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New Carthagea

The Constitutional Monarchy of New Carthagea

La Monarchie Constitutionnelle de Nouvelle Carthage (French)
Il-Monarkija Kostituzzjonali ta 'Kartaġni Ġdida (Gallo-Phoenician)

Imperial Banner

Coat of Arms

Population 18 Million
Density 243.3/kmē

Area: 73,790 kmē

Capital Phoenicia

Largest City Olivieres

Official Language

National Languages
French, Gallo-Phoenician

The Constitutional Monarchy of New Carthagea, commonly known as New Carthagea, is a Federal Constitutional-Parliamentary Monarchy in Europe. It is bordered on the east by Italy, on the south by the Mediterranean sea , on the north by France, and on the west by Spain. New Carthagea covers 73,790 square kilometres and has an estimated population of 18 million people. It comprises of 7 provinces and 1 territory. New Carthagea is also a member of the United Nations and The North Atlantic Treaty Organisation.

New Carthagea is a developed country, with a high national GDP of $ 903 billion. The per capita GDP of $50,166 ranks highly in the world, and the country also ranks highly in the Human Development Index. The economy is fueled by an abundance of touristy natural and cultural heritage and high productivity, as well as a free market economy that allows business to thrive. New Carthagea ranks highly in civil rights, political freedom, and economic freedom.

From Top Right ; Clockwise: Piedmont Grand Beach ; The Carthaginian Revolution ; Corsican Pine Forests ; Central Olivieres ; Parliament Of The New Carthaginians

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