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Vote AGAINST Commend Christian Democrats

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Resolution at Vote: Commend Christian Democrats
Vote Recommendation: Against


First, vote against this resolution because Christian Democrats actively works against the both the citizenry and interests of the League of Conservative nations. This can most plainly be seen in the ensuing debates of this and last week regarding the Access to Abortion vote where they stood behind individuals such as United Massachusetts who slandered our region simply because we voted in a way he didn't like on a GA resolution. No enemy of the LCN deserves to be commended.

Second, vote against because Christian Democrats also works against the best interests of the WA. Christian Democrats signed a document stating that their nation will not comply with Access to Abortion. This is absolutely against the rules of the World Assembly. Vote this resolution down because someone who blatently disrespects the rules of the World Assembly should not be commended by the World Assembly.

For the above reasons, I urge a vote Against this proposal.

San carlos mission to the world assembly