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An Incomplete List of Ida's Interpretations for WA Resolutions

OOC: I will not be going through every single resolution to create an entry for each on how it is interpreted. I will only be doing this for resolutions which both catch my eye and that Ida (Not the Confederacy, only one of its member states is ICly also part of the WA*) would interpret in a unique way.

*Picture a Venn diagram, two circles with an overlapping section in between. One circle is the World Assembly, the other is the Confederacy, and Ida is in the overlap. Thus, the Confederacy itself isn't a member of the WA, but Ida is a member of both. This is why I refer to my IC character in the GA as the Confederate representative, instead of the ambassador. Strictly speaking, he's the ambassador for Ida, although he also speaks on behalf of the Confederacy that Ida is a member of. So he's representing that Confederacy as an ambassador of Ida. The reason for this ICly is that the Confederacy is closer to being a UN than a single country, so it wouldn't join the WA for that reason. It also doesn't want multiple members independently joining the WA because that could lead to it compromised by allowing one member to join, being Ida. Also, I know that 'Stellar Colonies' is in the WA instead of a puppet called 'Ida', would require a great deal of time for me to make the puppet, withdraw SC from the WA and add that to the WA, and rebuild the influence and endorsements which would be instantly erased from this account onto that one. Much simpler for me to add a quick summary of this to SC's forum sig and leave it at that. If I knew I would be going with this, I would've done that instead of making SC my WA account, but I didn't, so...yeah.

Confederate Database

World Assembly
>> WA Resolution Interpretation <<

Permit Male Circumcision

This resolution was a rather troubling one when reviewing prior passed ones. One of the laws enshrined within the legal code required for membership within the Confederacy protects individuals from genital modification below the legal age of consent, excepting medical situations when there is no alternative. This law is intended to protect their right to bodily autonomy, which is seen as paramount over all but the most necessary considerations. Fortunately, the clause "OBLIGES all member states to permit the practice of male circumcision, notwithstanding their authority to regulate the procedure." allowed Ida to oblige to following the resolution. It has interpreted 'regulate' as leeway to institute an age of consent requirement, barring the procedure from being performed on male children below the age of eighteen, except for aforementioned medical necessity (which is extremely rare). This interpretation allows them to remain consistent with both the resolution and the current Confederate law on the issue.

As an aside, the Confederacy fully agrees with and its prior laws had already been compliant with On Female Genital Mutilation, although it was puzzled by how the resolution singles out one type of genital violation and not all. No such legal or moral distinction exists in the Confederate law between male and female genital violations (which is separate from the obvious structural differences), and it would have favored a similar lack of distinction in this resolution.

Reproductive Freedoms
On Abortion
Access To Abortion

Within the Confederacy, the term 'abortion' is used to refer to a procedure which removes a fetus, but with the intent of transplanting it elsewhere for eventual maturation, with its destruction only occurring when there isn't a method available for it to be viable. The medical procedure involving the termination of a pregnancy by actually terminating the pregnancy (via medication or surgically dismembering it) is viewed as archaic and very rarely practiced, if at all.