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Theyge Summer Tourney Event!

Thegye Summer Tourney Event

Welcome to the first ever Thegye Summer Tourney Event!

A fanfare of trumpets accompanies the entrance of the Diarchs onto a grand balcony, overlooking the square. Down below, you look up at the grand duo with apprehension and excitement. As the fanfare ends, a hush falls over the assembled crowd. The two Diarchs look at each other and begin to speak in unison. "It has come to our royal attention that there is a lack of fighting men trained and prepared in the greatest skill of arms, even under our own banner. It is the duty of the Dual Thrones to protect and ensure peace among our people. For that reason, it has been decided to hold a grand tournament to discover the greatest warriors and masters-at-arms in the entire world. Whoever wins our royal tourney shall be given honor and respect, and a place in our royal household. Warriors of Thegye, prepare your weapons! And may the best warrior win!"

Over the next few weeks, Thegye will be holding simulated tournaments with contestants from nations both within and without our region. If you are interested, continue reading! Instructions are below. If you have any questions, make sure to telegram Bassiliya or DM him on Discord!


1. To begin, you will need to register for the tournament using the proper registration below. Once you've completed the form, you can send it to Bassiliya via telegram or Discord. Once you have registered and created your character, you can sit back and relax.

2. Each character will be sorted into a tourney bracket. Each bracket will have a certain number of players and some NPCs created to fill the gaps. Each day, a tier of the bracket will be simulated, with each character fighting five rounds to reach the next tier.

3. Should a character be defeated in battle by their opponent, they will be placed in the secondary tourney bracket, where all player characters face off in a death-match. The winner of the second bracket will be crowned Champion of the Lost.

4. One character will come out on top, defeating all other opponents, and will be crowned Champion of Thegye... until the next tournament.


Below is the simple registration and character creation form.

Nation Name:
Region of Origin:

Character Name:
Preferred Weapon:


*Note: Each character is limited to a max of ten (10) points total for stats. You may as many or as little as you like. Not filling out any points will result in your character receiving an even spread of points.

Results will come out daily, as available. Please be patient! Again, if you have any questions, make sure to let us know!


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