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Loranian Times #4

The Loranian Times
Written by your very own Seven Seas

Election Mayhem
We just can't have a calm election. Check out my review on the candidates (unbiased version), here. The blood has been close to boiling as debates arise about citizenship and many of Stolklands policies. Sail Nation batters Stolk's ideas of R/D and a House Lords while I myself defend them and point out the differences and radicalness of Stolk's campaign. And now, after the citizens have been polled its 8 for Sail and 8 for Stolk. But wait! Sirian didn't like the symmetry and voted with their puppet. This is illegal, it seems we will be not counting the puppet vote and not pressing and charges. I don't think Sirian knew the law, which merits him mercy. But it's still a tie. The candidates and their supporters look like the will agree to a co-PM deal. I support that too, it might be cool, seeing as we both like each candidate so much. (Update: the co-PM deal was made and a cabinet formed while laws are being enacted to make it all legal, notice we do things first and then make them legal)

Lorania, a Hamilton Hotbed
The 10 Election Commandments, main vocals by Matroyska and back up singing by Galactic Powers, has been heard on the RMB. its entertaining and provides a break form the election. I'm hoping for an album to come it.

Skundi, Commendable?
Galactic Powers, after changing their flag to a flock of banana ducks, is looking into commending Skundi in the SC. Being commended is one of Skund's ultimate goals, and the duck is worthy... to us. You usually have to do something on the world stage to get recognized in the SC. It would be cool to try, and the thought is what counts, but the plausibility is low.

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