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[floatright][box][center][b][font=Futura]The Republic of South Baba[/font][/b]
[i][font=Futura]República de Surbaba[/font][/i] ([url=#Lan][font=Futura]Spanish[/font][/url])
[i][font=Futura]Repóblika Babasui[/font][/i] ([url=#Lan][font=Futura]Creole[/font][/url])
[i][font=Futura]République du Sud Baba[/font][/i] ([url=#Lan][font=Futura]Monian French[/font][/url])
[i][font=Futura]남쪽바바 공화국[/font][/i] ([color=red][font=Futura]Korean[/font][/color])


[font=Futura][b]Motto: [/b] [color=blue]"Proud and Free"[/color][/font]
[center][font=Futura][b]Anthem: [/b] [color=blue]"Squarefield March"[/color][/font]

[font=Futura][b]Capital:[/b] [color=blue]Bocaugh[/color][/font]
[hr][font=Futura][b]Largest city:[/b] [color=blue]Port Norviktu[/color][/font]

[font=Futura][b]Languages:[/b] [color=blue]English[/color], [color=blue]Spanish[/color], [color=blue]South Baban Creole[/color], [color=blue]Monian[/color][/font]

[font=Futura][b]Demonym:[/b] [color=blue]South Baban[/color][/font]

[font=Futura][b]Government:[/b] [color=blue]Federal Parliamentary Constitutional Republic[/color][/font]
[font=Futura][b]- Head of State:[/b] [color=blue]President of the Republic[/color][/font]
[font=Futura][b]- Head of Government:[/b] [color=blue]Prime Minister[/color][/font]
[font=Futura][b]- Legislature:[/b] [color=blue]House of Assembly[/color][/font]

[font=Futura][b]Population:[/b] 17 million [color=green](RP)[/color][/font]

[font=Futura][b]Currency:[/b] [color=blue]Farthing[/color] ([color=blue]SBF[/color])[/font]

[font=Futura][b]Driving side:[/b] left[/font]

[font=Futura][b]Date format:[/b] dd/mm/yyyy[/font]

[font=Futura][b]Internet TLD:[/b] [color=green].sp[/color][/font]

[size=200][b][font=Futura]South Baba[/font][/size][/b][hr]

[font=Futura][b]South Baba[/b], officially the [b]Republic of South Baba[/b] ([url=#Lan]Spanish[/url]: [i]República de Surbaba[/i]; [url=#Lan]Creole[/url]: [i]Repóblika Babasui[/i]; [url=#Lan]Monian French[/url]: [i]République du Sud Baba[/i]; [color=red]Korean[/color]: [i]남쪽바바 공화국[/i]), is a country located in the [color=blue]Pacific Ocean[/color] that comprises a main island and an overseas province.[/font]

[font=Futura]From a geological point of view, the island of South Baba has a volcanic origin and was first inhabited by various [color=blue]Proto-Baban nomadic tribes[/color] prior to their migration centuries before the [color=blue]7th century[/color]. Scarce sources indicate that a seafaring [color=blue]Proto-Baban Empire[/color] existed between 200 and 400 AD, whose territories also included modern [nation=noflag]North Baba[/nation]. It eventually became a colony of the British Crown, although it was discovered by a Spanish explorer in 1584.[/font]

[font=Futura]Since July 2020 the country includes [url=]Mon Landia[/url] as an overseas province after the former Mon Island colony signed a treaty of annexation with South Baba. Although different in cultural identity, Monians are South Baban citizens and share the same institutions of government as the rest of the [url=South Baba]South Baban nation[/url].[/font]

[url=#Ety][font=Futura]1 Etymology[/font][/url]
[url=#Hist][font=Futura]2 History[/font][/url]
[url=#Col][font=Futura]2.1 Establishment[/font][/url]
[url=#Col2][font=Futura]2.2 Independence[/font][/url]
[url=#Col3][font=Futura]2.3 First Overseas Province[/font][/url]
[url=#Demo][font=Futura]3 Demographics[/font][/url]
[url=#Pop][font=Futura]3.1 Population[/font][/url]
[url=#Lan][font=Futura]3.2 Language[/font][/url]
[url=#Reli][font=Futura]3.3 Religion[/font][/url]
[url=#City][font=Futura]3.4 Largest Cities[/font][/url]
[url=#Govt][font=Futura]4 Government[/font][/url]
[url=#Cult][font=Futura]5 Culture[/font][/url]
[url=#Col4][font=Futura]5.1 Mass Media[/font][/url]
[url=#Col5][font=Futura]5.2 Sports[/font][/url]
[url=#Econ][font=Futura]6 Economy[/font][/url]
[url=#Seea][font=Futura]7 See also[/font][/url]


[font=Futura]The origins of the former colonial name [i]Baba del Sur[/i], and the modern South Baba, are uncertain, although the Spanish initially referred to the island as [i]La Baba[/i], therefore the most widely accepted etymology is an [color=green]Iberian[/color] one. Notwithstanding, there have been a number of accounts and hypotheses about its origin.[/font]

[font=Futura]The standard way to refer to a citizen of South Baba is as a [color=blue]"South Baban."[/color][/font]



[font=Futura]Centuries after the [color=blue]Proto-Baban[/color] migration, Spanish navigator [color=blue]Crisóstomo Ramón y López[/color] found South Baba uninhabited, with an abundance of trees. Future explorers gathered wood, fruit and vegetables, building a port and several houses but without founding a permanent settlement. Despite this, South Baba became a crucial point of passage to replenish food in the trips that the Spanish made to [color=blue]Asia[/color].[/font]

[font=Futura]By 1816 the [color=green]British[/color] easily took over the island after the Spanish refused to defend it. The island was colonized by farmers, numerous houses were built and South Baba became a British colony.[/font]


[font=Futura]Over the years and due to the increasing degree of self-government that was granted to the island, many South Babans strongly opposed continued political subordination to the [color=green]United Kingdom[/color] and, on 7 February 1974 (known as [color=blue]South Baba Day[/color]), the British authorities were evicted from the island. The provisional government held a referendum on 18 March 1974 that resulted in an 88% vote against re-associating with the United Kingdom. The following day, South Baba declared itself an independent republic.[/font]

[font=Futura]In August 1974, three members of the [color=blue]British government[/color] drew up a provisional agreement whereby a British civil servant would exercise basic administrative authority alongside the [url=#Govt]House of Assembly[/url] until December 1975. The agreement specified a procedural framework for the drafting of a constitution for the government of the future South Baba Republic at the time of independence. The agreement specified a series of mandatory constitutional actions and required approval of the constitution by the British Parliament and the South Baban people. It also required the United Kingdom's recognition of South Baba's independence as a separate and sovereign nation after the transition period.[/font]

[font=Futura]Before independence, the agreement allowed the United Kingdom to maintain a small military force in South Baba and to summon the [color=blue]South Baba Militia[/color] to British military service. The deal authorized the UK government, within two years after independence, to negotiate matters related to the [color=green]British Naval Reserve[/color] and the service station at South Baba. On 14 November 1975, the UK Parliament passed the [color=blue]South Baba Independence Act (SBIA)[/color], which granted independence from 1 January 1976 as a republic. That day, the Union Jack was ceremonially lowered and replaced by the South Baba flag throughout the island.[/font]

[u][b][anchor=Col3][font=Futura]First Overseas Province[/font][/anchor][/b][/u]

[font=Futura]On 20 July 2020, South Baba welcomed a new province into its family. With the Prime Minister by his side, the President of the Republic formally proclaimed [url=]Mon Landia[/url] the newest province of the Republic of South Baba after the signing of the annexation treaty that same day. To mark the event, impromptu motorcades inundated the already crowded streets of downtown [color=blue]Monia[/color] (now [url=]Port Norviktu[/url], capital of Mon Landia) as their drivers perpetually pressed on their horns. Mon Landia is now on the threshold of a new epoch.[/font][floatright][box][center][img][/img]
[sub][font=Futura][b]Flag of [url=]Mon Landia[/url] alongside the Flag of [url=South Baba]South Baba[/url] during the 2021 [url=]A&P Day[/url] festivities in [url=]Port Norviktu[/url][/b][/font][/sub]



[font=Futura][nation=long+noflag]South Baba[/nation] is a socially progressive nation, renowned for its smutty television, devotion to social welfare, and stringent health and safety legislation. The compassionate, democratic population of 17 million South Babans enjoy extensive civil rights and enjoy a level of social equality free from the usual accompanying government corruption. Universities tend to be full of students debating the merits of various civil and political freedoms, while business tends to be tightly regulated.[/font]


[font=Futura]The languages of South Baba are the languages spoken or once spoken in the [url=South Baba]Republic of South Baba[/url]. Most languages spoken in South Baba belong to either the [color=blue]Romance[/color] or [color=blue]Germanic[/color] language families, of which [color=blue]English[/color] is the only language which has official status for the whole country. Various other languages have co-official or recognised status in specific territories, and a number of unofficial languages and dialects (mainly [color=blue]South Baban Creole[/color]) are spoken in certain localities. [color=blue]Monian[/color] is the majority language in [url=]Mon Landia[/url], and is one of two official languages in the province.[/font]


[font=Futura]South Babans are known for their irreverence towards religion and have been for decades since independence. Although many are still devoted to their specific faiths, organized religion of any kind is not particularly endorsed by a significant portion of the population. Religious figures and entities are discouraged from involvement in government affairs, particularly the definition of federal and provincial policies. [url=South Baba]South Baban[/url] government officials are forbidden from participation in religious affairs.[/font]

[u][b][anchor=City][font=Futura]Largest Cities[/font][/anchor][/b][/u]
[tr][td][font=Futura]1[/font][/td][td][color=blue][font=Futura]Port Norviktu[/font][/color][/td][td][url=][font=Futura]Mon Landia[/font][/url][/td][/tr]
[tr][td][font=Futura]3[/font][/td][td][color=blue][font=Futura]South Baba City[/font][/color][/td][td][url=][font=Futura]Baba-del-Sur[/font][/url][/td][/tr]
[tr][td][font=Futura]4[/font][/td][td][color=blue][font=Futura]Verinaca[/font][/color][/td][td][url=][font=Futura]Mon Landia[/font][/url][/td][/tr]
[tr][td][font=Futura]5[/font][/td][td][color=blue][font=Futura]Clarivina[/font][/color][/td][td][url=][font=Futura]Mon Landia[/font][/url][/td][/tr]
[tr][td][font=Futura]8[/font][/td][td][color=blue][font=Futura]New Leeds[/font][/color][/td][td][url=][font=Futura]New Leeds[/font][/url][/td][/tr]


[font=Futura]Executive authority is exercised by the [color=blue]Cabinet[/color], which advises the [color=blue]President of the Republic[/color] and is headed by the [color=blue]Prime Minister of South Baba[/color], who is head of government. Cabinet ministers are members of the majority political party in parliament and generally hold elected seats within it, concurrent with their cabinet positions.[/font]

[font=Futura]The enormous government juggles the competing demands of [color=green]Administration[/color], [color=green]Education[/color], and [color=green]Healthcare[/color]. It meets to discuss matters of state in the capital city of [color=blue]Bocaugh[/color]. The average income tax rate is over 80%, and even higher for the wealthy.[/font]

[font=Futura]South Baba's unicameral parliament is the [color=blue]House of Assembly[/color]. The members of the House are popularly elected for a maximum period of five years and introduce, debate and pass legislation that affects the development of South Baba. Whilst the President of the Republic is elected by an [color=blue]Electoral College[/color] made up of politicians from [url=]South Baba's provincial legislatures[/url], the Prime Minister is required to command the confidence of the House of Assembly to hold office. If the Prime Minister loses a [color=blue]vote of no confidence[/color], they may resign or ask the President to dissolve the House of Assembly and call a [color=green]snap federal election[/color]. [color=blue]Federal Elections Board (FEB)[/color] guidelines prohibit the viewing of [color=green]postal[/color] and [color=green]early votes[/color] prior to polling day. The prediction of electoral outcomes based on votes cast prior to polls closing is a criminal offence.[/font]

[font=Futura]Legislative power rests with both the government and the House of Assembly. Constitutional guarantees include freedom of expression, the press, worship, movement and association.[/font]

[font=Futura]The judiciary, led by the [color=blue]Supreme Court of Justice[/color], is independent of the executive and the legislature. The South Baban Supreme Court of Justice is known for vehemently protecting civil rights and the right to privacy, even for foreign nationals as the Court ruled their exclusion from [i]"the full rights and guarantees provided by [color=blue]the Constitution[/color]"[/i] infringed on the [i]"foundational principles"[/i] of [nation=noflag]South Baba[/nation] regarding personal freedoms. Under this redefinition of constitutional authority, the House of Assembly passed the [color=blue]Sanctions Assessment Act 2022[/color] that established the [color=blue]Chancery for the Appraisal of Penalties[/color] as a [color=green]special court[/color] tasked with jurisdiction to hear challenges from [i]"affected foreign individuals"[/i] to [color=blue]sanctions[/color] issued against them by the [url=#Govt]South Baban government[/url] (such as [color=green]visa revocation[/color], [color=green]asset blocking[/color] or [color=green]ineligibility for entry into the country[/color]). The chancery court consists of seven chancellors: the [color=blue]High Chancellor for the Appraisal of Penalties[/color] and six [color=blue]Puisne Chancellors[/color] appointed by the President of the Republic on the advice of the [color=blue]Chief Justice of the Republic of South Baba[/color] to six-year terms. Appeals to its decisions are heard by the [color=blue]Chancery Committee of Appeal[/color], another tribunal created by the Act which is composed of three judges specifically selected by the High Chancellor for the Appraisal of Penalties for the purpose of deciding the appeal. Nevertheless, although it operates outside of the [color=green]federal court system[/color], appeals from the Committee are still heard by the Supreme Court of Justice as the final appellate court of the [url=South Baba]South Baban[/url] judiciary.[/font][floatright][box][center][img][/img][sub][font=Futura][b][color=blue]John Charles Alden Ridgeway[/color], [url=#Govt]Prime Minister of the Republic of South Baba[/url] since 2016[/b][/font][/sub]

[font=Futura]Films are funded in accordance with the volume of tears shed when reading the screenplay, the [color=blue]South Baban Arts Council[/color] pays teenagers to sit through opera performances, shoppers have literally had their hands full since plastic bags were banned, exceptionally healthy police officers can sprint after crooks for hours on end, universities tend to be full of students debating the merits of various civil & political rights, and a well-funded social safety net protects the unfortunate. Crime, especially youth-related, is totally unknown, thanks to a well-funded police force and progressive social policies in education and welfare. [url=South Baba]South Baban[/url] soft drink giant [color=blue]Hernández Valente Ltd[/color], producers of the country’s most popular cola soft drink [color=green]Trofeo II[/color], employ world-famous South Baban rock band [color=blue]The Fire Bureau[/color] to promote their diverse array of variants that also includes: [color=green]Diet Trofeo II[/color], [color=green]Zero Taste Trofeo[/color], [color=green]Trofeo No Corn Syrup[/color], [color=green]Trofeo Red[/color], [color=green]Trofeo Blues[/color], [color=green]Trofeo Elderberry[/color], and [color=green]Trofeo Two-One[/color]. South Baba's national animal is the [color=blue]dove[/color], which soars majestically through the nation's famously clear skies.[/font]

[u][b][anchor=Col4][font=Futura]Mass media[/font][/anchor][/b][/u]

[font=Futura]As [color=blue]freedom of speech[/color] and [color=blue]press[/color] are ensured by the governments of the day and upheld by a strong, independent judiciary, [nation=noflag]South Baba[/nation] generally respects the rights of the media. Local radio & television companies on the island include the state owned [color=blue]Radio South Baba (RSB)[/color] and [color=blue]South Baba Telecasting (SBT[/color]; founded as [color=blue]Radio South Baba Telecasting (RSBT))[/color] which run five national radio stations and two television channels, respectively. In addition, there are the private networks [color=blue]Dispatch Broadcasting Company (DBC)[/color], [color=blue]Journal Television Network (JTN)[/color], [color=blue]Green Group Network (GRN)[/color], [color=blue]Bocaugh Broadcasting System (BBS)[/color], and [color=blue]News All Day (NAD)[/color]. Several subscription-based television channels, usually provided by multichannel television providers, digital terrestrial, and streaming, also exist. The majority of local arts and cultural programming is produced by SBT (with local arts documentaries, review programmes and historical dramas) although provincial governments also offer their own public educational television broadcast services. In addition to SBT, DBC and JTN also sprung from radio networks which still play a major part in the industry. These, along with [color=blue]Bocaugh World Radio (BWR)[/color] and [color=blue]Baban People's Radio (BPR)[/color], complete the South Baban radio landscape.[/font]

[font=Futura]Major newspapers include [i][color=blue]The Bocaugh World[/color][/i], [i][color=blue]The Bocaugh Journal[/color][/i], [i][color=blue]The South Baba Sentinel[/color][/i], [i][color=blue]The Daily South Baban[/color][/i], [i][color=blue]The Naviera Evening Telegraph[/color][/i], [i][color=blue]The Naviera Press-Dispatch[/color][/i], [i][color=blue]The Jenkinson News-Leader[/color][/i], [i][color=blue]The Progressive-Tribune-Examiner[/color][/i], [i][color=blue]New Leeds Morning Herald[/color][/i], [i][color=blue]The Daily Republic[/color][/i], [i][color=blue]The Standard-Post-Bulletin[/color][/i], [i][color=blue]The Taroegan[/color][/i], and [i][color=blue]The MacFarlane Globe-Observer and Recorder[/color][/i].[/font]

[font=Futura][nation=noflag]South Baba[/nation] has numerous national and provincial magazines for every interest imaginable. The leading ones are: [i][color=blue]The Island Weekly[/color][/i], [i][color=blue]Illustrated Times[/color][/i], [i][color=blue]The Sun[/color][/i], [i][color=blue]Better Lives[/color][/i], [i][color=blue]Trenchant[/color][/i], [i][color=blue]Popular Forces[/color][/i], [i][color=blue]Babaland[/color][/i], [i][color=blue]Voice of Bocaugh[/color][/i], [i][color=blue]New Books[/color][/i], [i][color=blue]South Baba News[/color][/i], [i][color=blue]Political Review[/color][/i], and [i][color=blue]Pollard's[/color][/i].[/font]

[font=Futura]Television, magazines, and newspapers are primarily [color=blue]for-profit corporations[/color] based on advertising, subscription, and other sales-related revenues but the [url=#Govt]South Baban government[/url] regulates media ownership and the state of media.[/font]

[font=Futura]In the late 1970s and early 1980s, the previously obscure South Baban film industry exploded in popularity, mainly due to films like [i][color=blue]Carpio Moon[/color][/i], [i][color=blue]The Gallant Nobodies[/color][/i], [i][color=blue]West for Bernard[/color][/i], [i][color=blue]Hardihood[/color][/i], and [i][color=blue]Mount Call[/color][/i]. South Baban actor (and future [url=#Govt]Prime Minister[/url]) [color=blue]Alden Ridgeway[/color] became a driving force in establishing [color=green]Nitrate Productions[/color] in 1996. By 2001, South Baban film production had been successful for long enough to warrant a global reach and, two decades later, the [color=green]ASBCT (Academy of South Baban Cinema and Television)[/color] announced [url=]the creation[/url] of the [color=blue]Global Film Award[/color] to be given as part of its yearly [color=blue]South Baban Screen Awards[/color] ceremony to reward the best international films of each year.[/font]


[font=Futura]In the [color=blue]Sports[/color] world, the country is best know for the [color=blue]Sport Society Classic (SSC)[/color], an international multi-sport competition held annually at the [color=blue]Naviera Sport Society (NSS)[/color] grounds since 1973. [i]The Classic[/i], which is one of the premiere multi-sport events in the world, usually takes place over one month, starting on the first Monday in August, and culminating less than five weeks later. Over twenty major finals are held each year, mainly at the Society's grounds, with additional youth and invitational sports also being promoted. The athletes or teams who place first, second and third in each event are awarded plaques in the form of shields, with the winners receiving gold shields, the runners-up receiving silver shields and third-placed athletes being awarded bronze shields. All other athletes receive officially notarized certificates of participation from the NSS and a recognition from the [url=]Cardoza[/url] government. Among the various legends that have participated in the SSC over the years are: [url=South Baba]South Baban[/url] [color=blue]croquet[/color] giant [url=]Jeffry Manuel Eads[/url]; [color=blue]footballers[/color] [url=]Sebastian Olmo[/url], [url=]Kian Watts[/url], [url=]Tate Knight[/url], and [url=]Jude Brooks[/url]; [color=blue]basketball[/color] greats [url=]Lach Slater[/url] and [url=]Wisdom Waller[/url]; [color=blue]runner[/color] [url=]Howie Ellison[/url]; [color=blue]fencer[/color] [url=]Alonso Ikin[/url]; [color=blue]tug of war[/color] champion [url=]Román Pérez Harper[/url]; and celebrated [color=blue]boxer[/color] [url=]Leocadio Nelson[/url]; [url=Katuda]Katudans[/url] like sprinters [url=]Danijel Kavran[/url] & [url=]Sabina Modric[/url], [color=blue]diver[/color] [url=]Darko Haluzan[/url], and [color=blue]long jumper[/color] [url=]Elizabeta Malez[/url]; [url=Jinju-Do]Jinjunese[/url] [color=blue]taekwondo[/color] star [url=]Hwa Yoo-jin[/url]; [url=The Eastern Germanic Peoples]Auroran[/url] fencer [url=]Reinmann Watts[/url]; [color=blue]archers[/color] [url=]Hansel O'Connor[/url] from the [url=The Eastern Germanic Peoples]Auroran Confederacy[/url] and [url=]Kyung Su-bin[/url] from [url=Jinju-Do]Jinju-Do[/url] (in addition to South Baba’s own [url=]Axel Zamorano[/url]); and the great [url=Urganom]Urgish[/url] boxing champion [url=]Moricz Vadas[/url]. The event allows advertising around the NSS complex and other hosting venues only by official sponsors [url=South Baba]Babair[/url], [url=]Trofeo II[/url], [url=]Printed Cablegram[/url], [url=]Verche[/url], [url=South Baba][i]Camisa de Oro[/i][/url] and [url=]Promenade Hotels[/url], among others. SSC tickets are distributed to participating nations and sold to the general [url=South Baba]South Baban[/url] public through random draw based on applications submitted at least six months prior to an SSC edition. Since the 1984 edition, local broadcasting rights to the [color=blue]Sport Society Classic[/color] have been held by [url=#Col4]JTN[/url] and have consistently been a ratings winner for the network.[/font][floatright][box][center][img][/img]
[sub][font=Futura][b]Logo and wordmark of the [color=blue]Naviera Sport Society[/color] since 2019[/b][/font][/sub][/center][/box][/floatright]

[font=Futura]The [color=blue]Ministry of Sport and Physical Exercise[/color] has responsibility for sport in South Baba. [color=green]Association football[/color] is the most popular of sports, with [color=blue]Ultraleague[/color], the premier [url=South Baba]South Baban[/url] association football league, and second-tier [color=blue]FCL (Federal Championship League) Limited[/color] matches being the most watched media events every year. The most successful South Baban football team in the Ultraleague is [color=blue]Bocaugh R.A.[/color] who have won 17 [color=blue]Presidential Cups[/color]. [color=blue]City Thunder F.C.[/color], [color=blue]Surbabense[/color], [color=blue]Palmerson Rugby and Football (PRF)[/color], [color=blue]Sosudaso Football Society (SFS)[/color], and [color=blue]Nelsa (New Leeds Sport Association)[/color] are among the other successful clubs. The [color=blue]South Baba Football Association (SBFA)[/color] is the sport's national governing body.[/font]


[font=Futura]The South Baban economy, worth over 1.4 trillion farthings a year [color=green](RP)[/color], is highly specialized and led by the [color=green]Tourism[/color] industry, with major contributions from [color=green]Book Publishing[/color], [color=green]Retail[/color], and [color=green]Pizza Delivery[/color]. State-owned companies are common. Average income is about 83,000 farthings, and distributed extremely evenly, with little difference between the richest and poorest citizens. The [color=blue]Bocaugh Stock Exchange (BSE)[/color] is one of the most significant stock exchanges in its region, with billions of farthings in investment a year.[/font]

[b][u][size=150][anchor=Seea][font=Futura]See also[/font][/anchor][/b][/u][/size]

◾️ [font=Futura][b][url=]Provinces of South Baba[/url][/b][/font]
◾️ [font=Futura][b][url=]Foreign Relations of South Baba[/url][/b][/font]
◾️ [font=Futura][b][url=]List of Political Parties in South Baba[/url][/b][/font]