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The helanaian - talonia war / the liberation of the ausfrucean continent (WIP)

Helana is a former empire that held the nations of Equatar, kaluga, st gerbal, uisistan and zarlana in the continent of ausfrucean.
The war began in 1856 when Helana attempted to smuggle slaves into heliosa, The 10th federal troop stopped them at the port and soon captured them. the king of helana demanded that the Helanaian crew get sent back home, president Vinderman declared war and so began the talonia - helanaian war.

The battle and liberation of Equatar
The first battle was in the bloodcoast near Equatar's biggest port, Libertalonian ironclads easily ripped Helanaian wooden steam ships apart but the marines failed to make any meaningful gains at first.
the second battle had the marines capture the port and liberate slaves from the various camps.