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Master dispatch of all alliances/pacts

The No Alliance Pact

Geneva Convention (Notice: voluntary applied)

New Entente

Global Defence Treaty Orgainzation (GDTO)

New Entente is a Military Alliance that potects it's members if they are attacked.

1. An attack on one member is an attack on all members.
2. Members can freely trade with each other.
3. Members can not attack one another, you will be kicked out.


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Friendship Alliance

The Most Serene Alliance of Friendship and Harmony
Bringing peace to the world one nation at a time.
The Alliance of friendship is an Alliance which supports peaceful methods of dealing with nations over the more violent methods, and will only go to war if provoked or in the names of peace and justice. The members of this alliance, whomever they may be must vow to follow these rules.
The nations hereby vow to:
1. Never declare war on another nation unless provoked or if the rights of other nations are at danger
2. Peacefully expand their territories through trade and deals. It will take time, as younare building a relationship with this nation so that they may come to your aide during war
3. Champion the cause of peace and harmony
4. Defend the alliance and any nation within it if attacked
5. Submit to the leadership of the region of The Wooloo Pact
6. Agree that my territory is shared with all other member nations and that an open border policy shall be maintained
7. If any of these rules are broken they shall be removed and disgraced from this alliance and shall not be allowed to rejoin.
By having my name included upon this list of nations I hereby declare that I agree with the terms and rules as stated:
Joeanian Republic
The Great Thunder
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The Cental Powers

The Central Powers

by Austria hungary 3


Austria hungary 3
Imperial Germany 2
Natsuki 1
Jugoslav federation
2nd manchurian republic
China 7
Anlien Federations
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The Space Coalition

The Düsseldorf Pact

The Düsseldorf Pact is an intergovernmental military alliance, it upholds a system of collective defense whereby its independent member states agree to mutual defense in response to an attack by any external party or A member state requires assistance. TDP's Headquarters are located in Düsseldorf, Germany
Member States
Imperial Germany 2
Fascist italy 4
First Croatian republic
Second hungarian republic
Bulgaria 4
Romania 5
Juliet 1
Sayori 1
Gloria 2
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The Varsovian Order