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OpenTsuri Bachelorettes (with my drawings!)

Bachelorettes of OpenTsuri are the eligible marriage candidates of the game.

(Sorry for the photo quality and misplaced photography, I have only a old Samsung phone)


Iskouhi Mesropian is the first bachelorette you will met on the first level, Torossian.

Iskouhi is the daughter of Hayk Mesropian and Taline Mesropian (née Rubenian). She is one of the town translators and her family operates the only ranch in the town.


Yrja Níelsdóttir is the bachelorette of the second level, Kollavik

Yrja didn't know her real parents, but she's orphaned by Níels Jónsson and Helen Axeldóttir. She was a kind, happy and cute-looking village girl. She is working with her "father's" fishing business.


Annieke Willinkvoorde is the bachelorette of the third level, Wijnstad

Born mute, Annieke can't talk with voice but she has a special nanotech that translates her thoughts into an audio voice which makes her "talk" but without opening her mouth. She is an architect and engineer at the local flood control center. Her parents are Stefan Willinkvoorde and Marieke Willinkvoorde (née Ietswaard)


Khristyna Heorhiyivna Lukyanenko is the bachelorette of the fourth level, Vashka

Khristyna is a beautiful, smart and hot-tempered female guard of Northern Vashka Radioactive Exclusion Zone, she has forced by her parents to join military, she tried to refuse but she failed to convince her parents. Her parents are Ruslan and Tamara Lukyanenko

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