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Political parties

In the Council of Legislation, there are 516 seats, with each seat representing an electoral district. The candidate from each electoral district with the most votes goes to the Council. At least 258 seats are needed for a majority government. All parties must be democratic in structure and obey the constitution. Any party which violates the principles of the constitution (republicanism, democracy, secularism, pacifism) may be banned.

Green: Green Party
Bright red: Liberal Party
Light blue: Social Democratic Party
Orange: Middle Ground Party
Dark yellow: Anollasian Citizen's Party
Dark red: Anollasian Workers' Party
Dark blue: New Capitalist Party
Purple: Statusquo Party
Bright yellow: New Libertarian Party
Black: Reaction Party

Green Party

Also known as: Yeşil Parti (Turkish), Yereen Party (Anollasian)
Abbreviation(s): GP (English), YP (Turkish and Anollasian)
Leader: Grace Penelope
Seats: 151
Founded: 2003
Founder: Jeanette Morgen
Ideology: Environmentalism, green politics, eco-nationalism
Colours: Light green, white

Liberal Party

Also known as: Liberal Parti (Turkish), Liberal Party (Anollasian)
Abbreviation(s): LP (English, Turkish, and Anollasian)
Leader: Ryan Peters
Seats: 133
Founded: 1789
Banned: 1886
Unbanned: 1896
Founder: Frederick Hamilton
Ideology: Social liberalism, progressivism
Colours: Red, white

Social Democratic Party

Also known as: Sosyal Demokratik Parti (Turkish), Sosial Demokratic Party (Anollasian)
Abbreviation(s): SDP
Leader: Selim Atacan
Seats: 101
Founded: 1923
Founder: James Coley
Ideology: Social democracy
Colours: Light blue, dark red

Middle Ground Party

Also known as: Ortak Nokta Partisi (Turkish), Ortmon Nokit Party (Anollasian)
Abbreviation(s): MGP (English), ONP (Turkish and Anollasian)
Leader: Deniz Tenly
Seats: 55
Founded: 2017
Founder: Deniz Tenly
Ideology: Centrism
Colours: Orange, brown

Anollasian Citizen's Party

Also known as: Anolasya Yurttaş Partisi (Turkish), Anolasian Yutiten Party (Anollasian)
Abbreviation(s): ACP (English), AYP (Turkish and Anollasian)
Leader: Eliza İnal
Seats: 42
Founded: 2015
Founder: Eliza İnal
Ideology: Civic nationalism, classical liberalism
Colours: Light blue, golden

Anollasian Workers' Party

Also known as: Anolasya İşçiler Partisi (Turkish), Anolasian İşçers' Party (Anollasian)
Abbreviation(s): AWP, AİP (Turkish and Anollasian)
Leader: Fikri Büyük
Seats: 18
Founded: 1999
Founder: Kerem Dalyan
Ideology: Democratic socialism
Colours: Dark red, dark green

New Capitalist Party

Also known as: Yeni Kapitalist Parti (Turkish), Yenew Kapitalist Party (Anollasian)
Abbreviations: NCP, YKP (Turkish and Anollasian)
Leader: Henry Harris
Seats: 6
Founded: 2011
Founder: Bernard McEvoy
Ideology: Laissez-faire capitalism, consumerism, corporatism, economic liberalism
Colours: Dark blue, golden

Statusquo Party

Also known as: Statüko Partisi (Turkish), Statuskuo Party (Anollasian)
Abbreviation(s): SP (English, Turkish, and Anollasian)
Leader: John Demirci
Seats: 6
Founded: 2015
Founder: John Demirci
Ideology: Fiscal conservatism, liberal conservatism
Colours: Purple, light blue

New Libertarian Party

Also known as: Yeni Liberteryen Parti (Turkish), Yenew Libertarian Party (Anollasian)
Abbreviation(s): NLP (English), YLP (Turkish and Anollasian)
Leader: Richard Ainsley
Seats: 3
Founded: 2009
Founder: Jay Rennison
Ideology: Libertarianism, economic liberalism
Colours: Yellow, white

Reaction Party

Also known as: Reaksiyon Partisi (Turkish), Reaktion Party (Anollasian)
Abbreviation(s): RP (English, Turkish, and Anollasian)
Leader: Christian Terrell
Seats: 1
Founded: 2018
Founder: Christian Terrell
Ideology: Social conservatism, reactionaryism
Colours: Black, white

Banned parties:

Military Party

Also known as: Ordu Partisi (Turkish), Orditary Party (Anollasian)
Abbreviation(s): MP, OP (Turkish and Anollasian)
Founded: 1821
Founder: Ahmet Kerim
Banned: 1896
Stance: Right, authoritarian

Faith Party

Also known as: İnanç Partisi (Turkish), İnaith Party (Anollasian)
Abbreviation(s): FP, İP (Turkish and Anollasian)
Founded: 1780
Founder: Abdullatif Hamza Bey
Banned: 1875
Stance: Right, authoritarian

Not represented:

Nationalist Party

Also known as: Milliyetçi Parti (Turkish), Anollasian: Millionalist Party (Anollasian)
Abbreviation(s): NP, MP (Turkish and Anollasian)
Founded: 1961
Founder: Nigel Wilson
Stance: Right, authoritarian
Colours: Red, black

United Fascist Party

Also known as: Birleşik Faşist Parti (Turkish), Birleted Faşcist Party (Anollasian)
Abbreviation(s): UFP, BFP (Turkish and Anollasian)
Leader: Karl Albertini
Founded: 1934
Founder: Maxwell Kruger
Banned: 1946
Unbanned: 2016
Stance: Right, authoritarian
Colours: Brown, white

United Communist Party

Also known as: Birleşik Komünist Parti (Turkish), Birleted Kommunist Party (Anollasian)
Abbreviation(s): UCP, BKP (Turkish and Anollasian)
Founded: 1980
Founder: Alex Antonov
Stance: Left, authoritarian
Colours: Red, yellow

New Pacifist Party

Also known as: Yeni Pasifist Parti (Turkish), Yenew Pasifist Party (Anollasian)
Abbreviation(s): NPP, YPP (Turkish and Anollasian)
Founded: 2008
Founder: Mete Davidson
Stance: Left, libertarian
Colours: Purple, light blue

Conservative Party

Also known as: Konservatif Parti (Turkish), Konservative Party (Anollasian)
Abbreviation(s): CP, KP (Turkish and Anollasian)
Founded: 1978
Founder: Gregory Barnes
Stance: Right, authoritarian
Colours: Dark blue, white