)

The Revolutionary Daily
Correspondent of the Wintercrest Central News Agency

"Serving the People First"

Greetings comrades, and welcome to the official edition of the People's Republic of Wintercrest monthly regional newspaper, the Revolutionary Daily! Where all regional and external affairs of Wintercrest are journalized in one factbook for the masses. Revolutionary Daily News will constantly be updated bi-weekly, so the reader have time to spread the word of our glorious revolution and the achievements of socialism in Wintercrest.

The Revolutionary Daily is not responsible for any paper cuts, paper loss, lack of humor, lack of grammar freakin nazis, misinformation on "Missing Childs" sections, missed milk deliverys, or currency eaten by our newspaper dispensers. Thank you, comrades.

Nor do we refund...


International Pandemic: Covid-19!

The Wintercrest Central News Agency would like to issue a state emergency report of the obvious know issue facing our planet right now. Please listen to your health organization medical and scientist professionals and stay home as much as possible. Follow the World Health Organization guidelines and their recommendations.
Good luck, and stay safe comrades!


Smash of the Old, Bloom of a New

With the help of our Revolutionary Leader Morograd and intense thought on the part of our lawmakers, five new districts were born to take the place of the ministry departments. What are these districts? Well, comrades, the old cabinet has been dismantled and a new executive system has been created in it's place. As a part of this restructuring, two ministries have been dissolved, several congress seats have changed hands, and the new system of 'districts' has been established.

These districts - Information, Cultural, Defense, Diplomacy, and Judicial - are the new pillars of Wintercrest's cabinet. Created from the ashes of the old cabinet is a brand new decorative plaza, dedicated to the aims of the revival effort movement, which has inspired participation from the masses and started activities meant to move the people's revolution forever forward. Within these new pillars is a legislative system that's set in place to allow any member of the Worker's Party to participate in the daily activities and duties of the government. It is now truly the people's government.

For now our grand Revolutionary Leader still heads the state council, but there are rumors of a congressional bill that will allow any citizen to run for head of the state council, with the title of President (or something similar). Of course, they wouldn't be comparable to our glorious Revolutionary Leaders, with all of their loving grace and guidance! But they will, however, have a hand in picking their administrative governors to be placed in charge of each district, as well as the president handling state affairs.

Change seems to be imminent, and for the good of our revolution. Recently leaked plans contained in a notepad 'liberated' from our Revolutionary Leader's robe room show some kind of... to-do list. An odd and yet simply titled plan for an upcoming Cultural Revolution, right here in Wintercrest! It seems this 'Cultural Revolution' will be a major event meant to celebrate the progress forward due to the actions of the Great Revival Effort that started almost a year ago on August 17th, 2019.

An undercover journalist was also sent to sneak in to the estate to gather more top secret plans of this 'Cultural Revolution,' but it later appears they had taken some hallucinogenic drugs on their way. On a phone call back, they called the station, saying the following:

Call Center: Hello, [...]? Is this you?
Reporter: Oh, thank god! I don't know where I am!
Call Center: Are you alright?
Reporter: Yeah, uh... I'm fine, but I don't know where I am. And I feel... woozy...
*Thudding Noise*
Call Center: Hello? Are you there? Hello!?
*Please note that our reporter's name has been redacted for their own privacy

Later that night, our reporter was dropped of on the steps of the local fine cheese shop by an unmarked red van. They repeated the phrase "Everything's perfectly fine now. I'm fine. Are you fine?" a total of seven times before falling unconscious. Currently in the hospital, doctors concluded that there had been blunt force trauma to the head, which was most likely from accidentally falling over. Our reporter will survive, though, so at least there's that.

Well, whatever happened, we're sure our glorious new governors will get to the bottom of it without much ado! We wish the best of luck to them in their duties, and may they have the support and respect of their people as the marks of a hundred happy collectives cover their paperwork!

Thoughts on our Regional Activities!

It seems to be another sad end to yet another short roleplay on our regional message board. As it turns out, the rmb roleplay was to be at yet another intresting point, but randomly took a leap to the no post land after a few days of inactive rp posts. Nobody seems to know where the problem began. Players are laying the blame on inactive posters for dragging the roleplaying down, others saying it didn't grab the players interest, and nobody knows, or will point out where these issues began.

The Roleplaying Committee however has came up with a few ideas for improved roleplay theme, discussion has been steady, but will soon be a reality. With the Roleplay Committee now being slowly transferred under the Cultural District category, ideas are fueling for a Galactic Sci-Fi style roleplay. One that features planetary roleplay that will possibly being based on the players nation, or they might be able to come up with their own planetary theme. Discussion in the committee leads on that this roleplay could possibly be open to the NS public, in an effort to hopefully grab more activity this time around. All we can hope for is that a single player doesn't try to use this as an opportunity to create their own micro Cosmic Super Laser Cannon and ruine the whole ordeal.

In other ideas circling, there's a possible wiki creation, dj music nights, movie activities (as articled below), design competitions, and much more. The cultural district would like to ask the masses to please be patient as ideas surface and these changes roll out. The more comrades that participate, the more ideas we can combine and reach our road to prosperity.

Wintercrest TV 📺


Starring Jackie Chan as Huang Xing, the story closely follows key events of the Xinhai Revolution, with focus on Huang Xing and Sun Yat-sen. It begins with the Wuchang Uprising of 1911 and follows through historical events such as the Second Guangzhou Uprising on 27 April 1911, the deaths of the 72 martyrs, the election of Sun Yat-sen as the provisional president of the new Provisional Republic of China, the abdication of the last Qing dynasty emperor Puyi on 12 February 1912, and Yuan Shikai becoming the new provisional president in Beijing on 10 March 1912.


Pablo Picasso:
Sculpture, AND


Pablo Picasso painted the famous Guernica, which shows the German bombing of that city during the Spanish Civil War. He co-founded the Cubist style of painting, which revolutionized art in Europe in the early 20th century. Much of his work is associated with antifascist and antiwar themes. He was also a lifelong member of the French Communist Party. He said, “I am a Communist and my painting is Communist painting.”

His first major political work was The Dream and Lie of Franco, which depicts the Spanish dictator Francisco Franco bringing ruin to Spain. These drawings were meant to help raise funds for the Spanish Republican government, which was fighting the fascist Franco. He was also opposed to American intervention in Korea and made a painting called Massacre in Korea which depicts a firing squad of gunning down civilians. Although Picasso was a lifelong member of the Communist Party.

LinkPablo Picasso, the revolutionary and fertile genius from Malaga

He wrote to a French daily newspaper the following:

"I would have liked better to have replied to you by means of a picture. I am not a writer, but since it is not very easy to send my colours by cable, I am going to try to tell you.’ ‘My membership of the Communist Party is the logical consequence of my whole life, of my whole work. For, I am proud to say, I have never considered painting as an art of simple amusement, of recreation; I have wished, by drawing and by colour, since those are my weapons, to reach ever further into an understanding of the world and of men, in order that this understanding might bring us each day an increase in liberation; I have tried to say, in my own way, that which I considered to be truest, most accurate, best, and this was naturally always the most beautiful, as the greatest artists know well. Yes, I am aware of having always struggled by means of my painting, like a genuine revolutionary. But I have come to understand, now, that that alone is not enough; these years of terrible oppression have shown me that I must fight not only through my art, but with all of myself. And so, I have come to the Communist Party without the least hesitation, since in reality I was with it all along. Aragon, Eluard, Cassou, Fougeron, all my friends know well; if I have not joined officially before now, it has been through ‘innocence’ of a sort, because I believed that my work and my membership at heart were sufficient; but it was already my Party. Is it not the Communist Party which works the hardest to know and to construct the world, to render the men of today and tomorrow clearer-headed, freer, happier? Is it not the Communists who have been the most courageous in France as in the USSR or in my own Spain? How could I have hesitated? For fear of committing myself? But on the contrary I have never felt freer, more complete! And then I was in such a hurry to rediscover a home country: I have always been an exile, now I am one no longer; until the time when Spain may finally receive me, the French Communist Party has opened its arms to me; there I have found all that which I most value: the greatest scholars, the greatest poets, and all those beautiful faces of Parisian insurgents" - Pablo Picasso
Published in L’Humanite, 29-30 October 1944

"What ideology - both subjectively and objectively - did he represent? What are the advocates of realism in the arts to make of Picasso's love of gross anatomical distortions? How do most people react to his, perhaps most famous work - Guernica - and what does it signify? And finally, what was his relation to the Communist Party" -

LinkThe Problem - Pablo Picasso


A poll was conducted recently on what the masses of Wintercrest thought on the current path that the government is taking. Not many cared to give their opinion, but it's generally accepted that the overall leadership abilities has the support of the people.

It's also a obvious conclusion that the RPC and State Council will need to finishing the pressing reforms, and start moving on to more regional action if Wintercrest is to lead ahead with its most potential output.

Wintercrest Administration Approval Ratings


Today we will be showing you an interview made between two nations: the Coalition of The Independent States of Allied Forces, the Defense District Governor of the Glorious People's Republic of Wintercrest which is the interviewed nation, and the Marxist-Leninist Federation of International Union of Soviet Republics, the Information District Governor of the same region, which is the interviewer. In here the reader will have a deeper insight about the nation's general information, the Diversity that Wintercrest stands for and defends and it is accompanied by some tips for the newcomers in the future:

The I.U.S.R.: How did you start in NationStates?

The I.S.A.F.: This particular nation is only 3 years old, but I've been on NS for little over 4 years. I joined because at the time, I was fixated on joining games where you'd be able to build and create your own nation as well as roleplay as them.

The I.U.S.R.: What were you thinking when modeling your own nation?

The I.S.A.F.: My current nation (The ISAF) is based off of the Independent States Allied Force from the Bandai Namco game Ace Combat 04: Shattered Skies and you'll find that almost all of my puppet nations take a little bit from the Ace Combat series.

The I.U.S.R.: When and how did you find this region?

The I.S.A.F.: To be honest? I don't know, it had to have been a recruitment telegram though (although I've searched through just about all of my puppets and have not been able to find the telegram... hm.), but it was about 3 years (I think just after I had founded the ISAF) ago.

The I.U.S.R.: Why you decided to join, what inspired you to do so and for how long have you been in here?

The I.S.A.F.: I was looking for a chill community to vibe in and Wintercrest is exactly that. Very welcoming region, I felt right at home and was able to easily come in and take part of what was going on.

The I.U.S.R.: If you have to choose some influential people that inspired you in your way until now, which ones would you choose? (you can list them).

The I.S.A.F.:
1) John F. Kennedy
2) Barack Obama
3) Me

The I.U.S.R.: What's your most important objective in Wintercrest now?

The I.S.A.F.: Getting the government of Wintercrest back up and running. Right now we are having tremendous success with that, but I can say with the changes that are coming soon, it'll be more important than ever to stay active and keep on marching forward. Another aspect that ties into this is the recruitment factor, we need to get more people and we them to be active.

The I.U.S.R.: Besides NationStates, what ideological standpoint do you consider you're being part of?

The I.S.A.F.: Like I say to anyone who asks me this, I don't necessarily label myself politically, I find ideologies to be too constricting and it makes me feel restrained. Obviously, I am a leftist, but you usually won't hear me saying "Oh, I'm a democratic socialist" or "I'm a environmental marxist" and whatnot.

The I.U.S.R.: What would you do to increase both the quantity of members and the amount of fun in Wintercrest?

The I.S.A.F.: Well, you need members to have fun so recruit, recruit, recruit. Telegrams, kicking down doors, tracking IP addresses to get people to j-

Ah hahah.

No, but recruitment and the various methods that go along with it are key. Obviously, making sure they stay active is a must as well. I like to actually DM (Discord) or telegram if they've been active and then suddenly disappear, to make sure they're doing alright. Wintercrest cares about her citizens.

The I.U.S.R.: How's your experience been so far in here?

The I.S.A.F.: It's honestly been amazing, I wasn't what to expect when i came here, whether nor not I'd actually stay or move to another region, but the community is amazing, it's close and tight-knit but also very welcoming to outsiders (unless you're a asshole in which case, good luck). I'm proud to know everyone and also am very glad of the positive impact I've had on this region.

The I.U.S.R.: What would you say/recommend to people both on NationStates and Discord in our region, that either decides to make a country or has been going through similar experiences?

The I.S.A.F.: Just chill.

I've seen alot (though not as much as other people) and have been through alot. Try to remember that it's just a game and don't let it get to you personally. I had trouble with that a year ago and it caused me to self-exile myself in another region until I realized I was being stupid. I am glad I was welcomed back with open arms, but you might not be so lucky.

So really, it's 3 things:

1) Be chill

2) Have fun

3) Don't be a fascist.

A little sidenote I.S.A.F. wanted to say: I'd like to thank IUSR and all of Wintercrest for this opportunity to be interviewed. I look forward to seeing this region progress even further. As always please remember,

Be nice to your neighbors. They know where you live.

A sidenote from the I.U.S.R., with some collaboration of the Revolutionary Leader Morograd and the Diplomacy District Governor The Confederated Socialist States : With this interview we will be clarifying things and showing that Wintercrest is a welcoming community which doesn't focus only on ideology. We will remain faithful to it, since its core foundation has been laid upon us not only by the gracious leadership of our Revolutionary Mothers, Zenny and Piper, but also our citizenry, where the nations that stand for the Motherland will be rewarded for their continuous efforts, their valuable help when needed, the unconditional support, and the invaluable knowledge that our daily neighbors give us in order to progress, to see our own mistakes and learn from them, to become stronger, and become unified not only by interests, not only because we are representing an unique section of Mankind that stands for democratic values and listening to the people's diverse voices and thoughts, but also an ongoing civilization that brings us brighter days that could be a rewarding feeling simply from the essence of being alive.

World Internationals

- In a choose your own adventure series of polls, the state religion of The East Pacific was almost established. Almost, that is, because the polls were thrown out due to electoral fraud committed by The Holy Violetist Empire of Taduwe and the Violetist faction of the parliament.

- In a shocking turn of events, Warzone Airspace was invaded. Then, it was invaded again. They seem to be fine now, though. Kind of. Maybe? Probably.

- In The West Pacific, diplomat Zoran has been appointed Delegate. And also... not the delegate? In fact, here's a full list of things he's been appointed by the government of The East Pacific:

  1. Real Delegate

  2. Fake Delegate

  3. Not Delegate

  4. The Delegate

  5. Rogue Delegate

  6. Elected Delegate

  7. Hostile Delegate

  8. Friendly Delegate

  9. Past Delegate

  10. Current Delegate

  11. Future Delegate

  12. Previous Delegate

  13. Assistant Delegate

  14. WA Delegate

  15. Non-WA Delegate

  16. Assistant to the Delegate

  17. Most Esteemed Delegate and Supreme WA Leader

  18. Authoritarian Delegate

  19. Meritocratic Delegate

  20. Accidental Delegate

  21. Best Delegate

  22. Worst Delegate

  23. A Delegate

  24. Undelegate

  25. Feeder Delegate

  26. UCR Delegate

  27. Sinker Delegate

  28. Warzone Delegate

  29. Founderless Delegate

  30. TheCSS'sss Delegate

  31. Eternal God Delegate

  32. Doubleplusgood Delegate

  33. Doubleplusungood Delegate

  34. Unlimited Delegate

  35. Limited Delegate

  36. Paradoxical Delegate

The West Pacific's Minister of Foreign Affairs tried simply firing Zoran, but to no avail - he had grown too powerful at that point, and is now in control of everything he comes into contact with.


Official PR Wintercrest document